Benefit of Celtic players becoming full internationals


A place in the Denmark national team would be an appropriate reward for Matt O’Riley’s early season form at Celtic.  The midfielder is with the squad for the first time for tonight’s away game to San Marino.  Denmark are not yet guaranteed qualification for Euro 2024, so are likely to start with a tried and tested side, but it would be great for Matt to make his international debut.

Difficult, though it is to consider, the 22-year-old is on a trajectory that will make it difficult to keep him at Celtic beyond his newly signed contract, which expires in 2027.  Inclusion in Denmark’s squad for Germany next year will enhance his value.

It is also great to see Reo Hatate start for Japan (kicked off at 11.30 GMT) alongside Kyogo.  Celtic need to be a reliable route for player development, including for the international team, if we are to continue to attract top players from there.

Celtic can offer players the prospect of winning trophies, playing before 60,000 fans and (for now) Champions League football, but our domestic league has drawbacks.  Being able to talk about a reliable route to international football helps.

*Kyogo put Japan ahead just before this article went up.  He’s a player….

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  1. No big holidays planned Mick but would love to get back down under some day 😎, have you recovered from the Rhebel weekend 😂🍺🍺🍺🍺💚💚🍀🍀

  2. Not quite all the time here DAVID 66


    Victoria gets a cold winter, plenty of rain, with some


    nice sunny days.


    But it does make you appreciate summer, although


    when it goes into the high 40s the best place is a


    cool pub 🍺


    Enjoy your holiday mhate.


    H H. Mick

  3. PARK ROAD 67



    I’ve recovered well, only because I had my sensible


    head on ( Don’t know where it’s been since forever )


    and didn’t join in the Monday Club.


    Nice spell of spring days in the 20’s ahead so down


    the soccer park and ready it for spring training.


    H H. Mick

  4. PARK ROAD 67 on 17TH OCTOBER 2023 11:01 PM







    Have you had a beer in the Irish Rover ? 🍺😎🍀




    Park road not yet but I will 1st time here and me and wife love it, all the tribute acts are suberb.


    We are coming with my kids and grand kids next summer and I might book a wee break in October next year for me and her.



    D :)




    Very profound.


    It saddens me that evil prevails.


    I’ll cheer myself up by watching young kids of all nationalities


    kicking a ball about our parks today.


    H H. Mick

  6. melbourne mick



    Oppenheimer taught himself Sanskrit.


    The quote, a genuine one spoken after the successful detonation of the Atomic Bomb on July 16 1945, ‘Trinity’, in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It specifically derives from and is a translation of the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ (the Song of God) a verse from the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’.

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    Morning bhoys





    Thanks for that bit of interesting info 👍


    H H. Mick

  8. Good morning all from Playa las Americas.



    Good to see the Celtic tops on parade aboute the resort.






    D :)

  9. “TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 17TH OCTOBER 2023 5:31 PM



    Did my 7:40pm response to your 5:31 PM post make any sense?

  10. AN TEARMANN on 18TH OCTOBER 2023 12:51 AM



    `Lost to a team of homeless people ? !!


    I would hope the GB use that !


    ( Be a lot more popular than their ill-considered Israel/Palestine input)`

  11. “MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH OCTOBER 2023 10:40 PM



    How can human beings be so cruel ?”



    I undesrtand your feeling,Mick but I feel it is a mixture of brainwashing ( ie only `informed` of one side of the argument),the anger therebye induced and the `need` for revenge.


    I would guess that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis could live peacefully even in an unfair `state` .

  12. Will all our players be home by now?


    Considering we have had so many away, Sunday actually suits us this weekend ( though not so much for the Athletico game0.


    Swings and roundaboutsCEC

  13. Morning DAVID66 the reason I asked about the Irish Rover last night was we haven’t been to Tenerife for a few years but used to watch Hoops games in there and got a bet on the nags too , good area enjoy rest of your break HH 😎🍀🍺

  14. If only I could, I’d go and strongly disagree with EA crap.



    Celtic Park is there now..



    The usual is happening.



    No Wonder my Son quit years ago.

  15. Truth is never popular JJ.


    Especially valuing life,which looks so cheap on our screens with every day,victims of irrationality are all worthy,none unworthy.whatever the violence.Our media percolate it down to good guy and bad guy.We as man need to do better,find a different way.A better more humane way.


    That Saturdays events where abhorrent,as was every event in response since,it results in chaos like last nights action,now getting mired in obfuscation and the fog of war.


    We are not in a good place,in the middle east not so for years,Celtic fans painting a banner will not change that.



  16. For the life of me, I can’t get all the bad vibes being directed to Greg Taylor. The bhoy , imo, is a top rate player. With all the crap directed at him his confidence may tumble, hope not. Sure, we neede a back up left back, but GT is the man, so cut him some slack please.




  17. Greenpinata



    The MSM use the pejorative “Old Firm” term to take a dig at Celtic FC and our support. I think you clarified as much?


    I go to as many games as I can btw. Not sure what you meant other than to offer an unwanted ticket? I’m good thanks.

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