Bernardo beacon for Holm


It was great to see Odin Holm return to action for the first time in two months yesterday.  Hopefully the player has now fully recovered from illness and can look forward to a period of development similar to that which Paulo Bernardo has enjoyed since last month.

With a run of starts under his belt, Paulo is now motoring.  Only St Mirren of our last four opponents have stopped him scoring, although he recorded two assists in that game.  There is more to come from him and it is the manager’s job to ensure he continues to develop.  That task will become more interesting when Reo Hatate returns from the Asian Cup.

Odin got his chance yesterday because Callum McGregor was rested (and it was Buckie Thistle).  Brendan needs to find opportunities to give the player game time between now and the end of the season.  There is no point buying players and allowing them to wither in the stands.

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  1. MARSPAPA on 22ND JANUARY 2024 8:52 PM



    I think that one is done. A replacement for Lammers probably






    Good evening, friends – isn’t it great to be back!


    Miserable conditions in Glasgow yesterday but that didn’t stop Celtic putting on a show for the 40,000+ who braved the elements to attend. Celtic were very professional in their approach and adopted the same style of play that we had been enjoying prior to the winter break. Good to watch in the main although why oh why are players not encouraged to shoot now and again from outside the box?


    Buckie Thistle were well organised and although they were understandably cautious in their approach they didn’t resort to any industrial tackles or hoofs up the park, trying to play on the deck on those rare moments when they had possession. And for that reason, I’m glad that the final score was ‘only’ 5 nil.


    Odin Holm was an able deputy for McGregor and Nawrocki was decent and accurate in his passing out from the back. And it was also good to see 2 young substitutes getting some game time. Rocco Vata may yet have some sort of future with us and Daniel Kelly (educated at St Leonard’s primary school in East Kilbride and regularly encouraged by a good teacher friend of mine) may also have a bright future ahead.


    With Captain Calum having an extended rest there are now just 2 players who have featured in all 30 games – Joe Hart and Greg Taylor.



    We have now played 30 competitive games, enjoying 19 wins, 4 draws and 7 defeats, scoring 63 goals and conceding 30.


    My thanks to the 57 who voted this time around. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.



    Hart: 0


    Johnston, A*: 3


    Nawrocki: 4


    Scales: 2


    Taylor: 3


    Holm: 24


    O’Riley*: 55


    Bernardo*: 55


    Abada: 15


    Kyogo: 2


    Palma: 5


    Vata: 1


    Johnson, M: 2


    Ralston: 0


    Kelly: 0


    Welsh: 0



    And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Buckie Thistle are –


    O’Riley and Bernardo – 5 points each


    Holm – 3 points


    Abada – 2 points


    Palma – 1 point



    The overall positions after 30 games played are as follows –


    74 points – O’Riley and Scales


    48 points – McGregor


    33 points – Carter-Vickers


    28 points – Palma


    22 points – Bernardo and Kyogo


    20 points – Oh


    18 points – Maeda


    16 points – Johnston, A and Yang


    13 points – Taylor


    12 points – Hart


    9 points – Johnston M, Nawrocki and Turnbull


    6 points – Iwata, Lagerbielke and Ralston


    5 points – Hatate


    4 points – Bain and Holm


    3 points – Forrest


    2 points – Abada


    0 points – Bernabei, Frame, Haksabanovic, Kelly, Phillips, Starfelt, Tilio, Vata and Welsh



    It’s a return to league action next Saturday. At the moment we are 8 points clear at the top although our closest challengers have 2 games in hand. By the time we kick off against Ross County (Celtic Park, kick off 3.00pm) Triggers Broom will have played 2 away games – Hibs and St Mirren. Perhaps we will start our next game at least 4 points clear?


    Hail Hail!

  3. JOBO



    I didn’t realize they have two tough games coming up. Saturday’s game could be worth a watch, especially to see how Keon gets on




    Unfortunately (if he does sign/ed) i think they’ve bagged a good un.



    As for Kwon, Robinson can’t speak highly enough of him , let’s hope he enjoys a good run in the middle for St Mirren .

  5. Jobo – thanks again for your efforts 👏👏



    No big surprise to see those votes from yesterday. Top 4 players were stand outs in most fans eyes.




  6. QUADBHOY on 22ND JANUARY 2024 5:51 PM



    We travel on the same bus ! I am one of the three who joined from Arbroath .

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TIMBHOY163 @ 5:24 PM



    SPFL on scraping the winter break,on a personal view isn’t it about time there should be a winter break in January into February,what I would like see inside Celtic Park all Covered ,surely our billionaire could afford to put that in place,oh wait he won’t upgrade the main stand ,so forget about him installing a roof.









    Cheers Timbhoy.



    This one cracked my up.

  8. Good morning all from a very calm Garngad.



    Thank goodness as I never s,ept a wink on Sunday night, came in from work yesterday and had my dinner and went to bed at 6pm and just woke up. What a sleep.



    Right bring on the County of Ross.



    D. :)

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    Watched the last two episodes of BBC Scotland’s ‘Pitch Invasion’ last night.



    There was a feature about Pat Nevin and Brian McClair was interviewed and made me laugh with the following…



    Pat went to Glasgow Caledonian which wasn’t a university at that time. He loves to tell everybody he went to Uni but he didn’t.

  10. BANKIEBHOY1 on 22ND JANUARY 2024 4:38 PM


    Just catching up on loads of stuff…………….







    Huge condolences to Big Jimmy for the loss of his Da’ – bet he was some character too….












    Cheers mate.


    My DA was a real character, and was well liked…..even by some Hun fans.


    He drove the Hackney Taxis for nearly 40 years ( CONSTANT NIGHTSHIFT ).


    He followed Celtic to many European countries especially in the run up ( and including Lisbon IN 1967 ).


    He was a Big, Strong and Powerful Man, but a ” GENTLE GIANT” most of the time.


    He loved Celtic, Drinking Vodka, Wummin and having a wee Punt on the Horses most days.


    He was hopeless at picking Winners at the Horses, and he was also hopeless when trying to tell a joke.


    He was a Big Man…with a Big Heart.



    Cheerio DA, maybe I will see you sometime in the future, depending on WHERE you are…..and WHERE I end up ? You were always my HERO.




    YNWA Big Yin.

  11. BANKIEBHOY1 on 22ND JANUARY 2024 4:38 PM




    My DA was a ” TOONHEID Man” as he was growing up but after doing his National Service, I THINK one of his first jobs was with SINGERS in Clydebank ?


    He then became a Glasgow Hackney Taxi Driver.


    In the 1960’s he lived in SCOTSTOUN, and then spent many years in YOKER til he passed away.



    HH Mate.

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND JANUARY 2024 9:48 PM


    Luigi Riva RIP




    My everlasting memory of watching LUIGI RIVA on TV was during the 1970 World Cup in Mexico.


    I can still picture ” Going Mental” whenever he scored a Goal….running about the Pitch with his arms waving about. As a young Bhoy, I loved his ” Goal Celebration”, as I think he could go MORE mental than any other player that I had ever seen…up to 1970.


    LUIGI certainly played his part in making the 1970 World Cup the BEST World Cup that I have EVER seen.


    R.I.P. LUIGI.



  13. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 23RD JANUARY 2024 7:51 AM




    Pat Niven and his family lived in Easterhouse for a number of years in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


    His was a Fitba Family. His older brother was an excellent player at Junior level.



    Wee Pat was a VERY Lucky Bhoy, as his DAD had him out kicking a ball from a very young age, no matter what the Weather was like.


    Mr Nevin Senior coached Pat very well, and despite being almost EIGHT years younger than myself and my mates, Mr Nevin would always ask us, if wee Pat could join in with us older boys in the local schools Fitba pitch ?



    My mates and I were about 14 years of age, and wee Pat was was almost EIGHT Years younger and built like a whippet……but Bhoy oh Bhoy….this kid COULD PLAY !


    The Fitba was OOZING out of wee Pat and he owed that to his DAD.


    In later years, the ” RUMOUR” in Easterhouse was that Celtic had tried to sign wee Pat, but Mr Nevin advised/persuaded his son to sign for Clyde FC, as he would have a quicker chance of playing ” First Team” Fitba.



    It could be heavy Snow or Rain and Mr Nevin would STILL don his auld boots and Tracksuit in his attempts of coaching Wee Pat how to Dribble, Pass and SHOOT in ALL weathers.



    HH mate.

  14. Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim



    “There is more to come from him [Odin] and it is the manager’s job to ensure he continues to develop.”



    Well, my hope is that the Manager’s job is planning, preparing and actualizing the first team to compete in the four major competitions we enter each season.



    We are supposed to have a structure that promotes player development, we have a plethora of backroom staff and specialists to support player development.



    Brendan Rodgers is on record as saying Celtic will give players the tools and environment to develop, he will monitor their progress in training.



    The rest is up to the player, quite right too



    We are striving to be an elite Club, we need elite twenty first century footballers.



    Over the last twenty five years Brendan Rodgers has got a great record of player development ~ as we know…



    Hail Hail

  15. HOT SMOKED on 22ND JANUARY 2024 10:08 PM


    “We travel on the same bus ! I am one of the three who joined from Arbroath .”



    It is a small world so it is!



    I wont be at the Ross County game due to family commitments but if you are on the bus for the Killie game and you see a man boarding with a wee lhad who bears more than a passing resemblance to a young Jorge Cadette (and who may well be wearing my old CR Smith top from that era) say hello!




  16. SCOTTISH CUP FINAL in 1969.


    CELTIC – 4 v Rangers – 0.



    I can clearly remember having a kick about in Easterhouse with my Three HUN Pals in EASTWOOD School pitch the EVENING BEFORE the game…..obviously it was FRIDAY Night.



    More importantly, I can CLEARLY remember KNOWING that a very young GEORGE CONNELLY was part of the Celtic starting line up for that Final.


    My Three Hun Pals ALSO KNEW it too, and as a result all Three of them, were VERY CONFIDENT of a Rangers Victory the following afternoon, especially as NONE of them had ever heard of George Connelly.



    As we kicked a ball about, I became VERY nervous about the game, as my Hun Pals had almost convinced me that Celtic would only be playing with TEN MEN, due to young Connelly being in the team ?



    The rest is HISTORY….LOL.



    However, what I can NOT remember is the FACT that everyone KNEW who was in Celtics starting line up on the EVE of the Cup Final….but HOW did we KNOW ?


    Was the Celtic Team ” LEAKED” the night before…or did JOCK STEIN announce his Team to the media in advance of the game the following day ?



    HH Mate.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on




    The 1969 Cup Final is one of my greatest Celtic memories.



    Jinky was out due to suspension and Big Yogi failed a fitness test on the Friday.



    With two of our most dangerous and creative players missing, the Scottish media virtually wrote off Celtic.



    Enter George Connelly. What a day.



    That night a few friends and I were out and about — too young to bevvy. One of them was Hammy, a Gers man — definitely not a Hun — who freely admitted Celtic had torn them apart and he was relieved that it was only 4-0. He also described the fighting in the Rangers end, with guys going for a pee or a pie getting pummelled and told, “Yer no feckin leavin.”



    Re Pat Nevin, thanks for your comment. Very interesting. In his memoir — as he calls it — he writes that he played for Celtic Boys Club and at end of season at Barrowfield, the coach spoke to all the boys who had or were about to turn 16 and told them they were being either signed or released.



    Nevin said he was told he was being released because he was too small and not cut out for the rigours of the professional game. It was then that he moved to Clyde.

  18. QUADBHOY on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:01 AM



    I`ll say hello at the Killie game. Are you in the front or back half of the bus?

  19. `SUTTON1888 on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:31 AM


    I wonder how Pistol Pete’s getting on with transfers `



    Short answer? Better than any other `executive` in Scotland.

  20. HOT SMOKED on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:49 AM


    “I`ll say hello at the Killie game. Are you in the front or back half of the bus?”



    If I hop on at the Charlie I take what I can find, but if I am on from the Airlie Arms then I’m usually sat 2nd row from the back.




  21. Burnley78



    Nope i dont think i said you said coke was class specific,you did((2nd time) be derogatory to other Celtic dan groupings be specific about their intake.All i done was show you it is taken in the lounges and amid the corporatti and there clingers.i happen to agree with you bout its use,no need but like the songbook i would get in about it.Having taken recovery groups on outdoor programmes i have seen and talked to folk who have self destructed looking for the next exhiliration,sad really.


    Glad you enjoyed your mid east trip out there,yup its is complex but Gaza is genocide,that dont change.


    Onto saturday and Ross County




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