Celtic subjugate Newco


A fascinating top of the table encounter, with both teams under-strength, ended predictably as the champions had enough in the tank to again put Newco to the sword.  Creating coherent teamwork all over the pitch is an important part of football, and Paulo Bernardo (21) rewarded his manager by opening the scoring for the second game in a run of three consecutive starts.

His thunderous strike from a corner kick on 25 minutes was reward for the control he brought to the match.  It was his third attempt at goal the first two narrowly missing the target.  A few of us were left wondering why it took so long for Paulo to be given a run in the team.

There was no such stablity of selection in defence, as Liam Scales partnered with this third right-sided central defender in two games.  With Cameron Carter-Vickers out with a hamstring injury, Stephen Welsh had to retire on 35 minutes with a shoulder injury.  Maik Nawrocki (22) come on to make his first appearance since August and only his fourth in total since arriving in Glasgow in August.

It was a huge ask to expect a new player to perform at this level after such a period out, but after a nervy first touch, Maik grew into the game.  He is a player who enjoys a tackle and is comfortable in possession.  There’s lots more to come from him.

Newco were criticised when these teams met in September after Callum McGregor was “given space” to control the game.  The reaction to that feedback was clear when they pressed Celtic.  As Celtic progressed the ball out of defence, they crowded McGregor and the central area, leaving Liam Scales and Welsh/Nawrocki space to step forward.  This gave Scales the opportunity he needed to further enhance his reputation.

Despite their plan for McGregor, Celtic controlled the flow of the game and the captain led the charge.  He moved into space where a teammate had an angle to find him, then drove forward, often only short distances, but this was enough to open opportunities up for Celtic and get Newco backpedalling.

You can control a game but you still need strikers who can put the ball in the net.  Yesterday you and I talked about how Kyogo terrifies Newco.  He comes alive against them like few others I have seen against the Rangerses.  That’s twice this season he has scored winning goals against them with a shot from outside the box.  You will remember that he started the year by scoring late at Ibrox, to secure Celtic a point and a crucial advantage in the league race.

The goal itself was masterful.  He dropped off his marker to receive in space, turned onto his (supposedly weaker) left foot and shot early, before the keeper had a chance to set himself.

Daizen Maeda must be a nightmare to defend against.  His speciality is winning control of a 50/50 ball.  Watch him lower his centre of gravity, knock the ball away from his opponent then nudge himself into an advantageous position.

Throughout his time on the field this attribute secured possession for Celtic in advanced areas, it also forced a thoroughly subjugated Balogun into a professional foul on 71 minutes, which resulted in an inevitable red card.

Thereafter, it was all too easy for Celtic for a period but the game ended with more tension than it should have.  Newco were smart enough to play for and win a series of free kicks which enabled them to throw numbers forward.  One free kick (seemed harsh) was converted by Tavernier on 88 minutes.  There should be an inquest into how we setup on these occasions after conceding the same goal in consecutive home games.

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    Greg Taylor was superb yesterday.”



    I think Greg has been pretty good regularly of late.


    Some players seem to attract criticism much more readily than others ( James Forrest, for instance), and the same critics are reluctant to praise any good stuff those players contribute.


    So, good to see you praising an oft-maligned player.

  2. Good morning all great result.



    But let’s not be childish if fans think the board can do no wrong then fool on them.



    I will ask again (What other Celtic board in our history has banned Celtic fans from Celtic park)?



    I await the answer.



    Sack everyone of them a couple each month let’s build on the park and off it.



    Anyway I will be celebrating my team not the board winning a Glasgow Derby again today, tonight, tomorrow and on to Tuesday. On Tuesday in our local for St midden away all welcome.



    D. :)

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Same old Celtic always winning.



    Tony Cascarino, Dion Dublin, Ian Wright, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Kean, yada, yada yada. Not a pot to piss in, signings appease only the Onion Bears, as Celtic’s boot on the other foot legitimately achieved wealth, tees up the big prize.



    Almost every Celtic player at 100 and odd minutes in Parkhead on Saturday was a ‘signing’ and even a few contributed through the maligned summer window. We could have punted on EPL or Euro flotsam but it would still only have been, the same six points gained.



    Sustaining a football club for the long term hasn’t been achieved by anyone in the wee diddy league, not even in fraudulent years. Now you can see


    “ why Celtic decided to play this little bhoy today ” takes only a whole different meaning. Players from around the world, converged in Parkhead and saw Celtic win, in the same old way.



    Official products like Calum MacGregor can’t be plucked from trees, and I’d rather have him than any January signing Celtic make. Whether it’s two, three or four we’ll need all the help we can get from next month to see us safely in the CL next season.



    The transfer market is a frought business (ask Wolves) it’s a new game now, for minty Celtic. Let’s see how we cope given Brendan has once again flashed his credentials





    Calum MacGregor



    P.S Celtic whit they like, with their daft options to buy Bernardo?

  4. The Turnbull offside penalty, the ref clearly signals it’s not a foul (before the linesman) then tries to kid on it’s because it was offside. Turnbull may actually be onside. Did it go to var?


    Our chairman needs to get his finger out of his arse, before our next game.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    Daizen Maeda must be a nightmare to defend against. His speciality is winning control of a 50/50 ball. Watch him lower his centre of gravity, knock the ball away from his opponent then nudge himself into an advantageous position.



    I see what you did with ‘nightmares’ there Paul67

  6. Was at Celtic Park yesterday. Incredible atmosphere and some fantastic performances from our big players. Calmac was fantastic. Was at the heart of everything we did. Kyogo back to his best. One of the best derby goals I have ever witnessed. His non stop movement is incredible. We are so lucky to have them both. The biggest concern for us at the moment is the extremely poor form of AJ. He started the game poorly and it went from bad to worse very quickly. Being on a booking BR should have hooked him at half time. His head had gone completely. He was no better in the second half. Also JH should do better for the goal. Tavenier put it in the only place he could have. His positioning was wrong yet again as was his decisions to play out from the back when they had two attackers right on us.


    However it was a great victory and a statement to all out there that we were on a sloppy decline. We still need 4 players. Goalie, left back and two strikers.

  7. It’s taken half a season for Paulo to work out the Scottish game and to get his tackling right.



    Early doors he’d sort of run up to an opponent, sort of look as though he was going to tackle and then wave his hands about …. Now he’s worked out let your opponent get the ball just give them a wee dunt and put in a tackle in.



    He’s got very good technique but is now bringing some forcefulness to his play …. no brainier to be signed in the summer.



    Lesson for young Holm perhaps




  8. What are Celtic all about? Replacing Kewell with Adam Sandler. Has anyone on the board watched any of his films? Raging 😡

  9. Adam Sadler seems to have a good pedigree and has worked with BR previously.



    Great 3 points yesterday. MOR and Callum McGregor were outstanding.



    I do hope we sign a striker. Our chances to goals scored ratio is worrying.



    HH, the journey continues.

  10. Daizen Maeda must be a nightmare to play against.


    Rewatched the game and have just checked that Norman Wisdom is dead in case he has been coaching him. Sorry, he was dreadful yesterday. No control and no end product. He got their player sent off but bizarrely that made them marginally better ( although that wasn’t difficult)


    Our class players won the game yesterday. They have none, maybe their keeper.


    I will fully reflect when the transfer window closes to see what has happened. I saw a swallow yesterday but I’m not selling my winter coat yet.

  11. The SFA have confirmed that David Munro will referee the clash. Munro will be assisted by Alan Mulvanny and Craig Ferguson with Craig Napier acting as Fourth Official. Meanwhile, at Clydesdale House, Steven McLean is on VAR duties assisted by Dougie Potter.

  12. Hoopy New Year to all CQN from NZ. May 2024 bring you and you whanau all you need. Here we go three in a row. Have a great one.







    Billy would get bummed up by the press but Happy would put him back in his box just like yesterday.

  14. Heading up to Stonehaven for the New Year.



    Hope you all have a good one!



    Still buzzing after yesterday!

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from the Victoria Bar. This celebrating malarkey is an onerous task. How I suffer for my art 🎨.

  16. Happy as a Pig in shit this morning even though I’m reliably informed that the saying is a misnomer and that Pigs are very clean animals and don’t particularly like being in shit,



    Anyhow I am happy, performance yesterday was good CalMac was superb, at the other end of the spectrum our Canadian Titan had an absolute mare.



    In fairness AJ never hid but overall he was only a shadow of last year’s player. I was very surprised that he wasn’t hooked for Tony the Tiger.



    A real tough game coming up, Saints will be buoyed up by their win against the Sheep, there can be no Derby hangover , we really need to be up for this one.

  17. Really ,some people need to get a grip on reality.Maeda was rank rotten yesterday.Utterly atrocious.Done nothing except to get pulled down,which was fortunate,because I would not have money on him scoring.AJ,getting stick,which I agree with,not been the SME since the injury,maybe trying to hard,and playing a different style under BR.Maybe this break will help.Compared to Maeda ,he was Danny Alves yesterday.


    Some on FF demanding a replay.As stupid as they are ugly and inbred.

  18. Big Goldson tried to ‘do’ Bernardo, and then went down squealing and thumping his hand to the ground as though he had been done. Bernardo done nothing wrong at all.



    He has form for that behaviour. He got a Malmo player sent off in a 2021 CL qualifier using the exact same playbook.



    So there’s more to him than nosediving in the opposition box after a wee gentle tug.

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