Bedwetters, antacids and transfer articles of faith


I love this time of year.  As we publish, 60 hours of the transfer window remain.  Celtic have gaps to fill in the squad, we have targets for each position, each target has his own target destination clubs, and the potential selling clubs all want to hold out for as long as possible to get top price – and some do not want to sell at all.

There are options for several positions we could have concluded on Monday.  These were not top of anyone’s list, of course, and not cheap either.  Hospital facilities are reserved in cities across Europe, most awaiting medicals that will not happen, but may be required before Friday evening.

How long should we wait for top targets?  You certainly wait this late in the window.  Bedwetters signing players early in the window to relieve anxiety symptoms is a sight to behold.  If you have that knot in your stomach right now, just go pop an antacid and let those with a seasoned constitution cope with stressful negotiating situations.

Every transfer window follows the same rules.  Players want the most money possible and the best stage to enhance their subsequent contract.  Clubs do not want to sell valuable players with a lengthy period left on their contracts.  When a sale looks inevitable, they employ agents to entice more bidders into the market.

If more than one bidder is involved, stalemate can run until deadline day.  People who ask, “Why are we not signing players earlier?” occupy that special peak at the top of the Dunning-Kruger chart.  None of this is news, we all know and accept this as an absolute article of faith.

So why all the angst?  This is the game, let the enormity of what Celtic are attempting to achieve over the next two days sit with you for a few moments and you might begin to enjoy the unfolding drama.  It sure beats wearing adult nappies (I’m led to believe).

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  1. It’s very hard for our B team players to get an U-21 cap restricted as they are to 5th tier Scottish football. Scott Gemmill, who has continued in post despite a lengthy track record of Scotland doing nothing, would prefer to pick a forward who has played a lot of football with Northampton in League Two than pick Ben Doak who is breaking through at Liverpool.



    Ben Summers will learn more if he can thrive at Dunfermline than staying with our B team. A lot depends on the Pars coach being willing to play him. He is certainly good enough to cope and move to a higher level but he needs a lot of competitive games now.

  2. TBB- I always support any player who wears our jersey,never booed any player,just underwhelmed with the last ,when we have £60 million in the bank,about £25 million from Jota and Starfelt,CL money again this year,and scratching about for pool players from other teams,not good enough IMO.And before the ‘entitled ‘ guys come on,I have paid my way,38 years ST holder,through Macari,Brady, Mowbray, and MON,BR,and Ange,the guys we needed should have been in weeks ago.

  3. bournesouprecipe on 30th August 2023 5:52 pm



    Hope we get PSV tomorrow 👍





    Let’s hope so. I expect close result tonight although one side will be paying all the football. That PSV keeper is a concern.

  4. PSV manager gotta ask his players a simple question – ‘do you want to be in the champion’s league?’.

  5. PSV need to play a quick game.



    Their passing along the back and walking pace football last year in the return leg was unbelievable. Its as if they just thought all they had to do was show up.



    I’d be amazed if we see that again tonight.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Did I imagine paying £12/£13 monthly/no contract for BT Sports last year to watch Celtic in the CL?



    TNT want £30p.m.

  7. We have already signed seven players, some of whom actually look rather decent, and under Brendan will only IMO get better, as for the Lpool defender, if we didn’t have any injuries we wouldn’t be bringing him in, so why the angst.


    Looking forward to seeing the Benfica player and the Palma boy


    I am as anti suits as anyone but am happy enough with the window, it’s actually better than I thot it would be.

  8. VINNIETHEDOG on 30TH AUGUST 2023 6:43 PM


    Surely to God Philips is better that Scales !!!…its a no brainer for me





    And that, in the context of where we are, is the most important question.



    Scales is a LOI player.




  9. TICTAEWIN on 30TH AUGUST 2023 4:43 PM


    Nat Phillips. So, for a overall picture think Paul McGugan Tom McAdam or Pierce O’Leary and that will save me summarising him for you.






    I find that a bit harsh on Tom McAdam my friend.



    A fine Celtic player IMHO.



    Have a look at the amount of goals he scored, especially against Old Co.




  10. Burnley78 5.51



    The only thing I have seen of Nat Phillips is the circa 5 min you tube video ,that I have just watched ( I know).



    He is the size of CH I like.


    He would have excelled in a MON team .



    I hope we sign him and BR can set us up defensively to play to his strengths.




  11. I agree with Paul67. I don’t buy the dismantled team idea. We couldn’t and would have been mad to stop Jota and $25M. Mooys played 26 games last year and I agree we need a hard midfield enforcer. I have no doubt we are trying hard to fill that one. The signings so far fit our successful strategy and Jesus wept let’s give these new players a chance. We lost a cup game on a plastic pitch, we drew against an eleven men defence. We have no god given right to win every game and cup. Long season ahead, next game at Mordor is going to be a cracker, and we are going to win it. Hail Hail.

  12. The Huns show the benefit of getting your singings done early.



    The most important game of the season and theres two of them in the starting line up.

  13. Celtoc40me



    That is interesting.



    They have even dug up Matondo which would be the equivalent of us playing Ajeti or Soro or Haksa from start in such a game. Although he has looked decent last outing or two.



    Dressers and Ciufentes, who did nothing in the first game, are interesting choices.

  14. DeniaBhoy: Glad you enjoyed your week and always happy to help. Glad your mum seems to be improving too.

  15. Burnley78 7.21



    There was a programme made called Football ,Faith & Flutes ,about the OF rivalry.


    There is a very short clip of BO scoring his late winner at Ibrox .


    A fan jumps the wee white wall at the front of the Broomloan and hugs him in celebration .


    That fan was me .



    Lou Macari sat in the stand ,Frank Connor picked the team.



    On the Monday I flew out with the team to Lisbon .


    Wjilst sitting in th departure lounge ,I recall Tom Boyd’s delight speaking about he the win .


    I met Jinny and couldn’t speak to him for bubbling .



    At the match in Lisbon I sat beside Derald Weisfield and big Billy.







    Aye, your probably right. Posted as I was in the cream-puff.



    Indeed, I stood and witnessed all 3 give good performances in their day.


    I stand corrected.

  17. I grew up with Tom McAdam in the team. Initially as a striker before switching -successfully – to centre half. Very dedicated player with a terrific goal scoring record against Rangers. He joined members of the 21/5/1979 team for a reunion lunch a couple of years back. Supporters POTY in 1985.

  18. Stuart Broad on Sky Sports tonight as part of the pundit line-up summarising the Forest Burnley game, head and shoulders above the so-called football experts in terms of analysis and detail. Not too surprising when compared to Monster Munch and Merson, mind you…

  19. Wow – what an arrogant and condescending piece. Not what I expected and will no doubt make many consider (myself included) retiring from a site that talks down to its contributors in such a manner.


    So now giving a shit = bed wetting – as one persistent contributor says – dearly me…



    Interested to hear more about our experienced, seasoned and fabulous negotiators are? Given that Nicholsons been in the big chair for less than two years who might the hardened professional be…….?

  20. “TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 30TH AUGUST 2023 7:52 PM


    Palma confirmed.”




    Good news…..I think :-))



    Releasing the `news` minutes before Sevco KO is quite amusing :-))

  21. “MOISEY17 on 30TH AUGUST 2023 8:04 PM


    Wow – what an arrogant and condescending piece. ”



    I agree that the `bed-wetters` expression is rather poor but there is a difference between passionate care and always fearing the worse. I honestly feel too many on here are too negative about our team without being in possession of any real facts.


    That, of course , does not mean there is nothing wrong with anything the Club does but balance is very important and if we can`t quite get the balance right, let`s err on the side of being positive about our team.

  22. Tom McLaughlin on




    Paul67 takes a fair amount of criticism in these pages and particularly over the last couple of weeks. For once he turns the tables and ridicules the “bedwetters” and you and others can’t take it.



    Get a grip on yourself.

  23. Luis Palma



    Welcome to Celtic, hopefully you do what Emilio done in his first Season before a thug shattered his confidence.

  24. Luis Palma confirmed ✅️


    Nat Phillips in Glasgow for medical…✅️



    If anyone has any positive news on Paulo Bernardo, that would make this a cracking transfer window IMO

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