Bedwetters, antacids and transfer articles of faith


I love this time of year.  As we publish, 60 hours of the transfer window remain.  Celtic have gaps to fill in the squad, we have targets for each position, each target has his own target destination clubs, and the potential selling clubs all want to hold out for as long as possible to get top price – and some do not want to sell at all.

There are options for several positions we could have concluded on Monday.  These were not top of anyone’s list, of course, and not cheap either.  Hospital facilities are reserved in cities across Europe, most awaiting medicals that will not happen, but may be required before Friday evening.

How long should we wait for top targets?  You certainly wait this late in the window.  Bedwetters signing players early in the window to relieve anxiety symptoms is a sight to behold.  If you have that knot in your stomach right now, just go pop an antacid and let those with a seasoned constitution cope with stressful negotiating situations.

Every transfer window follows the same rules.  Players want the most money possible and the best stage to enhance their subsequent contract.  Clubs do not want to sell valuable players with a lengthy period left on their contracts.  When a sale looks inevitable, they employ agents to entice more bidders into the market.

If more than one bidder is involved, stalemate can run until deadline day.  People who ask, “Why are we not signing players earlier?” occupy that special peak at the top of the Dunning-Kruger chart.  None of this is news, we all know and accept this as an absolute article of faith.

So why all the angst?  This is the game, let the enormity of what Celtic are attempting to achieve over the next two days sit with you for a few moments and you might begin to enjoy the unfolding drama.  It sure beats wearing adult nappies (I’m led to believe).

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  1. Sitting up for cub coming in. Home now.


    However another funny moment as follow follow works out that if Aberdeen are in Europa it loses them 700k in TV pool share.

  2. PSV – 5 v SEVCO – 1.



    That Scoreline cheered me up, however…


    I was cheered up even more as I had the Correct Score with the Bookies at odds of 40/1, with a modest couple of quid on the correct score.



    Even funnier was PSV 5th Goal, as BUTBOY and GOLDSON made a complete cock up. After that.. my only concern was that PSV would go on and score 7 or 8 ?





  3. Poster Boy ” CANTWELL” looked to be at the centre of the aggro between the players at full time.



    They DON’T like it up ’em Captain.





  4. Good morning from another fine dry day in the Varngad.



    Finally some movement on additions.



    Ok, scrambling about to see who is available due to negligent forward thinking bit addititions none the less.



    Or penny ponching/Liewell version of moneyball.



    Now lets concentrate on another 1 or 2 and get set for huns.



    D :)

  5. DENIABHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2023 8:40 PM


    Hot Smoked – I have no idea, but there have been two clear stamps from Souttar and Lundstrum that should have been yellows. An “accidental” elbow in the face and a clear “professional” foul by Raskin to stop a counter attack





    No bookings





    CORRECT Mate.


    How did RASKIN escape a yellow card in the first 5 minutes for that ” Professional Foul” ?


    It appears that BOTH RASKIN and CANTWELL were involved in the wee stramash after the final whistle.


    They DON’T like it up ’em Captain.




    HH Mate.

  6. paulsthroughball88 on




    “Kyogo to press Goldson all the game”.





    Not too high up the pitch, though.



    Don’t want to prevent the ‘keeper passing the ball out to big Owen, do we??

  7. CANTWELL couldnt fight sleep, but he likes to ACT the ” Tough Guy” to appease that Hun support


    Hes a Coward and a CHEAT.


    Pathetic !



    Not a bad Fitba player….but a total ” JEREMY HIUNT” as a Man.

  8. McCoist REPEATS himself with every line…


    McCoist REPEATS himself with every line…






    Did he actually speak like that in his playing days ? Does he speak like that in a Pub ?


    Whit a HUN CHUMP !




    TOM was a great player for Celtic in my opinion.


    VERY RELIABLE every time. At times TOM was MORE than ” Reliable”.






  10. From Jimmy Bell’s kit room :-


    xuck you Goldson. xuck you Tav.


    And xuck you to xucking xuck Beale.


    MASSIVE clear out needed of this bottom of the barrel dross.

  11. My friends in Celtic,



    First and foremost. We are getting there. In Brendan we trust.



    Had a very quick glimpse of the huns game. Mainly to enjoy their sorrow.



    However, reading back we seem very critical of the referee performance at the hun game.



    Are we ever happy with a refeering performance. It seems not.


    Can we ever be open minded regarding refereeing. We criticise a foreign referee in a game that we were not even involved with.



    I’m all for free speech and live and let live, but subjectiveness re refereeing performance doesn’t seem to be in our locker.



    More importantly, it camouflages really inept refereeing like Madhuns last game in Scotland.



    Only my thoughts.



    HH, our journey back on track.

  12. Prestonpans bhoys on

    GREENPINATA on 31ST AUGUST 2023 9:08 AM



    There are other sites who have refs based in England that contribute comments. Last nights performance was considered as very lenient!

  13. Referee was very lenient, to both sides, don’t think he was biased but definitely the Huns got away with 6 or 7 bad tackles.


    PSV’s 4th goal looked offside to me but it passed VAR, wouldn’t have passed VAR in Scotland.

  14. paulsthroughball88 on




    “I’m all for free speech and live and let live, but subjectiveness re refereeing performance doesn’t seem to be in our locker.”





    Don’t you mean the opposite, given what precedes this in your post?

  15. Greenpinata – I think their European games are normally an eye-opener for them because they get bookings and penalties awarded against them. I think we mentioned it last night because they genuinely were on the fortunate side several times. The commentator and McCoist mentioned on at least 3 occasions that they were lucky not to get cards. Raskin and Cantwell in particular were stonewallers. One by Raskin was a clear professional foul in first five minutes that killed a dangerous counter attack.


    Later on in the game they discussed with amusement and amazement that the ref hadn’t shown them cards because his reputation is to be card happy and they rolled out the stats of his last few games. When Cantwell wasn’t punished for a dangerous tackle McCoist himself said he was a very lucky boy as it was a yellow.

  16. GREENPINATA, the reasons that comments were made about the referee were that for the first 70 minutes of the game the referee was VERY lenient and the main culprits ( and therefore beneficiaries of his leniency) were the Huns! He warned players for fouls that in any other European game you would expect a card to be flourished. As someone earlier pointed out Raskin, having been skinned, simply brought down the player who was heading for their goals – as clear a ‘professional’ foul as you could see, but no action taken.



    Later The Fat Gardener was keen to point out that this referee had issued an inordinate amount of yellow and red cards in Spain, including 12 yellows in one El Classico! To be fair on a few occasions he did say he was surprised that the Hun player hadn’t been booked for a particular foul.



    This approach by the referee had a material impact on the early progress of the game because the ‘accidental’ stamping, blocking and shirt -pulling that went on unpunished would have had to be curtailed if players were already on a yellow and under threat of a second caution. If you remember in the first leg the referee pulled Cantplaywell aside and as clear as day for the hard of eyesight indicated that one more foul and he was off. 2 minutes later he was hooked. Good refereeing, sensible reaction by the coach, obvious impact on the game.



    But, why oh why do the Huns get this kind of luck? (Though it mattered not a jot in the end!)

  17. CORKCELT on 31ST AUGUST 2023 9:23 AM



    PSV’s 4th goal looked offside to me but it passed VAR, wouldn’t have passed VAR in Scotland.



    “Wouldn’t have passed VAR in Scotland if Ranjurs would have benefited from the decision”. Better?



    Ave Ave

  18. Sevco’s recent form



    Played 18


    Won 8


    Drawn 4


    Lost 6



    Includes games against quality European opposition



    Yet to win a big game



    Beale is a con man. Like all good con men he can spot an easy victim.



    He was given the company cheque book, he took a team that conceded record number of goals in the champions league, signed a 35 year old centre back and a load of losers.



    I hope we look back on this window and compare the merits of their our approaches.



    You sign players with a three year horizon in mind, bit three weeks.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN.



    31 August is always nuts in transfers front.



    If Bayern Munich are interested in Jãoa Palhinha all of a sudden, Liverpool might be scrambling at 11:55pm to sign Graverbach from the German champions.



    Huh … these clubs that leave it late.



    What are they like?

  20. Guys,



    Many thanks for the replies.



    The huns were outclassed. The referee performance did not really matter.


    As big Jock used to say re refs. :- PSV took the ref out of the equation.



    That is the philosophy that I tend to follow For example, on our last European journey we cited poor refereeing. Poor refereeing did not impact us to only score 4 goals from 84 decent chances.



    We are sometimes on the end of absolute dismal refereeing, but to criticise every single referee performance detracts from legitimate complaint.



    Cheers and HH.

  21. They’re and our



    not three weeks



    Paul67’s article yesterday came a day early.



    Beale signed 7 outfield players and started two last night. Cifuentes was one and he was dreadful. Last night “came too early” but it was their 8th competitive game of the season



    He’ll carey on feeding them comforting excuses but last night should be the biggest red flag about him



    No CL football, he hasn’t signed anyone with a significant sell-on value. Their finances are going to be in a mess for a while yet



    It’s what can happen when hand things over to an amateur. Structurally they are a mess.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As for us – if we can get two decent ones in, I’ll be content.



    Looks like we have a plan for the Benfica midfielder.



    Still think we a physical upgrade at left back … but …. “opinions” and all that.



    I expect Sevco to chase a few guys out on loan, possibly sell Kamara, and, in true “Last Word” style … whip out a loan deal at 23:59 to bookend the window in Scotland.



    Who knows. Maybe their chums at Sly Sports will run it as a top story at midnight.



    PS – Saudi transfer window closes in 3-weeks.




  23. bournesouprecipe on

    8 ) If a player signs for Celtic, the unwanted (insert nationality here) will eventually arrive in Scotland where he’ll face international clearance and medical examinations. If a player signs for Sevco they will have beaten off bids from a host of top clubs, and the new star will be expected to ‘jet’ into Glasgow at any minute.

  24. winning the league is so important this season (as always ) next season is the new CL format – more games, more spondulics!

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