Bernardo beacon for Holm


It was great to see Odin Holm return to action for the first time in two months yesterday.  Hopefully the player has now fully recovered from illness and can look forward to a period of development similar to that which Paulo Bernardo has enjoyed since last month.

With a run of starts under his belt, Paulo is now motoring.  Only St Mirren of our last four opponents have stopped him scoring, although he recorded two assists in that game.  There is more to come from him and it is the manager’s job to ensure he continues to develop.  That task will become more interesting when Reo Hatate returns from the Asian Cup.

Odin got his chance yesterday because Callum McGregor was rested (and it was Buckie Thistle).  Brendan needs to find opportunities to give the player game time between now and the end of the season.  There is no point buying players and allowing them to wither in the stands.

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  1. Monday so soon.



    Enjoyed that yesterday, even all these miles away it had a great feeling.




  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    From previous thread …..



    trying hard to work out who would play AULDHEID in a TV drama.




    …. Tom Cruise surely?



    Similar ages.



    Auldheid slightly better looking.

  3. Wee fra,hope all well down your way,as Marspapa said plenty of fencing down .


    Look after yourself




  4. BURNLEY78 on 21ST JANUARY 2024 7:10 PM


    “Really enjoyable afternoon. Good performance by the team. Great to see so many new fans at the stadium today. So many really appreciating and enjoying the experience”



    I was over in 121 for the game having got tickets from ppl on the supporters bus who did not go. There were a good few excited little ones having a great day of it regardless of the weather. Many seemed to be at their first games and looked to have caught the bug.



    Vale Bhoy/GFTB



    Without wanting to be labelled a hun by GFTB I also second what Vale Bhoy said re: chants. I am usually near the GB but sitting below the other ‘ultras’ section my wee lhad was treated to “deid Davie Cooper/Andy Goram etc.” along with the usual IRA and clap if you hate the huns/police stuff which I personally have no time for but don’t find as offensive. A lot of impressionable young kids look up to these groups because of the atmosphere they help create but I don’t see a huge difference between Deid x/y/z and hang Neil Lennon chants. Hunnish behaviour should be left to £1brox.



    On a lighter note, the wee lad finally got a bit of the supporters bus experience I was hoping for / expecting him to see when I starting taking him by bus this season rather than by car. After weeks of chat on winter heating payments etc. we were sat beside two young lads (early/mid 20s?) who were drunk as a pair of skunks with a can on Tennants in hand. Queue the pish poor patter from them on having a “cup of cocoa” when I got the flask out to heat up. 10 minutes later when one was throwing up all over himself he and his mate finally pipped down when I suggested they might be better to stick to cocoa until they can handle their booze a wee bit better. My lad is nearly 16 now and still wont take a drink even on hogmanay / holiday and is now even more certain that he will never drink!



    On the match itself, it was good to see Holm get some minutes and great to see the work rate of the team was still evident especially in the initial press after we lost possession. The team could have easily taken the game in 1st gear but it was good to see them work hard for each other and it lead to a fair few chances.




  5. Yesterday was enjoyable but it wasn’t Real Madrid, but Buckie we were playing. Coming up on our rear view mirror are difficult away games at Aberdeen and Hibs. Let’s hope that when those games are over our transfer window work – or lack of it – is vindicated. Kyogo has carried a heck of a workload all season so, for me, a striker of quality (even on loan) to load share in the run in is essential. I’ve no idea who that could be but, of course, I don’t scout for Celtic so no requirement for me to advance a name(s).

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    The GB do some great charity work but time after time their songs of choice leave much to be desired. Guys like Bernardo, Holm, Kyogo etc must feel real inspiration from the garbage they chant. Remnants of a bygone age they most certainly are…

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “There is no point buying players and allowing them to wither in the stands.”




    Well of course we could try taking to the field with 20 players but I think someone might notice.


    Alternatively we could have bought fewer, better players and we might not have dropped 12 points in the first half of the season and might well still be in Europe.


    Great to see Abada back and giving us what we have been missing.

  8. ONIL / Quadbhoy



    Agree on the songbook from both of our self promoted ultra groups.



    Stuff about Davie Cooper and Jimmy Bell is what it is. Frankly just wrong. Drunk and coked up clowns near you sadly are part of life these days but I totally get it can spoil an occasion.



    It is a challenge that these 2 groups do create an atmosphere whilst singing from what some would say was an offensive and sometimes anachronistic song sheet.



    I don’t know if it affects the players if they are not belting out their stuff loud but we seemed to stutter a bit on the park when they were banned.



    As I said my personal experience was that some of the less regular fans and kids attending seemed to really engage and enjoy yesterday which was great given the conditions.

  9. Ange never voluntarily changed his side until the league was won. I suspect BR will use a core group over the next few months too so Holm won’t get many chances. BR’s No. 1 job is to win the league title.

  10. ONIL,



    Totally agree about the GB,and their piss poor songbook from 50 odd years ago.Where has the ,Edouarde Song,Just can’t get enough song,Scott Sinclair song,Stuart Armstrong song,Jota song,brilliance disappeared to?.


    Two years Kyogo,no song for him.Not too difficult to think that one up,but just laziness,it would seem.Okay saying they bring atmosphere,but how many fans actually join in with the usual fare.Very few.Its just a wee singalong for 300 on the curve.Only song


    sung by the majority now isYNWA.


    Used to love their inventiveness,but now for me,its just an outdated rebelfest.Nothing wrong with Rebs,but,show some more of the brilliance you put into your Tifos.

  11. Thought Odin was very good yesterday.Just kept moving the ball,and being available to receive all the time.We have a cracker there.Bernardo would be a bargain in the summer at 5 or 6 million.A real line up of talent in our midfield.

  12. EXPAT_CELT on 22ND JANUARY 2024 1:33 PM


    “For Scottish Cup games, do both teams spilt 50/50 the gate receipts?”



    I believe so.


    Very healthy crowd in given the conditions and the advice not to travel unless you had to.




  13. spikeysauldman on

    The Old Feckers on here think that the Green Brigade are their performing monkeys. “Go on Sing Us A song, no not that one. What do you mean Start One Yourself.”

  14. It is not BR’s fault there is no reserve league in this country, if this continues what is the point of the academy? Not a hope of the young players getting up to first team level playing against ” old hands” this is an ongoing and pressing problem, I’m sure BR knows what is required from all his players, sharing the workload will be helpful physically for them,Bernardo Hatate Hatate Bernardo, hence why we need another left back and a striker this month.

  15. spikeysauldman on




    “Not too difficult to think that one up,but just laziness,it would seem.” – Classic.



    Everyone noted the piss-poor atmosphere when the GB were banned. Everyone noted the better atmosphere when they came back.



    Some folk on here agreed with the ban but somehow thought that they should have been in the recording studios, brushing up on their lyrics when they were away !!!!



    Wonder how things would have panned out yesterday if they were still banned and Big Joe Hart didnt make the save at 2-0 ?



    Big Joe – the man in the video singing the Callum McGregor song.



    Its a shame theres no song for Kyogo, but the songs are usually for the Stars, the goal Scorers, the Captains. Jota has just gone. Did he have a song right-away ? We didnt add another centre forward.


    Pretty sure that Palma or MOR might get a song. Who knows ?

  16. It is my understanding that the home team keeps 60% to cover the expenses of staging the match. Security, stewarding, turnstyles etc.

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    A reminder that there is a meeting of the Shipbank Shipwrecks on Bois de Saltmarket this Friday, 12 onwards. Would be nice to meet some new faces as the old ones are usually pished.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    I still firmly believe the Green Brigade were banned for their display of Palestinian flags and messages of support at the Atletico game. The board invented reasons for the ban because privately the were embarrassed.

  19. I’m in section 123, The Bhoys are right beside me. They do enhance the atmosphere, but I really wish they’d stop the down in hell chants. Totally unnecessary and it looks like most of them wouldn’t even know what Davie Cooper looked like. We have lots of positive things to sing about, no need for negativity. Hail Hail

  20. boondock saint on

    Really enjoyed watching the Bhoys yesterday, despite the level of the opposition. I had to laugh at the BBC ratings after the game. I think the highest rated Celtic player was at like 6.5 out of ten, and the Buckie players were all mainly in the 8s:)))) I know we were caught offside a lot but still good to try and get in behind when a team is packing it in. Doesn’t matter the opposition but it is always hard to breakdown an ultra defensive team. Fair play to Buckie as their plan was working for the first 25 minutes. Liked the workrate of our midfield and good to have Abada back. One of the worst parts in his game though is the ball he lays off for our overlapping right back, as he sometimes plays a hospital pass for AJ, too close to the opposing player.


    Great save by big Joe and then boom, right up the field for a goal by the wee Mhan.


    Onwards and upwards for this next game. A wee signing this week and timdom will be happy.


    Not going to jump on the singing debate, as I know that I sang some shoite as a teenager on the Wishy Emerald bus and about Derek Johnstone’s wife, never even met her:)))


    Hail Hail my friends. Stay warm



  21. EXPAT_CELT on 22ND JANUARY 2024 1:33 PM


    For Scottish Cup games, do both teams spilt 50/50 the gate receipts?




    Thanks for the replies.

  22. spikeysauldman on

    and btw all, I’m not a big fan of some the songs sung by the GB and The Bhoys either :)

  23. spikeysauldman on




    exactly. lot of trainee human beings in there. Like several billion before them. So long as they dont all end up like the feckers who gave us today’s planet – myself included.

  24. Vale bhoy ,ONIL, Quad bhoy ,Tonkeybhoy,B78.





    Gftb was wrong to say that,and i do agree re jimmy bell/andy goram chant,but if you have been going 60 years you would most certainly have heard worse back then,did Mr Stein not get in among groups.You may also have had a can of piss hit you on the back of the head if things got disputed as fighting among our own would be witnessed in kevj’s old urinal where many fought and stood.



    There always will be a % who sing songs we dont like,prob the same % content to hear the players shout on the park as we experienced recently,it appears to be difficult to express irishness at Celtic and whether we like it or not they have been songs about the IRA(good ol freedom fighting ra who killed and maimed for freedom,bad ira those modern day terrorists who murdered and maimed to a peace table they first sat round in 1973 at Sunningdale) sung at Celtic Park.



    I am personally content with Irelands flag over the ground,i think we know assimalation only goes so far in this country,but that is due to it being allowed by that bastion of civilisation/democracy in Westminster(as Stormont was)currently bombing Yemen while ignoring Genocide in Gaza.


    Education and getting in about them singing i prefer that instead of writing about it on a blog






    Wee experience since you and i had our last prang about our coke riven friends.


    I note again you dont call them Celtic fans which every member of those groupings are,and they are first and foremost Celtic fans,easily controlled by the stadiumplan return key,but that leaves us listening to players on the park or as you put it yourself an organic 82nd minute singaroundcof Celtic,Celtic for a few minutes.


    Now onto the Coke slant,that reflects all strata of society,recently i was in one of the lounges witb an old friend,it was there,but i dont shiteswipe all who pay good money to go there,or bracket them as corp cokeheids,i dont think you should do that with Celtic fans you want to demonise,slander and abuse,that in itself could be construed as hunnish,but it is among a certain age demographic you represent.



    As you know i am only a Celtic fan,we all are,it is only the next generation and i have nothing to fear from them,just as i knew the cans of oish throwing nutters where Celtic fans i got in about them if i dissented what tbey sang..


    On here writing bout it proves a dog can bit its tail.



    One Celtic.




  25. as we know ……….



    that is getting added to the lexicon,



    if its ofside then the penaly claim doesnt matter



    as we know.

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Quality of opposition noted … I thought Holm did OK yesterday.



    Fell out of it a little bit mid-game.



    It’s interesting to observe what Calum brings when he is not actually there.



    If Paul does not mind – I think the Holm performance angle opens up to a wider point about our midfielder composition and squad management.



    If he continues to develop – i.e. can be trusted to deliver in times when another mid is not available – I’d opine we have 5 guys – Calum, Matt, Reo, Paulo and Odin in that order – competing for 3 midfield slots.



    That level of competition (5 genuine contenders for 3 places) feels about right to me but I’d like it to be supported by a 6th “backup” midfielder (similar to James Forrest among the wide player group).



    What that means for Turnbull and Iwata immediately …. and Kwon in the future … I do not know.

  27. boondock saint on

    THey are the people , as we know


    Rangers swoop for players, we dither, as we know


    We are handsome, they are not, as we know


    They are the same club as before, as we know :))))


    They have no debts to anyone, as we know:)))


    THey are coming, as we know!!!


    THey are feckin skint, AS WE KNOW!!!

  28. If we want Beck,go and sign him,a couple of months doesn’t make a great deal of difference on a 4- 5 year contract.

  29. more cl fixtures so no winter break, give people a chance to complain about the state of the pitch






    The 2024-25 SPFL season will start on the weekend of 3 and 4 August, with no winter break in the Premiership for the first time in four years.



    The top flight last went without a mid-season hiatus during the Covid-affected 2020-21 campaign.



    The league’s final games will be on 17/18 May, with the Championship and Leagues 1 and 2 ending on 2/3 May before promotion play-offs take place.



    The Premiership play-off finals will be played over 22 and 25 May.



    The SPFL-organised Viaplay Cup first round will take place over the final three weekends and final two midweeks of July, with the final on 15 December.



    The second round will be played on the third weekend in August, the quarter-finals over the third weekend in September and semi-finals on the first weekend in November.



    Prior to next season, the Euro 2024 finals featuring Scotland take place in Germany from 14 June to 14 July and the qualifying rounds of the Champions League will be played in June and July.



    The Europa and Conference League qualifiers will be played in July and August.



    “It is fair to say that the additional slots required for the Uefa club competitions next season have made scheduling more challenging than usual,” said SPFL chief operating officer Calum Beattie.



    “In particular, there is very limited flexibility within the Premiership fixture calendar, and we are therefore unable to accommodate a scheduled winter break.”

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