Celtic subjugate Newco


A fascinating top of the table encounter, with both teams under-strength, ended predictably as the champions had enough in the tank to again put Newco to the sword.  Creating coherent teamwork all over the pitch is an important part of football, and Paulo Bernardo (21) rewarded his manager by opening the scoring for the second game in a run of three consecutive starts.

His thunderous strike from a corner kick on 25 minutes was reward for the control he brought to the match.  It was his third attempt at goal the first two narrowly missing the target.  A few of us were left wondering why it took so long for Paulo to be given a run in the team.

There was no such stablity of selection in defence, as Liam Scales partnered with this third right-sided central defender in two games.  With Cameron Carter-Vickers out with a hamstring injury, Stephen Welsh had to retire on 35 minutes with a shoulder injury.  Maik Nawrocki (22) come on to make his first appearance since August and only his fourth in total since arriving in Glasgow in August.

It was a huge ask to expect a new player to perform at this level after such a period out, but after a nervy first touch, Maik grew into the game.  He is a player who enjoys a tackle and is comfortable in possession.  There’s lots more to come from him.

Newco were criticised when these teams met in September after Callum McGregor was “given space” to control the game.  The reaction to that feedback was clear when they pressed Celtic.  As Celtic progressed the ball out of defence, they crowded McGregor and the central area, leaving Liam Scales and Welsh/Nawrocki space to step forward.  This gave Scales the opportunity he needed to further enhance his reputation.

Despite their plan for McGregor, Celtic controlled the flow of the game and the captain led the charge.  He moved into space where a teammate had an angle to find him, then drove forward, often only short distances, but this was enough to open opportunities up for Celtic and get Newco backpedalling.

You can control a game but you still need strikers who can put the ball in the net.  Yesterday you and I talked about how Kyogo terrifies Newco.  He comes alive against them like few others I have seen against the Rangerses.  That’s twice this season he has scored winning goals against them with a shot from outside the box.  You will remember that he started the year by scoring late at Ibrox, to secure Celtic a point and a crucial advantage in the league race.

The goal itself was masterful.  He dropped off his marker to receive in space, turned onto his (supposedly weaker) left foot and shot early, before the keeper had a chance to set himself.

Daizen Maeda must be a nightmare to defend against.  His speciality is winning control of a 50/50 ball.  Watch him lower his centre of gravity, knock the ball away from his opponent then nudge himself into an advantageous position.

Throughout his time on the field this attribute secured possession for Celtic in advanced areas, it also forced a thoroughly subjugated Balogun into a professional foul on 71 minutes, which resulted in an inevitable red card.

Thereafter, it was all too easy for Celtic for a period but the game ended with more tension than it should have.  Newco were smart enough to play for and win a series of free kicks which enabled them to throw numbers forward.  One free kick (seemed harsh) was converted by Tavernier on 88 minutes.  There should be an inquest into how we setup on these occasions after conceding the same goal in consecutive home games.

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  1. Turkeybhoy,



    I wouldn’t agree with you there.



    I wouldn’t say he was great and I agree I wouldn’t have backed him to score if he hadn’t been pulled down,



    However he did a huge amount of closing down, his final ball was poor and one cross was almost comical but to call his performance rank rotten is pure nonsense, and remember his speed forced the Spitter to pull him down so he was responsible for the Huns being a man down.

  2. The clamour for immediate signings is ridiculous.More so the ones shouting are the same ones demanding “Quality”. As if any quality players available in January,if any,do not have several options their agents will be flogging.Again,I ask,never get an answer,which players do you want replaced?,because any quality ,will not be signing to sit on a bench.Easy to just keep sounding off,without thinking.BR playing smart with his answers about transfers,as if he has no targets himself,only Lawwell doing the looking.Ange signed most of the players,he actually knew,so from an underused market.BR must be putting some input in,or its no good saying,” This is what I was given”.


    A keeper,and a LB,maybe a RB,would do for me,and signing Bernardo up permanently.You want a striker?,with Kyogo,there,thats the problem I mentioned before,We only play with one.

  3. Corkcelt,


    Sorry,I never seen him do anything in the game.The odd getting in the road of one Hun player,is not closing downPalma,second half was doing much more in that respect.He contributed nothing,unless you call passing the ball back to where it came from.Whatever he is,he is not,and never will be good enough to play for us.Maybe Hi


    bs,Hearts.You want to get better,he will never help in that respect.Please tell me what his actual football abilities are,not the fact he runs about.

  4. Talking about Balogun and spitting and the length of his punishment!!


    I can guarantee that there will not be another word about it.!!!


    Also,is this the reason there is no retrospective officer now??.

  5. Bada,



    Equal to the Maestro at his best.Not too far away from his Ibrox performance.


    A dream of a footballer.

  6. TurkeyBhoy, Jap Manager plays him in World Cup, where incidentally he scores, regular Celtic First Teamer with both Ange & Brendan but sure you know better,


    I presume you know he has just returned from an injury .

  7. Yesterday’s joy made me reflect on good Tim’s and torch bearers long gone and how they would have reacted …specifically the Rev Joseph Cairns …I can just see him striding on to the altar today grinning and us all just waiting for his reference to the game and where he would squeeze it in during the mass 🤣…A wee toast at this time of the year to all our teachers in Celtic who are now gone . God bless you all 🍀

  8. Tell you,you want to make a statement of intent,to show we really mean business.Never mind looking for,and spending money on maybe,go out and bring Jota back.Even if it’s only a year loan.We can afford it,Saudis will pay most of the wages.At least show some real intent and try.He loves us,and I think would come back.The lure of the new CL next year,a big draw.



  9. Been thinking about Scottish refs and VAR , don’t get me wrong I’m as paranoid as the rest of us but…


    You just have to look at the English Premiere League, every single team moans about decisions going against them ,some more than others!


    In the last game they thought they had a good goal when they fouled Lagerbielka .Yesterday they thought they should have had a penalty with Johnston handling the ball, offside anyway.


    Loads of people keep asking Celtic to call out the SFA for one reason or other!


    It is not until days like yesterday when the Huns moaned and asked for all sorts of answers that you realize how pathetic it looks, perhaps it’s better just to say nothing and play your game!


    Just one more thing , don’t get me started on penalty decisions for and against thems !!! ( fekinSFA 😡😂)


    Happy New Year to all hoops fans around the world when it comes 🍾🍾☘️

  10. Turkey bhoy and cork Celt you both have valid points re Maeda …he most certainly is an enigma …Go on Dalziem pull a couple of strikes out similar to your goals against Hibs and Livi on Tuesday and all will be well …and you will probably immediately be linked with Spurs again 🤔🤣🍀

  11. Good afternoon from a surprisingly dry North Staffs on this Happy New year’s Eve.


    Some great pictures thanks Scullybhoy.


    I may have a few bevvies later – just to be sociable.

  12. 15 Cup Finals for us to win between now and May.



    Win 14 of these and we win the league.



    Take the same intensity into each as yesterday and we win the league.



    The govan lot will gamble again. Gamble big but will have to put the pieces together when playing 4 more games than us on the same time frame.



    They have not been over this course and have no winners in their midst.



    The officiating team for Tuesday is as bad as it could be in terms of non Celtic minded. St Mirren are a horrible lot, this will be one of our toughest. A good place to start.

  13. Eratic ….a solution for me re refs is simply make them professional with a proper wage structure …like the rest of us ..got to be more beneficial 🤔

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic wide right?



    Daizen Maeda is the correct answer. His very presence (even on the right flank) is the best all round Celtic option.



    Forrest, or M. Johnston, impact subs at best, Abada ( not fully fit ) or Yang ( project ) make it an easy choice for Brendan.

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Still revelling in that win from yesterday. They will never get us a more vulnerable moment (assuming we don’t continue to bloat out our squad with young prospects who won’t get close to the first team any time soon).



    We simply have better players than them, goalie aside. For all their gauche moments, having the GB back drives the players on. Bernardo is shaping up as a goody. DT needs to go now. The collapse in AJ’s form is a surprise and a concern. We also need to plan for post-Matt as he is a special player not easily replaced.



    So work over this window and the summer, but you’ve got them by the throats Celts, time to apply the coup de grace.



    PS their scattergun wailing last night was a joy to behold. Just their psychological defence against their biggest fear – even this season’s reduced Celtic are still too good for them. Come on The Celts!

  16. MOISEY17 on 31ST DECEMBER 2023 7:00 AM



    Very accurate commentary on the Gouldson/Barnardo incident. From the Main Stand you could see the intent to damage. Barnardo saw it too.


    Peter G is going from strength to strength on that programme. Unlike Boyd he is never stupidly partisan. He articulates the evidence and when that evidence supports the Celtic’s case he under-scores it. This is new in the MSSM.

  17. Just rewatched the match on tv. We were dominant for 80% of the game. Most of their threat came from our poor play when we were in possession and the biased performance of all of the officials who did their best to help them. The number of soft free kicks given to them was unreal. However while BR has a great record against them I think his game management was poor yesterday. AJ was out of sorts the whole game and should have been replaced. The three man substitution weakened us tremendously. We were in cruse control until then. MJ was atrocious and could have cost us the game. DT cannot play in a three with O Riley and Calmac. He is too slow and can’t tackle. JH is not the answer. He made a good save in the first half from Cantwell but he was nowhere for their goal. A yard of his line a a yard too far away from the near post. If we don’t find a better keeper for the second half of the season it could cost us. I would let MJ and DT go now.

  18. My friends in Celtic,



    Thought the atmosphere was brilliant yesterday.



    It was great to see the ” away” section packed to the brim with our own fans.



    No more huns at Paradise. We don’t want them and we certainly don’t need them..



    How can we turn round to these fans who eagerly bought tickets and say sorry, your not welcome, we’re giving your tickets to the huns..



    No, non nien



    And happy New Year all.




  19. Just listened to Graham Spiers podcast about the game yesterday. Guests Michael Grant and Stephen McGowan. Really it’s a Rangers podcast. Mostly talked about how good Rangers were. Any Celtic compliment was backhanded at best or given very little time. No discussion of the Turnbull penalty incident but lots given to the Alistair Johnston incident.


    Callum McGregor and Liam Scales DO get praised however and to a lesser degree Kyogo.


    Not worth the listen unless you need a good argument.




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