Celtic v St Johnstone, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

Watch Highlights…

Celtic 4 -1 St Johnstone


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  1. Maradominic on

    Celtic should decline all tickets…..we brought this on ourselves. Y helping huns in league a d. Claiming g to be same club ..

  2. Delighted to see Ralston & Johnston starting but where is Ebouie. I’m assuming he has some sort of injury, if he hasn’t why on earth is he not in squad.

  3. Biton will be fine.i am really p!ssed that Eboue is not playing.desperate to see him in a full game.he looks the biz.Ralston,terrific.Johnston,only watched him against the huns,frightening pace.


    Looking forward to it as usual.Darts presentation down in the Beach Club tonight,so straight out at the final whistle.Staggering back at awe oors.

  4. Heard ebouie is nae been exactly setting the Heather oan fire in training.



    Looking resplendent in ma hoops, wiz goin tae wear shorts anaw, but Mrs said she wouldnae let me oot the hoose !!.



    Many happy returns Mr cqn.



    3-0 good guys.

  5. BRTH. Not read back, but my son informed me that you are looking for a photographer for the Lisboa adventure. I would be more than happy to take that role and capturing this part of our and CQN history. Frantic07

  6. What is the Stars on

    Ebouie doesn’t deserve to play. He was anonymous at Ibrox last week. Don’t think he even touched the ball.



    We need a scapegoat csc

  7. Huns at Hampden.


    All wearing blazers and desperate to stop the treble.


    Less tickets to the best supported team in the best wee bigoted country in the world.


    Have the SFA announced their team for final yet?


    I think it will be Madhun Thomson Robertson and McLean.


    And we can fully expect a few of their brethren to be used by mssm to justify the blatant cheating.


    Make every one of them scurry back to their dark place Bhoys.



  8. TheLurkinTim on

    Hoopy Birthday Mr P67…..thank u for this wondetful site…..hope you’re being spoiled ;-))










  9. Breithlá Shona Paul. 5 – 0 might be an appropriate scoreline for the day that’s in it. Hail Hail.

  10. SuperSutton on

    Ma ears are bleeding with volume of the (new) speakers at Celtic Park




  11. Early prognosis on the possible availability of sausages not good. if any kind sir has any interesting information a hint would be greatly appreciated, otherwise it will be just relying on a few emigrants here on CQN to keep us updated.

  12. Corkcelt


    Have you ever tried the use of a VPN to get Celtic TV?


    I don’t know what if any safeguards Celtic employ to prevent.

  13. DB heads wide from corner.


    Ref gives free against us for allowing our jersey to be pulled.

  14. Thanks for the help Bhoys but I’m not the cleverest when it comes to setting up stuff online, used to get my fix on places like first row etc but they all seem to be drawing a blank today.

  15. kevinlasvegas on

    Wee KLV’s Communion today so no match for me.



    Mon the young bucks.



    sfa are a red neck and any good grace the posters think Peter has with them surely the statement has put it to bed, they are no friends of ours and never will be.




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