Benkovic should get a run out before Rosenborg


This has the makings of a neutral weekend in the Premiership.  Celtic face struggling St Mirren, table-topping Hearts are at struggling Motherwell and struggling Newco are home to pointless Dundee.  Only our nearest challengers in recent seasons, Aberdeen, look to have a challenge on their hands, away to St Johnstone.

That’s how it works on paper, anyway, but it football was that predictable, bookies would be poor and punters rich.  The weekend might not go to form.

Celtic have struggled to breakdown teams who defend deeply this season and you can expect St Mirren to do exactly that tonight.  No three points are guaranteed, so we will need to earn the win.

Hearts bubble may burst at Fir Park.  Motherwell have only taken points off Dundee and Newco, losing to Hamilton and Hibs, but those defeats came in the first games of the season.  They have steadied the ship since.

Dundee are rank rotten, having lost all four league games and a 0-3 humiliation at home to Ayr United in the League Cup.  Their answer was to sign out of contract – and no longer manager – Kenny Miller (38).  They have the look of cannon fodder.  They will not get a sniff at Ibrox, surely?

It would be good to see some of the new faces tonight, Filip Benkovic, in particular, who may be useful against Rosenborg on Thursday.

Three points, please, Celtic!

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  1. jobo baldie



    And I think Lee had scored a hundred goals before arriving at Celtic Park.


    If he has good fitness he’ll hit another ton for the Bhoys.

  2. Melbourne….good luck to yer team, yer updates are a wee ray of sunshine.



    Celts by Numbers – fantastic effort as ever and a great addition to the work done by this Dear Green Place.



    If there’s something most of us can agree on, it’s the dismantling of the SFA,… we won’t get any help from the meeja and the singing kettles of the tartan Army are being hunned-up again courtesy of the Kat in The Hat, so if we love the game, then………….. Bhoycott Hampden.




    Of course it is open to anyone with Celtic in their heart, and even


    those who have still to be blessed with our feelings for them.


    If you would like to attend let me know and i will advise further.


    You will probably know PADDYMACOZ from his Melbourne No 1


    club presidency and a few others.


    H.H Mick

  4. What is the stars



    I take this is tongue in cheek. Brendan alone decides on who gets an extension offer. If he wants Griff for 4 years then he gets it. The Board or the CEO have no say bar details in the contract

  5. Interesting that Aberdeen mention VAR in their statement.



    My view would be that such is the inside out infinity and back covert attitude towards refereeing decisions that VAR would be pointless.



    The whole positive impact of VAR is that it allows a ref to eradicate decisions without the requirement for retrospective action outside of the 95 mins of a game.



    I still feel we would have refs giving their own interpretation of the rules or thinking how does this impact Rangers/ the bashing I will get for giving a decision against Rangers or the hassle I will get from Rangers supporters within and out with the SFA.



    Would Wiili Collumn for instance have red carded McGregor had he had a chance to review the incident on tv?



    Transparency is absolutely required otherwise what we know already of corruption collusion and assistance becomes completely overt in itself.



    VAR would expose any vestige of favouritism. Why do I suspect there will be resistance?

  6. Tonight’s team leaked



    Gordon hendry ajer benkovic tierney brown ntcham rogic McGregor forrest edouard



    Amazing what you learn on this blog, and it’s entirely true, every


    day is a learning day.


    Always remember local Garngadians ? asking me ,what are you


    doing up here in this part of the world ?


    What do i say?


    i’m just a visitor from Kinning Park?


    Feck no. 8-))))))


    H.H Mick

  8. So sorry for mix-up.


    MacDonald,Prentice,Ormond and the Big Man are correct.One more to get.Once again my apologies.

  9. Blantyre TIm et al



    I note from elsewhere that Stevie Clarke is upset that the SFA managed to spell his name wrong on his disciplinary papers, using Steven instead of Stephen. Called it unprofessional.


    Well it can be a touchy subject…..



    Saddened, and dismayed but not surprised Mark Wilson is given a platform for his anti Celtic views by the BBC.



    Why he is allowed by Celtic media to comment via Celtic TV etc really is beyond comprehension.



    We have our ambassadors why not refer the BBC to them, instead of following their corrupt agenda?






    Why indeed?

  11. VAR would be a nightmare for us in Scotland. Remember the Video refs would be the same Refs as we have. From the world cup the VAR was applied without favour, however, in Scotland we would have John Beaton taking a decision with Steven McLean as the 4th Official with Craig Thompson and Bobby Madden deciding if it is Celtic penalty.

  12. BHOYJOEBELFAST @ 1 53 .



    That question has been answered – but further to the Fiorentina in 1970 question from recently –



    That game featured a player who scored for the winning side in a World Cup Final. .. check it out – might be a useful question in the future

  13. Jobo Baldie on 14th September 2018 1:36 pm



    4 year deal for Leigh. His aim should be to get to 200 goals by then!






    …matching his ‘burds’ total.

  14. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Matt Stewart: Whilst always enjoying your talent for verbosity.. your last article could have briefly stated..BBC issue anti Celtic statement prior to tonight’s game!!






    So much for me going to sleep. you’ve certainly raised my ire.


    I think it’s entirely obvious that Mark Wilson is very pally with


    the presenter of Celtic TV Gerry McCulloch another one who


    changes his cloth to suit his needs .


    As much as i hate going into the ” lets even things up ” attitude


    of these two it’s very obvious what their agenda is and i think i


    know why.


    H.H Mick

  16. Melbourne Mick



    Always good to get your chat on here. Good luck to your team.



    Not from the Garngad but travelled on their bus to the 1980 European Cup QF away game in Madrid. A lot of great characters on that bus.



    The bus convenor was a guy called John Gordon.



    Great trip apart from the score. Took 3 days to get there with one overnight in the Basque country. We arrived half an hour before the game….it was as if we were going to Rugby Park.


    The only people bothering were us non-members!

  17. Melbourne Mick


    Whilst we are on the subject. `Garngadians` also referred to the Garngad as `The Hill`. Short, I think, for Roystonhill which was also referred to as Garngad Hill !






    PS As I was only four when I left the Garngad, maybe you should keep an open mind re my information !

  18. Melbourne Mick



    For once, I didnt start this … it was that notorious CQN troublemaker BSR who did!






    As has been suggested, we all know MW has a history (and not a good one), and, as you say, GMcC “cuts his cloth” accordingly…



    the question is why are people like that in place at Celtic? Someone above them hires them.



    Know Colin who runs the big Celtic games at Elephant&Wheelbarrow & Pint on Punt before that. Will I get your gig’s info the Social Celts FB page??


    Tonight; 3-0 to the good guys. HH & NN

  20. TULLY 57



    I’ll never forget that game, went on a bus from a pub in Blackhill and sat beside a


    wee ghuy who said to me ” do you not know me i’m the singing winger?


    Hadn’t a clue what he was talking about but apparently whenever he got the ball


    he used to hum a wee tune as he danced along the touchline.


    Probably remembered that more than the game.


    H.H Mick




    Just drop a wee line on here and PADDYMAC, me, or some of the lurkers


    will say that you are interested.


    Turn up on the day and you and anyone with you will be admitted .


    As they say ” the more the merrier ”


    H.H Mick

  22. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2018 2:43 PM


    The Glasgow Warrior e/w 3.00 Doncaster



    placed 3rd , well done

  23. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2018 2:43 PM



    The Glasgow Warrior e/w 3.00 Doncaster






    Bada BING! BINGO!



    Got on it with a sneak 5 each way at 27/1 enhanced odds, right at the off.



    Good work, fella.

  24. Hot Smoked you are not wrong with Garngad information


    Tully67 I thinkJohn Gordon ended up chairmen of the Celtic Club in Springburn.


    Could be wrong though



    D. :)

  25. GER 57



    That would be the same Bobby Brown who,in his autobiography,admitted that a referee told him he cheated to ensure rangers didn’t lose a game v. QOTS.


    Brown went on to claim the referee spoke at “a lodge” two years later saying his proudest achievement was that in 18 years rangers had never lost a game he refereed.


    Now,all these years later,the spectre of cheating referees and a complicit football association is still with us.


    If only a group of concerned Celtic Supporters/Shareholders could provide the custodians of the club a comprehensive dossier containing all manner of evidence against rfc and the sfa then the club would surely thank them and honour them before pursuing it with vigour…………oh,wait a minute

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