Bedwetters, antacids and transfer articles of faith


I love this time of year.  As we publish, 60 hours of the transfer window remain.  Celtic have gaps to fill in the squad, we have targets for each position, each target has his own target destination clubs, and the potential selling clubs all want to hold out for as long as possible to get top price – and some do not want to sell at all.

There are options for several positions we could have concluded on Monday.  These were not top of anyone’s list, of course, and not cheap either.  Hospital facilities are reserved in cities across Europe, most awaiting medicals that will not happen, but may be required before Friday evening.

How long should we wait for top targets?  You certainly wait this late in the window.  Bedwetters signing players early in the window to relieve anxiety symptoms is a sight to behold.  If you have that knot in your stomach right now, just go pop an antacid and let those with a seasoned constitution cope with stressful negotiating situations.

Every transfer window follows the same rules.  Players want the most money possible and the best stage to enhance their subsequent contract.  Clubs do not want to sell valuable players with a lengthy period left on their contracts.  When a sale looks inevitable, they employ agents to entice more bidders into the market.

If more than one bidder is involved, stalemate can run until deadline day.  People who ask, “Why are we not signing players earlier?” occupy that special peak at the top of the Dunning-Kruger chart.  None of this is news, we all know and accept this as an absolute article of faith.

So why all the angst?  This is the game, let the enormity of what Celtic are attempting to achieve over the next two days sit with you for a few moments and you might begin to enjoy the unfolding drama.  It sure beats wearing adult nappies (I’m led to believe).

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  1. Similar pattern oto this game as last week. PSV very good going forward but open to a counter attack, which the huns almost done a couple of times. Don’t see a lot of goals in this and the huns aren’t out yet.

  2. that referee, did he miss all the uefa edicts on applying the rules to have a cleaner game

  3. ziggy comer on, dont jinx it.



    5 good chances for PSV, score early second half please,

  4. Wing play and cut backs,balls across the face of goal for Kyogo.Done it so many times.Hope BR is watching this.Keep Kyogo in the box.Never mind being too clever,or trying to be.

  5. Referee,just looks a bit incompetent.


    Or in keeping with Paul’s theme today,Incontinent.

  6. the long wait is over on

    Psv going for the Hollywood stuff too often.



    First time they get in behind and square they score.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    PSV clearly the better team and should be more than 1-0 up. With a wee bit more composure in front of goal they’ll bag a couple more .

  8. Tom McLaughlin on 30th August 2023 8:57 pm



    I’ve got a wee tenner on 2-0 PSV @ 6/1.



    Same again Eindhoven 🤞






    I haven’t seen much of the first half but I need 4 mair goals.



    4-1 would be ideal for me. PSV Ripping Newco 2 shreds would be Superb. I might be able to watch the whole half this time.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    “Champions League dream crumbling “, says Shortie.



    Huns “need a miracle” according to Thomshun 😂😂😂