Bizarre Leipzig


Leipzig are going through a period of remarkable results.  An 0-8 cup win against lower league opponents, then a 4-0 defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt and a 1-4 home loss to Shakhtar that precipitated the start of new manager, Marco Rose.

Rose began with an impressive 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund and a credible performance in Madrid before losing two late goals to Real.  Borussia Monchengladbach beat Leipzig 3-0 two weeks ago gave Rose lots to consider ahead of the international break, which they returned from with a 4-0 over bottom placed Bochum on Saturday.

I only watched the game against Monchengladbach but suspect it was one of a few bizarre results that did not reflect the flow of the game.  We should not be reassured by this period.

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  1. Paul67


    You could equally say Bizarre Celtic given our ups and downs over the past few weeks.

  2. Aipple – Celtic to the core!




    Philcool, afternoon gents!



    German game will be a test.

  3. Bizarre performances from Celtic as well, a game in Warsaw that was winable drawn, a game in Paisley lost where we were shockingly bad and Saturdays disjointed performance characterised by terrible finishing, what Celtic will we see in Germany , I really hope it is the confident pressing pacy side that looks very good.

  4. Liepzig’s high press will severely limit our ability to get forward and into attacking areas. Missing our two CBs is a huge blow.



    As Bada said yesterday, Ange hasn’t ruled CCV out yet but I think if CCV was that close to coming back, he’d have been on the bench last Saturday. I don’t think Ange would have left himself with no CB cover for Motherwell unless he had no option.



    So it’s Jenz and Welsh tomorrow night. We’ve a mountain to climb.

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  6. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Rest in Peace Andrew Griffin.



    He would have had a laugh I’m sure on the last blog with some of the spellings of his moniker!!



    Some braw, some not so braw!!

  7. We have enough talent to give them a good game.


    We do not have enough CL experience for it all to come naturally.



    The start to the CL this season seems to have been very emotionally draining for both AP and the squad.



    We are still learning how to handle the demands of playing against the best at this level where you need to be on your A game just to survive / be credible.



    We need to work on attitude / desire / belief / appetite.



    RBL — we should be sent out to win.

  8. THE QUIET MAN on 4TH OCTOBER 2022 12:38 PM



    I’d be surprised to see Welsh and Jenz taking up position on the half way line. If they do, I’ll be taking up position behind my sofa.

  9. St M @ 2 weeks ago — we played as if we had a hangover.


    Injuries / strange team selection / lack of drive — not our finest hour.


    All after a CL game which we had the talent to win but not the belief.



    Not sure if AP is coming up against the SPL / Scottish cringe.


    Winning away CL games is not for the likes of us.



    I think AP is pushing the whole squad very hard regarding performance levels.


    No excuses are being accepted regarding results — performance is key.


    Might be pushing them harder than they are comfortable with.



    AP — this season the CL is full on.


    Squad — this season is a CL learning session.

  10. Although I would agree that CCV will be a big miss.


    I’m not convinced that CS is.



    We allowed Julien to go and kept Welsh.


    That was a poor decision, although it was probably financial and not football decision.

  11. Andy Patons Mullet on

    With Welsh and Jenz being starters tomorrow, by looks of it, I hope we play big Abildgard in McGregors 6 role. A midfield of him, McGregor and Hatate in Europe much more physically solid and would give much needed additional defensive cover for two weaker centre half’s. Have the fear though since our performance levels have dropped quite a bit. Even tempted to go with Maeda through the middle for the press with Jota one side and Abada the other. Drink needed.

  12. StT @ 1.13



    LS was much more a loss than CJ.



    LS is trying to build a footballing career.


    CJ has his head in the clouds plus he has delusions of adequacy.


    Head full of broken bottles would be a charitable way of describing his recent attitude.



    We needed to keep SW in the squad because of the CL rules.


    4 home grown / 4 SPL developed — either that or we have a smaller squad.



    The issue is not SW’s lack of experience — it is the youth meltdown since 2016.


    Some would argue that the youth meltdown has been since JF came through — 2009/10.



    CMcG was a mistake — he was destined for mediocrity before his loan to NC where he found another gear and kicked on. The youth set up was not involved.



    I wonder what changes happened to the youth set up in 2010’ish.

  13. St Tams,



    Christopher Jullien wanted to go, he was not featuring in Ange’s plans after his yoyo squad appearances. he was also a remaining potential disruptive element.



    If CJ was still with us it is highly probable that he would not figure tomorrow night and continuing to eat up sizeable wages that could be put to better use.



    We did not just let him go, he had to go. There was no option.



    CCV is our most influential player, the player we most struggle to replace adequately. He was a massive signing for us after his loan.



    I would have gambled on Scott McKenna although I do recognise that was not a popular option and currently Forest are leaking goals.



    I am confident we will play to our potential tomorrow night. I am also confident that we are again prioritising European football.



    HH & COYBIG.

  14. Dexter P. Bampot on

    The loss of CCV would be huge. I really can’t see a clean sheet without him so it behoves our forward players to be more clinical than over the past couple of weeks. To win this game I think we will likely need a few. 2-3 would do nicely

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    was going to be fit for tomorrow, he would have been on the bench on Saturday. Why?



    How about…



    Not 100% on Saturday.



    Fit on Wednesday.



    It’s a 4-day gap. If Ange didn’t want to risk Cameron on Saturday, why would he put him on the bench?



    I’m not saying he will start tomorrow, but I’m not writing him off on the basis that he wasn’t risked 4 days earlier.

  16. Young Ben Doak scores the 2nd goal as Liverpool u19s lead sevco u19s 3 nil after 84mins.

  17. Only catching up after two days. Saddened to hear of the death of Andrew Griffin. Rest in Peace. Condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed by all who contribute to this site.



    Will remember him at Mass tomorrow.

  18. Brisk wee walk around downtown Louisville as I sipped a wee Starbucks (other coffees are available). It’s looking good out there and the trees are finally beginning to realise they have autumnal work to do.



    Lovely sentiments yesterday on ye olde blog and some fitba talk to start today. Let’s remember all the people like our dear departed friend that come on here to feel a connection. Very few, bar 2 or 3 of the multi moniker brigade, come on for fights, politics and conspiracy nonsense.



    I realise it’s a free and open forum and people can post what they like but this place shines when we see banter, old names and proper fitba chat.



    A few have been lost inn the last year or so and the best tribute we can pay is to strive to keep this place bright and cheery, connecting tims around the globe.



    HH all and have a great day.

  19. That’s what we get when we have to many midfielders and not another Centre Half ,Julien should have been kept on for 1 more season,another huge mistake,they never learn do they.

  20. I would not have kept CJ, however we needed another CH if Carter Vickers and or Starfelt got injured, our luck both drop out and we now have a new recruit who is in at the deep end and Welsh , we let a left sided centre half go to Aberdeen but as he was played at left back then the coaches dont see him in a centre back role, so ,we need another Centre Half I would let Welsh go on loan for regular games or sell him, not sure about jenz he is composed but I dont see a toughness in his game yet.

  21. We’ve 4 CHs in the first team squad, bit unlucky 2 are injured at the same time.


    We need to deal with it.

  22. To be safe we probably should’ve signed another 2 centre backs, just in case the 4 we have already got injured.



    Second thoughts maybe 3 more CBs.

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