Celtic subjugate Newco


A fascinating top of the table encounter, with both teams under-strength, ended predictably as the champions had enough in the tank to again put Newco to the sword.  Creating coherent teamwork all over the pitch is an important part of football, and Paulo Bernardo (21) rewarded his manager by opening the scoring for the second game in a run of three consecutive starts.

His thunderous strike from a corner kick on 25 minutes was reward for the control he brought to the match.  It was his third attempt at goal the first two narrowly missing the target.  A few of us were left wondering why it took so long for Paulo to be given a run in the team.

There was no such stablity of selection in defence, as Liam Scales partnered with this third right-sided central defender in two games.  With Cameron Carter-Vickers out with a hamstring injury, Stephen Welsh had to retire on 35 minutes with a shoulder injury.  Maik Nawrocki (22) come on to make his first appearance since August and only his fourth in total since arriving in Glasgow in August.

It was a huge ask to expect a new player to perform at this level after such a period out, but after a nervy first touch, Maik grew into the game.  He is a player who enjoys a tackle and is comfortable in possession.  There’s lots more to come from him.

Newco were criticised when these teams met in September after Callum McGregor was “given space” to control the game.  The reaction to that feedback was clear when they pressed Celtic.  As Celtic progressed the ball out of defence, they crowded McGregor and the central area, leaving Liam Scales and Welsh/Nawrocki space to step forward.  This gave Scales the opportunity he needed to further enhance his reputation.

Despite their plan for McGregor, Celtic controlled the flow of the game and the captain led the charge.  He moved into space where a teammate had an angle to find him, then drove forward, often only short distances, but this was enough to open opportunities up for Celtic and get Newco backpedalling.

You can control a game but you still need strikers who can put the ball in the net.  Yesterday you and I talked about how Kyogo terrifies Newco.  He comes alive against them like few others I have seen against the Rangerses.  That’s twice this season he has scored winning goals against them with a shot from outside the box.  You will remember that he started the year by scoring late at Ibrox, to secure Celtic a point and a crucial advantage in the league race.

The goal itself was masterful.  He dropped off his marker to receive in space, turned onto his (supposedly weaker) left foot and shot early, before the keeper had a chance to set himself.

Daizen Maeda must be a nightmare to defend against.  His speciality is winning control of a 50/50 ball.  Watch him lower his centre of gravity, knock the ball away from his opponent then nudge himself into an advantageous position.

Throughout his time on the field this attribute secured possession for Celtic in advanced areas, it also forced a thoroughly subjugated Balogun into a professional foul on 71 minutes, which resulted in an inevitable red card.

Thereafter, it was all too easy for Celtic for a period but the game ended with more tension than it should have.  Newco were smart enough to play for and win a series of free kicks which enabled them to throw numbers forward.  One free kick (seemed harsh) was converted by Tavernier on 88 minutes.  There should be an inquest into how we setup on these occasions after conceding the same goal in consecutive home games.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    Let’s all do the huddle



    From hun site:






    Just keeps on flunking on the big occasion, weak in the passing, absolutely atrocious decision-making and mostly lost out on any duel or press in the opposition half. He’s never shone in a single match that actually mattered v Celtic. 4








    their fans always eventually catch on to the myth of these muppets, miles later than everyone else does tho!



    until the next one comes along



    love it!

  2. Kyogo.



    Top striker.



    Top centre half as cleared 3 of Tavpen’s crosses.



    Better of two bad teams today – don’t care though.



    Wonderful VAR controversy to wind the Huns up – love it! 💚💚👍👍




    Do you honestly think we were bad 🤔



    I had little faith we would win pre-match (me of little faith).



    Until the injury to Welsh I thought we controlled it



    Took Rocky time to settle then looked the biz…



    Funnily the sending off affected us more than them…



    Get the injured players back to full fitness,have a good window and get a settled team out on the park and we’ll be cooking……



    We could have been better, yes, but bad, no.



    Anyhoo enjoy 💚🤍💛💛🍻

  4. This current offside rule is just plain stupid.


    I mean, as soon as a player is offside, the flag has to go up. Just don’t get it at all




  5. Our spine of the team won the game for us.



    Midfield 3 were miles ahead of the hammer throwers.



    How Maeda played for 82 mins was beyond me, was miles off it both in pressing and use of the ball.



    Our lack of control after sending off can be attributed to the introduction of Turnbull and MJ. Brendan must have been raging at their lack of application.

  6. Marspapa,



    I think we were bad today but just better than them – how they have done well in Europe is beyond me.



    Daizen and Luis were empty jerseys today but Calmac was imperious.



    Maybe just the impact of the moment but I thought we gave the ball away too much and didn’t play that well.



    Shout out to Bernardo though, his best game for us and well worth keeping around.



    And finally….who cares? 3 points. ☘️☘️☘️

  7. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Someone mentioned about watching the linesman. The zombs just had a freekick, which is cleared, then pumped back in to the box. 3 rangers players offside & one of those players plays the ball & rangers keep possession. No flag. This dude is degintelybat it

  8. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Daizen maeda breaks play up against them for all the time he is on the pitch. Also won the Red card for balospit

  9. Very happy with the result and the performance of our much maligned midfield



    Calmac, Matt and Barnardo were immense and really got in the faces of the huns, were not afraid of making a tackle and doing the dirty side of the game



    Props to Matt for playing with a bashed up nose, must have been hard for him to breathe



    Defense played well considering



    Joe had little to do and when he did, he did it well. The free kick can be discussed another day



    Maeda grew into the game in the 2nd half



    Palma played well in glimpses but worked hard to shut down tavpen



    And wee Kyogo



    What can I say???



    Subs disrupted our game and again, more can be discussed about this another day



    Fine win and we go top of the league into 2024



    Watching the hills have eyes have a meltdown in his interview was priceless



    Mon the hoops

  10. Also, well played Rocky



    What a game to announce yourself back into the minds of the Celtic support



    I look forward to seeing him, his physicality and range of passing on Tuesday



    Mon the Var lol

  11. Can you believe the Feckin brass neck of Thems…asking for VAR assistance…after the game. I mean a team that hasn’t given up a pk in 73 games. You just have laugh




    If they get it, it opens up the floodgates for us to get the recordings of all the previous games



    If that happens (and it won’t) am sure it will drop the scoddish var into a large puddle of crap



    But it would make var very hard to cheat……..

  13. On 101 minutes, the ref put his whistle to his mouth as Celtic cleared the ball.



    When the rebound came off a hun and went back towards our box, he put the whistle back down to let play carry on.



    Only when we cleared it again, he blew for the game.



    Take a look and see – hunbelieveable.

  14. KINGLUBO on 30TH DECEMBER 2023 7:12 PM


    This current offside rule is just plain stupid.


    I mean, as soon as a player is offside, the flag has to go up. Just don’t get it at all




    It does make sense they should wait until that period of play has ended. Otherwise if the linesman flags for offside and play stops but afterwards the player was not offside as shown by replays then an opportunity for a goal has been denied. Now we have VAR it is the only thing to do.

  15. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I think sky are at it again. After the penalty shout, If I seen correctly, colum mcgregor took the freekick & passed it back to hart.

  16. garygillespieshamstring on




    Attended a Catholic school and was raised a Catholic.


    However I would say calling him a “Tim” would be pushing the envelope a bit too far. :)

  17. Lovely result, team deserved win, sevco complaining cause of non pen, want transparency, I am all for that. It’s on thing when your supporters are moaning about nothing, but ffs their board and backroom staff have no class what so ever. They are so used to getting every decision going their way they get upset and want answers even when a simple look over the rule book will clarify.



    i expect we will be a better team once ccv, hatate and abada etc are up and running. On top of that we still need several quality additions in January. Everybody knows where




  18. AuroraBorealis79 on




    Anyone else notice just how much pushing and pulling AJ did today???




    He has been a liability all Season. I was watching him today, wondering if he has been researching his family tree & discovered he has a staunch, unionist background

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    Anyone else notice just how much pushing and pulling AJ did today???




    ive noticed his last number of games he has been fouling too much, especially in unnecessary positions.



    should be concentrating on the importany stuff

  20. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Just confirmed “we cannot here Willie colum, on var, through our headphones. It would have been nice to be confirmed.” Sky sports created their own story of what was going on, from what they could see. Not what they heard

  21. Rangers ask SFA for VAR audio after Celtic penalty controversy



    They cnuts having a laugh ?

  22. Wonder what big Philippe thinks of Turnbulls penalty shout considering he was onside ? Don’t suppose he will comment on that ?

  23. Brass neck FC complaint about PKs. I hope big dressers got to have his celebratory drink with his mates as per his pre match boast. AJ needs to calm it down. Thought Calmac was brilliant and love him winding up cannydaewell.

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