Celtic subjugate Newco


A fascinating top of the table encounter, with both teams under-strength, ended predictably as the champions had enough in the tank to again put Newco to the sword.  Creating coherent teamwork all over the pitch is an important part of football, and Paulo Bernardo (21) rewarded his manager by opening the scoring for the second game in a run of three consecutive starts.

His thunderous strike from a corner kick on 25 minutes was reward for the control he brought to the match.  It was his third attempt at goal the first two narrowly missing the target.  A few of us were left wondering why it took so long for Paulo to be given a run in the team.

There was no such stablity of selection in defence, as Liam Scales partnered with this third right-sided central defender in two games.  With Cameron Carter-Vickers out with a hamstring injury, Stephen Welsh had to retire on 35 minutes with a shoulder injury.  Maik Nawrocki (22) come on to make his first appearance since August and only his fourth in total since arriving in Glasgow in August.

It was a huge ask to expect a new player to perform at this level after such a period out, but after a nervy first touch, Maik grew into the game.  He is a player who enjoys a tackle and is comfortable in possession.  There’s lots more to come from him.

Newco were criticised when these teams met in September after Callum McGregor was “given space” to control the game.  The reaction to that feedback was clear when they pressed Celtic.  As Celtic progressed the ball out of defence, they crowded McGregor and the central area, leaving Liam Scales and Welsh/Nawrocki space to step forward.  This gave Scales the opportunity he needed to further enhance his reputation.

Despite their plan for McGregor, Celtic controlled the flow of the game and the captain led the charge.  He moved into space where a teammate had an angle to find him, then drove forward, often only short distances, but this was enough to open opportunities up for Celtic and get Newco backpedalling.

You can control a game but you still need strikers who can put the ball in the net.  Yesterday you and I talked about how Kyogo terrifies Newco.  He comes alive against them like few others I have seen against the Rangerses.  That’s twice this season he has scored winning goals against them with a shot from outside the box.  You will remember that he started the year by scoring late at Ibrox, to secure Celtic a point and a crucial advantage in the league race.

The goal itself was masterful.  He dropped off his marker to receive in space, turned onto his (supposedly weaker) left foot and shot early, before the keeper had a chance to set himself.

Daizen Maeda must be a nightmare to defend against.  His speciality is winning control of a 50/50 ball.  Watch him lower his centre of gravity, knock the ball away from his opponent then nudge himself into an advantageous position.

Throughout his time on the field this attribute secured possession for Celtic in advanced areas, it also forced a thoroughly subjugated Balogun into a professional foul on 71 minutes, which resulted in an inevitable red card.

Thereafter, it was all too easy for Celtic for a period but the game ended with more tension than it should have.  Newco were smart enough to play for and win a series of free kicks which enabled them to throw numbers forward.  One free kick (seemed harsh) was converted by Tavernier on 88 minutes.  There should be an inquest into how we setup on these occasions after conceding the same goal in consecutive home games.

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  1. Let’s all do the huddle



    So happy today.



    I attended Celtic beating a rangers representative 11 for the 88th time out of 148 games. Winning almost 2 wins to every 1 defeat. I am pretty pleased about that.



    You are right. Why would folk who spend all week slaughtering our club come on when we have beaten our biggest rivals.



    Celtic serves a different purpose for them than most of the 60000 at the game today.

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    So happy today.



    I attended Celtic beating a rangers representative 11 for the 88th time out of 148 games. Winning almost 2 wins to every 1 defeat. I am pretty pleased about that.



    You are right. Why would folk who spend all week slaughtering our club come on when we have beaten our biggest rivals.



    Celtic serves a different purpose for them than most of the 60000 at the game today.




    no, really, give it up!



    im in my 50s and have no idea what number the game today was on my list against the various ibrox representatives!

  3. A much needed boost to our league campaign. The result stabilises us after a shakey few weeks and just as important, it lets the air out of their balloon.



    Well done Brendan. Continuing to step up for these games, time after time. Hopefully the doubters will rein it in for a bit.



    St Mirren can wait to Monday. Happy new year to all and thank you to our host, P67.

  4. We showed we are the better football team, so how Egbert Foreheid can get angry at Issedine asking if they got cuffed by a better side only shows he’s an entitled big bully with a bad-loser complex.


    Churlish Balogun’s symbolic spit should get punished but I dont think it couldve hit anyone – so mibby 2 game ban? They – manager, players and fans – really are FC Petulant.



    In the heat of the watch I had Bernardo and Scales as motm – but of course, Calum worked tirelessly until he tired – then he made a few forgivable errors.



    As someone else said, at another time we need to talk about Joe and Tavpens fave free-kick spot.



    HH all.

  5. On the free kick – Joe Hart lost two back to back goals to Lee Griffiths and they were very similar to Tavpen’s goal today, except different side.



    Is it a weakness he has or a coincidence?

  6. TEX – mibby just coincidence but everyone and their granny knew that was where their freekick was going. Goalie reflexes do wane – but I still really rate Joe and what he gives us overall.


    Too much joy to carp about defects for the minute.



  7. Hun tears are sweet. Half desperate call for a chance to equalise so funny. No one talking about Turnbull through on goal ready to shoot getting dragged down, 100% clear cut penalty. We can only get stronger. Two out of two with weakened teams. Hoopy New Year, top of the league.

  8. McGregor was magnificent, Scales and Taylor as well, Nawrocki comes on and…..this is the CB we’re looking for?

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Post match manager interview snippets on Shortbread



    Brendan – 25 seconds.



    Inclement – 75 seconds.



    Even the “easy not to show bias” stuff they can’t get right.



    Editorially out of control.

  10. Been saying that about both CHs sometimes not even on the bench.When asked why BR mumbled something to do with attitude at training.After Lagerbielke scored the winner in CL,Calmac said he desrved that as he is outstanding in training every day.


    BR not being genuine here God knows why.

  11. TB 12.28am



    Do you think Callum would come out and say “his attitude is shoite” surely he would stand up for any of his teammates…



    Enjoy the victory against Media FC … the Sevs are deflecting deflecting deflecting … it’s what they do



    Am no fan of Stephen Welsh but if Brendan trusts him more than our new centre halves am happy with that .. Stephen Welsh should be delighted with my assessment as back in the day I thought £500,000 was a decent offer for the left winger Callum MscGregor who I thought would make our first 11 …



    Delighted to be so wrong



    Callum is amazing and has been for many seasons 🍀🍀



    For a bit of clarity Stephen Welsh was solid today until Alistair Johnston “injured” him



    Still buzzing 🍀🍀🍀

  12. Re the pattern of assistance why don’t our board do what they do best and collude with theirs to sort out this question of MIB incompetence and insist and push for all referees in Scotland and Var staff to be Professional as is the case with every other country ? 🤔

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 31ST DECEMBER 2023 12:28 AM



    Been saying that about both CHs sometimes not even on the bench.When asked why BR mumbled something to do with attitude at training.After Lagerbielke scored the winner in CL,Calmac said he desrved that as he is outstanding in training every day.



    BR not being genuine here God knows why.




    Correction Turkiyebhoy.


    Brendan knows what he is doing.Thats why.


    A kinda polar opposite to what you write at times!


    Now pay attention to this presser and remember the only certainty you know is that your reporting harem are incorrect.


    The speculatory nature of yir post is wrang,just wrang,







  14. As predicted on CQN Bernardo would score and the support would carry the team over the line.



    Also advised Walsh was skating on thin ice as Sevco’s flawless penalty record is bordering on criminality. UEFA are not amused when their future has so many other challenges. A scapegoat will be found to take away the noise; Walsh read the room and survived—- my money is on Beaton to take the rap ( with Celtic rubber stamping it to avoid match fixing claims and damaging tv commercial deal).



    Rodgers showed Clement that he is a pup in the parlour.

  15. AuroraBorealis79 on

    So after watching repeated video replays of the AJ handball (thanks to hun tears), I am going to say that there is no footage that shows clearly that AJ actually hit it with his hand. The ball does not change direction.

  16. AuroraBorealis79 on

    AN TEARMANN on 31ST DECEMBER 2023 1:11 AM


    Dear Phillipe



    Is this a pen?



    Can we get the audio?





    What bothers me most about this is the linesman. He didn’t put his flag up until after turnbull was on the deck. Like he did it to save tavs ass. Also, why was this offside not checked & overruled by var?

  17. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Come to think of it, Nick Walsh has a clear view of the tavpush incident, so clear that he seen it & tells the player to get up before the linesman flag goes up. In this incident, we can confirm that Walsh is a cheat, the linesman is a chest & VAR hasvlunch breaks

  18. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



    What a day.


    TBH, I had real fear.


    I know little about fitba’ and had swallowed a lot of the “crisis” guff, Shortie had done its level best to promote thur works team, the latest Magic Hat Nugget- anything Celtica had been given the overblown cracked crest treatment…………..Sleekits an’ Huns sensed blood in the water



    Oh…..not forgettin’ that arch Hun Liewell………an’ his crooked brood of hun-lovin’ confederates,,,,,:))))



    . Boof!!!



    Wee Kyogo worked his magic and The Bhoys celebrate a good end to 2o23. Whats not to like?



    Icing on the cake ? InClememnts narky outburst at games end. Magic. A couple more of them and that rainjurzitis-infected-nugget will be lecturin’ berserkin’ berrz from the comfort of sone verdant shrubbery in far-off distant land.









    HH Celtic Quick News CSC

  19. Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim,



    Thought we played great yesterday, that is a much improved Sevco side and we had their number.



    Kyogo’s goal was sublime, Hart had a few good saves, the defence stood their ground, yet it’s the midfield where we won it, brilliant to a man.



    Calmac outstanding Captain’s performance, Bernardo took his goal brilliantly.



    So winging it’s way to SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM



    1. Calmac



    2. Bernardo



    3. O’Riley



    Well done Brendan and the bhoys!!



    Hail Hail

  20. DAVID66 on 30TH DECEMBER 2023 9:29 PM


    Not long in and watching full programme after watching highlights package.







    And I’m looooooooving it.







    Bella Ciao. Nah nah nah nah












    YES DAVIE BHOY…….Its always great to GUB the Huns.


    Well done on your correct score bet.



    BALOGUN should be charged by the Poils, especially with COVID still being around.


    SPFL should BAN him for the rest of the season…at least.



    See you in the New Year when I manage to feel better…Hopefully !



    HH Mate.

  21. Thank you Celtic for cheering me up yesterday.


    Im STILL rather unwell, but BHOY oh BHOY Celtic have lifted my spirits big time !


    Now lets go and hammer St Mirren on Tuesday.




  22. Still on a wee high from the game. Never enjoy them at the time but great to reflect after a win.


    Handballgate😂😂 they are so used to getting marginal decisions they go nuts if they don’t. The “clear” penalty is just media BS and deflection – it is not clear – if it was it would have been given. Not sure if it did hit the hand or not and it’s probably in the “seen them given” category but soft. Regardless Sima is clearly offside and flag should go up soon as he touches the ball – it doesn’t……that’s where the questions should be but VAR clears it up and it’s not subjective in fact – offside end of, where is the controversy…..oh yeah they lost so there has to be????


    Turnbull decision in same box was more of a pen – seemed to be two handed push in the back on man 12 yards from goal? No VAR check as was flagged offside by same lino who above did not raise his flag but imagine our surprise when shown DT was clearly onside?? But no controversy and didn’t even make the cut on the been highlights – amazing…..


    Worse decision of the game was Goldson on Bernardo. The coward clearly and deliberately goes for the old school over the ball straight leg follow through onto the shin and it’s surprising do major damage was done. It is a clear as day red but that cheat pretends he get caught to try and get Bernardo another card when it is clear Bernardo recognises he’s not getting there and smartly pulls out the tackle – both his feet are on the ground and he does not slide in. Goldson went in to hurt him with a deliberate over the top challenge and we hear theme moaning it should be a second yellow – have they seen the replays? Worse still ex-pros Wilson and Dalziel suggest we got away with one – it is embarrassing that ex pros who know naughty challenge when they see one would comment like that – I can only assume they didn’t see replays.


    Well done to Peter Grant on been for pointing it out – meanwhile McCann says zero – can you imagine it the other way round…….

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. I may celebrate a wee bit today. Let the good times roll!!!!

  24. Very comfortable win yesterday , we are clearly a far better footballing side than the Hun , we do however need an overhaul across the backline.



    Hadn’t watched any Hun highlights at all this season and really looks to me that they are no better than last seasons Beale version, if anything I thought they looked more open at the back , with a clueless shape in midfield.



    Enjoyable game.



    Ref had a stinker , outrageous number of bookings for us.



    Big Maik , assuming he’ll pick up a yard looked a big unit and very aggressive in the tackle but also possesses good footwork and can disguise his forward passes. CCV and Maik would be a solid paring

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Expected the three points but it’s always good to get them in the bag at the end of the 103 minutes. Midfield looking better, but still causing ourselves problems at the back.


    Absolutely crazy challenge from Welsh. On Thursday I mentioned his tendency to over-commit and that was on view again.


    Just needs to stay on his feet and between ball and goal and force his opponent away from goal or at least slow him down until help arrives. Scales wasn’t that far away. Instead he goes flying in, misses the the ball, takes himself completely out of the game and leaves an acre of space behind him. If Dessers hadn’t been so slow it would have been a certain goal.


    Unfortunate to get the injury but it really was his own doing.


    Has the makings of a really good defender if he can cut this out of his game.


    Great to see Abada back. Have really missed him – for all of the wide players we recruited none of them have his skillset.


    Need to go on a run of wins now, continuing with a tricky game on Tuesday against a very decent side. Need to show more consistency going forward.

  26. Based on many previous comments on CQN, am I to assume that The Board is not happy with yesterday`s result?

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