Gruesome elements attached to the game


The testimony of Gary Allan, QC, to Channel 4’s Alex Thomson, on the threats and intimidation he received after sitting on the SFA tribunal which imposed a 12 month player registration ban for various financial misdemeanours while the club was in administration, is stark.

The details of what Mr Allan went through is available on the Channel 4 website, it is so gruesome I’d rather not bring it here, but these are not the action of football fans.  This is a criminal subculture which has attached itself to elements of the game.  It would be an enormous mistake for anyone to pander to those elements, only chaos will result.

It is painfully evident the damage which can be caused by inflammatory comments but unfortunately I predict further incitement ahead.  A great deal of wrong-doing went on in the Scottish game over a long number of years which subverted our competitions.  This has now been disclosed and disciplinary processes are underway.  It is too late to stop this process, nor should it be stopped.

Those who subverted the game are entitled to a fair hearing but the rest of Scottish football are entitled to demand processes are followed.

Gary Allan is a mere water carrier of the Rangers-group-of-clubs troubles.  The architects are being protected, as best they can be, by their former lieutenants.

It’s been a good week for the broadcast elements of the mainstream media.

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  1. Dharma Bam



    Aye, tis sad but true.



    I remember posting at the start of all this that the goatbreeders would come to the fore, they have done their job so far, it will take guys like AT to get it to the wider world, but sadly, even then I doubt many will care what happens in hunland.

  2. Neil Lennon is ainm dom (nohunlover) on

    First podium in a long time. Great way to start a Bank Holiday Weekend!

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘It’s been a good week for the broadcast elements of the mainstream media.’



    -what, did Celtic get beat? ;/)

  4. And let’s not forget who wound up the scum – not that they need much encouragement.



    Step forward the cheeky chappie, the former quiz show captain, the man outsmarted by a manager who got married during the game … it’s Grieg’s best customer himself.

  5. sixtaeseven: £94M: Permanent Embarrassment & Disgrace Forever on

    Administration: St Valentine’s Day


    Liquidation: Halloween?


    FTT details: All Saint Day?


    Title strip: Guy Fawkes Night?


    BDO findings: Armistice Day?


    Administration newco:Thanksgiving?



    Every day: Christmas


    Celts in Europe: After Christmas

  6. Ex Celts in the media often get criticised for being too hard on their former team and their reluctance to get involved in sevco’s business.


    Maybe they just know the consequences of being seen as anti – rangers by the klan

  7. Paul67



    I was going to say, wait till they strip them of titles but now that the SNP have the go ahead, they will intervene with the inquiry in the interests of public safety.



    We can’t have any shameful, sectarian behaviour when trying to con our way into the EU.

  8. http://oscarknox.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/feeling-lost-and-little-defeated.html?m=1



    FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2012



    Feeling lost, and a little defeated…


    We’ve been in Philadelphia almost 3 weeks now, and what a crazy 3 weeks that’s been. Experiencing extreme emotions like we have done in that time really takes its toll on you.



    Oscar is continuing to improve, we were moved out of ICU on Wednesday night down to the Cardiac Care Unit. It almost feels like one foot out the door of this hospital! The plans for a medical transfer (air ambulance) back to Belfast are being put in place, and we hope that with Oscar’s slow, steady improvement, the final “yes” from doctors here is not too far away. However, as much as we are looking forward to getting home, and especially longing to see little Izzie, the “goodbye” to CHOP and Philadelphia is definitely a painful one. The realisation that the door is closing on the hopes and dreams we came here to fulfill, that is hard.



    We were probably naive, we truly believed we could “fix” Oscar here, and give him the “normal” life he so truly deserves. We were told before we came that immunotherapy mightn’t be a reality for Oscar – we never really believed that. This is the place that would make him better, take his pain away. Take our pain away.



    It goes without saying, the elation we felt when Oscar recovered from being critically ill, that really can’t be put into words. But now new emotions are surfacing. We feel out of control – we felt in control when we worked hard to raise that money and buy him his life back, we could do that. We feel lost – we don’t know where this is going, more than ever we don’t know what the future holds. And we feel defeated – we were cheated of our chance to make Oscar better, once and for all. These statements may not be factually true, but they are absolutely what we feel.



    Please don’t think I’m digging (once again!) for complements, messages of support, inspiring statements. I’m definitely not. And I doubt they would work right now anyway. But this blog is a TRUE diary of Oscar’s journey, and I feel compelled to make a record of our (almost) despair at this time.



    The other thing I must note is our never-ending quest to figure out what Oscar needs, and make it happen for him. That has not changed. Fundraising will continue, full steam ahead, to try to ensure money is not the issue which denies him a shot at life. We are back to the drawing board, and very much looking forward to fully assessing our new position with Oscar’s fantastic and very supportive consultant back home. We need some time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and prepare for the next step. Whatever it may be. As always, in the rare times that we feel deflated, we look to Oscar for courage to keep fighting. He gives it to us in abundance! I looked at our “TeamOscar” mailbox yesterday, and couldn’t believe the fundraising efforts of many of you are still flooding in. That inspires our fight more than any words of support ever could.



    Final word to Miss Izzie this time – don’t ever think you were left behind in all of this craziness, you weren’t, you aren’t. We miss you so much, and can’t wait to kiss your little face and feel your big hugs again! Oscar tells us he misses you EVERY DAY, and that he is sad that you are not here, sometimes crying. I’ve said before that nights where the 4 of us are under the same roof are the happiest times, can’t wait to have them again Xx

  9. petec



    While I welcome AT and chanel 4, they are still fighting a fight that seems to me to be unwinable.



    There is no desire to punish the real architects [ stolen unashamedly from Paul ] of the corruption.



    It goes deep into scottish society, and they don’t want to be exposed.



    In all honesty, I believe that people who think they will be punished are seriously deluding themselfs, I don’t mean to slight anyone in any way, just what I believe.



    I know how they work, having had their dealings first hand, and if they want to protect certain people, they will be protected, trust me.

  10. If Charles Green holding in The Rangers = 0, but he could be due 5 million shares if there is a successfull flotation, is this now in danger?


    Could Charles Green now be owed 0?


    I wonder how hard he wants to fight for his cash?, worth going to jail for??

  11. Quite worryingly I fear that the individual involved in all of this will become an even greater folk hero to the underclass who revere him so,


    there has to be an appreciation (at the head of any organisation) that certain members of their following take every word they issue as fact, their inability to decipher fact from fiction or indeed point scoring is apparent, quite clearly so in some cases, its all very well crying “no one likes us we dont care” circling the wagons has been used by many and used successfully to boot, but there is a line and that was and still is being crossed.


    I posted at the time that in my opinion the individual was dangerous, that as an experienced professonal well versed in dealing with the media, he was quite aware of what he was saying and of the potential ramifications, lets be honest that was not the first time he played the card and it wasnt the last.


    Its clear the footballing authorities cannot or will not act, it is perhaps time for the quintessential british club to be visited by another legion of mrs windsors army, strathclyde police/special branch have the info they require, its time for them to take an interest before someone gets seriously injured.


    Or worse.

  12. Green said: “I don’t know when, or even how, it happened but this club has come to be something much more than a business opportunity.”



    For any lurking zombies. PLEASE INVEST! I am begging you to throw your money away.

  13. Working for food in the fat yin’s case would be expensive : propped up at the end of the pie conveyor belt in the Greggs fat factory with his ugly facial orifice hanging open as the pastries just tumble down his gullet in a slithering cascade until they hit the unimaginably acidic cavern of his fat-lined innards to be converted into calorific energy so that he can waddle on hun-whispering his lardy pronouncements unto the grave.


    The sleekit wee bam knows which side his bread is buttered on……both. A deep-fried lard sandwich would be no more than a minor horses doover for the waddling flab. He and Jabba in the same room…..unspeakable, unthinkable. An offence against nature.


    “A pie! A pie! Oh, Mr. Green, you can have me for a pie! ” And thus it came to pass….r*****s ‘greatest ever goalscorer’ prostituted himself for a handful of pastry and mystery meat on an infinitely repeating basis.


    The fud.

  14. Afternoon all



    If the Ftt result is in, how come it’s not been released into the public domain yet?

  15. @ rangerstaxcase If the SFA owed Sevco £500k, surely a man like Charles Green would take them to court and show them who is boss?

  16. Isn’t it usually mid-afternoon when Mark Daly tweets about the latest Craig Whyte tape revelations? :-)



    Wouldn’t you know it, not one MSM paper as far as I can see has run with it. Twas ever thus.



    McCoist is a sneaky, conniving little scrote.




    They are being exposed though m8, I think everyone in Scotland knows there is a control system that holds the levers of power.



    Darkness doesn’t like light being shone on it and that is why they are making more and more mistakes.



    And Celtic, the Football Club, have only just slipped into 2nd gear. ;)



    The brilliant video from FFM once again.




  18. South Of Tunis on







    Couldn’t imagine the great Sam Baker — he of those great mid to late 60s Southern Soul 45s on the fab Sound Stage 7 label managing to co exist with Wishbone Ash —— so I Googled ———- there are 2 of them .!



    Things you learn on CQN -Way down south

  19. jimmybhoycampbell



    Just logged on. Am still waiting for news and hope to be lurking until about 2:00pm Celtic Park time. Will def be back on about 5:00 if I haven’t posted before 2:00.

  20. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Excellent news on sammy. When I seen the injury I expected 2-3 months.



    Forster & Ambrose made the UEFA champions league team of the week.



    Lustig made it against spartak.



    I think for the first time since mjallby, valgearen & Balde we have a quality defence capable of playing well in Europe.

  21. Chuckles Green’s Damascene moment described as an epiphany would be as good as a new signing to Mark Hately if only he could understand reasoned thought.


    He doesn’t.


    That’s why he paints himself orange every day and has introduced Chuckles to a similar, but cheaper, treatment :


    25 Litres of irn-bru (and it comes free in division three) per diem…..if that doesn’t colour you orange and **** with your mind, then nothing will.

  22. RFCCreditorOfTheDay‏@RFCCreditors



    Rangers Creditor Of The Day No.26 Scottish Hydro Electric Energy Supplier £62,527.30 Total debt to date: £633,537.03

  23. MWD


    thanks for the update,


    in amongst all of this madness


    The Celtic Warrior, Oscar Knox continues to inspire us all.

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