Bedwetters, antacids and transfer articles of faith


I love this time of year.  As we publish, 60 hours of the transfer window remain.  Celtic have gaps to fill in the squad, we have targets for each position, each target has his own target destination clubs, and the potential selling clubs all want to hold out for as long as possible to get top price – and some do not want to sell at all.

There are options for several positions we could have concluded on Monday.  These were not top of anyone’s list, of course, and not cheap either.  Hospital facilities are reserved in cities across Europe, most awaiting medicals that will not happen, but may be required before Friday evening.

How long should we wait for top targets?  You certainly wait this late in the window.  Bedwetters signing players early in the window to relieve anxiety symptoms is a sight to behold.  If you have that knot in your stomach right now, just go pop an antacid and let those with a seasoned constitution cope with stressful negotiating situations.

Every transfer window follows the same rules.  Players want the most money possible and the best stage to enhance their subsequent contract.  Clubs do not want to sell valuable players with a lengthy period left on their contracts.  When a sale looks inevitable, they employ agents to entice more bidders into the market.

If more than one bidder is involved, stalemate can run until deadline day.  People who ask, “Why are we not signing players earlier?” occupy that special peak at the top of the Dunning-Kruger chart.  None of this is news, we all know and accept this as an absolute article of faith.

So why all the angst?  This is the game, let the enormity of what Celtic are attempting to achieve over the next two days sit with you for a few moments and you might begin to enjoy the unfolding drama.  It sure beats wearing adult nappies (I’m led to believe).

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  1. Bedwetters has been used in a lighthearted and comical way on the site to describe the worriers amongst us for a long time. There’s nothing personal intended, so stop having a go at your host, or do as you say and move on.

  2. TICTAEWIN on 30TH AUGUST 2023 7:53 PM









    Aye, your probably right. Posted as I was in the cream-puff.







    Indeed, I stood and witnessed all 3 give good performances in their day.





    I stand corrected.






    Thanks for your reply.




  3. “You’d expect him to score that. Huge let off for Rangers.:


    Steven Thompson.




    Hopefully not another game were Sevco get more than their fair share of luck.



    Did I imagine paying £12/£13 monthly/no contract for BT Sports last year to watch Celtic in the CL?







    TNT want £30p.m.





    Time to invest in one of those kindle things.



    Used to get most football on what was a pricey enough sky package but it seems cheap now.



    I’m done with being robbed to watch football.

  5. For the past week, posters, regular and rarely seen, have been telling us, as they do every window- “That’s yir lot! there’s nae Mair coming in. The biscuit tin has spoken”



    Now- we see Palma has come, we are likely to see Nat Phillips and, perhaps, one or two more but the one thing you will not see is a corrective post from any original doomsayer.



    But if Paul 67 has a go….. the visitors quickly arrive demanding the right to correct the record.

  6. “SFTB:


    but the one thing you will not see is a corrective post from any original doomsayer.”



    Of course that is correct but I am a wee bit surprised you bothered mentioning it .

  7. Bladder control issues is nothing to be embarrassed about. Possibly our host should have mentioned that.and apologised to any incontinent readers.



    So please don’t take offence, seemingly it runs in the jeans .



    FFS, it’s only a saying that has been used on CQN for donkeys years.




  8. “DENIABHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2023 8:34 PM


    Ref letting them away with murder.”



    Why would he do that?



    I have tried to watch on Hesgoal but was unsuccessful.

  9. If ye ever thought Shug The Kowboy had a krafty influence on his “boys”……..




  10. Despite the cheating, fouling and gamesmanship (Cantwell really is a cant, isn’t he?), PSV’s better football pays off.



    If they play that aggressive without a Scottish ref., I fear for our wee guys on Sunday…

  11. “GREENPINATA on 30TH AUGUST 2023 8:36 PM


    So please don’t take offence, seemingly it runs in the jeans .”



    That made me laugh :-)))



    to accompany the big smile I had after seein the latest score from Eindhoven :-))

  12. Hot Smoked – I have no idea, but there have been two clear stamps from Souttar and Lundstrum that should have been yellows. An “accidental” elbow in the face and a clear “professional” foul by Raskin to stop a counter attack


    No bookings

  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    I came from a family of six bedwetters and we all shared the same bed.



    What end of the bed did you sleep in?



    The shallow end.



    It’s the way I type them.



    Frank Carson csc

  14. Squeaky is a common-or-garden-variety durty hun who will be allowed to maim our Bhoys at will this weekend.

  15. and there is how you beat them right there,



    interplay on left and cut the ball back



    they had 6 in the box playing statues.






    i mean damn think of the co-efficent

  16. SAINT STIVS on 30TH AUGUST 2023 8:45 PM



    Damn! I thought you were reporting another goal for the Bus Drivers !!

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Been a joy to watch De Jong bully that huns defence all first half. Absolutely superb.

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    We were so poor my mother bought all our clothes from the army and navy surplus stores.



    I used to get sent to school dressed as a Japanese admiral.

  19. C*ntwell looks like and runs about like a big girl looking for his skipping ropes hidden up the shirts of those bad PSV boys.

  20. Anyway, cheerio for now. I hope the news from Eindhoven remains at least good and hopefully better.



    PS I predict a Red for Sevco.

  21. bournesouprecipe on




    Did they give you an empty box and tell you it was an Action Man deserter?

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