Century of Vanity hid truth


It’s not like we didn’t warn them.  Charles Green, with his ‘blame it on bigotry’ and ‘Rangersitis’ nonsense was an even more transparent charlatan than wee Craig Whyte.  Green moved in, fed them the nonsense they were oh so willing to swallow, and made off with their millions.  All carried out in broad daylight.

The financial realities were self-evident from day one of Newco’s existence.  For a while you had to wonder if any of vast number of fans, journalists and fan-journalists with computers had a spreadsheet between them.  But, a more powerful force than Rangersitis had taken hold – vanity.  The kind of vanity only those afflicted by a notion of supremacy are susceptible to.

Their club was liquidated, a newco was formed.  It adopted Rangers’ name while the original club was still an SFA member (and granting permission for their players to turn out for was for the time known as ‘Sevco Scotland’.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.  This isn’t an easy pill to swallow.  Around these parts people invest the kind of sentiment in their football team which goes into nationalism elsewhere, occasionally causing wars.  It’s a primitive but natural part of all of us, so perhaps we should have been more respectful of the feelings of others at the time.  Cough.

If someone was able to chart the world’s Cognitive Dissonance harvest it would have been off the chart for the last two years, brought about when a degrading reality met a supremacists vanity.  The subsequent scarcity of Armageddon (biff), Celtic’s flourishing Champions League action (bang), the new New Firm (whallop) were all late blows which none of the Jokers at Ibrox anticipated.  Even Kilmarnock managed to sort themselves out without collapsing into administration.

Without the ability to accept credit or debit cards, or with the bank’s authority to allow fans to automatically renew season tickets, the signs are written as tall as Ibrox’ Club Deck.  I can’t see more than a few thousand being prepared to throw their money into a landfill site.

Season ticket renewal deadline has been moved to a week before when next month’s wages are due.  Right now the directors have a reasonable aspiration that tens of thousands of fans will renew but on 17 May, the day after the deadline, reality should crystallise.  If there was a spread bet available, I’d put my money on administration in the days to follow.

Money talks, it don’t sing and dance and it don’t do walking away….

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  1. We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas


    and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.



    You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police. Yet in their hearts there is unspoken – unspeakable! – fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts! Words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home, all the more powerful because they are forbidden. These terrify them. A little mouse – a little tiny mouse! -of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest Scottish hacks are thrown into panic.



    If you’re going through hell, keep going.



    I’m bored with it all, are the deid yet?”



    Last words, before slipping into a coma. Died 9 days later.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hi All,



    I don’t normally comment on things Sevco.



    However once in a while something comes to your attention that makes you wonder how many different kinds of stupid do these people do?



    90 seconds of digging – and came up with the following



    “Rangers have confirmed they have borrowed £1.5m from shareholders Sandy Easdale and Laxey Partners Ltd. Easdale’s cash comes on a no-fee and no-interest basis, while Laxey Partners will lend the club £1m, with both sums secured against the Edmiston House and Albion car park facilities near to Ibrox”


    (BBC Website – 24 February 2014)




    “£2 million was invested in capital purchases that were non essential and have not generated incremental income. In particular the purchase of Stadium Wi-Fi, LED displays and Jumbo Screens used cash that could have been retained to sustain current operations. A further £2.6 million was spent purchasing Albion Car Park and Edmiston House”


    (120 day business review published two months later)




    1) Using assets you recently paid £2.6m for (AS SECURITY IN FULL) for a £1.5m loan (LTV 58% & much of it at 30% interest) smacks of desperation or complete stupidity



    2) Our host’s headline about vanity is spot on. Anyone who has asbestos in their building and spends money on Wi-Fi and large screens is insecure and vain



    3) It is clear that the governing body’s enforcement of financial regs is a complete joke




    Sit back and enjoy. This will run longer than “The Mousetrap”



    Hail Hail

  3. Simply assessed


    Better to divest


    Joking bout a warcheat


    Dumb dumb dumb


    Simply assessed




  4. leftclicktic:



    I’m old fashioned, I prefer a book, the e-books I just collect when I come across them.

  5. I laugh when they sing that line: “Celtic know all about their troubles…” They live in a parallel universe but reality is biting them.

  6. Dropped in again and discover another episode of Hun watch in progress…… Some of you truly can’t stop looking over your shoulder to see what they are up too

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    quonno 15:15 on 26 April, 2014



    “Just exactly who was filling Chuckles’ mouth?”



    No one. Charles Green played them like a fiddle.



    I respect him enormously for that.

  8. There was a sense of pity/ irony/ awkwardness building within me as Tina belted out simply the best today at Ibrox… Then came ‘we are the champions – … Of the world’..


    Seriously ? Really???


    Hang the DJ…?

  9. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    An Tearmann


    I’ve not started it,honestly some wean has taken a bite out the hardback cover.



    My bro who gave me it was given it along with a large old fashion ledger of accounts from some Glasgow company(not football)that is 100yrs old but now has old clippings of celtic games from the 60s,but for some reason the big ledger fascinates me,


    the amounts(that you can see) are all beautifully written in old ink .


    I will need to annoy him to get a closer look at it:)))

  10. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the full story of what has happened at Ibrox these last 3 years. But I’d love to know the plans for the next month… on FF they are saying all automatic renewals have been cancelled meaning as of now they have sold precisely zero season tickets.






    And they are asking people to pay in full, in cash or cheque.



    It’s almost comically catastrophic.

  11. did someone post on Good Friday


    about betting Angel Gabrial at Musselburgh


    it didn’t want to run on that day


    today-3.30 Ripon winner Angel Gabrial 14/1


    hail hail

  12. stevenagebhoy on

    I have just completed my personal 120 day review. My aims are that in:



    2014/15 – lose two stone in weight/have rock hard six pack by given up the four-packs. Encourage hair to grow on head by appointing Director of Follicles. Have charm and charisma implants



    2015/16 – seduce Jennifer Aniston whilst having fly relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. Win Euro lottery.



    2016/17 – marry one of they two and live happily ever after .




    See- it’s THAT easy,,,,

  13. Italia bhoy



    Some may suggest take it back te davie murrays takeover.


    The path to take a big runni and jumping off the cliff


    Started then.


    The last 3 years are the fallout from the splitting of the faecal atom





  14. bournesouprecipe on




    Fine article.



    MSM SFA and Sevco in a great bonfire of the vanities.

  15. Geordie Munro on

    Beatbhoy from earlier.



    Apologies neebs. I wasnt arguing.



    You are spot on. Gooners would be feeling it today had Everton won.



    I can’t help having a smidgeon of sympathy for them this season. Made a real go of it but injuries to key midfield players this last few months really put a spanner in the works.



    Ramsey was outstanding till his injury.

  16. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    john o’neil



    15:01 on 26 April, 2014





    How would the Northern Irish FA react to IRA songs from Celtic fans? We would have to get rid of them as the English wouldn’t tolerate it.






    Celtic supporters have sung ‘IRA songs’ for decades in England against English teams. It hasn’t stopped them asking us back time after time for friendlies and testimonials.

  17. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar


    I see the Sun went ahead and published paulthetims Pope football top story anyway.



    even though he blanked them as it was on twitter they are ok.




    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 36m


    Exhibit 3. The Sting


    Gentle Ben @barchi10 runs the story anyway without having any further contact with @paulthetim

  18. Leftclick re ledger.does it have a title?


    General etc


    Is it accounting for a company?


    Trading in?


    they are interesting mate



  19. rrc



    A wee re-post from earlier, just for u!






    10:53 on 26 April, 2014


    Oh Hampden Park was crowded & the fans began to roar.


    The Rangers fans were singing of the sash their father wore.


    But very soon they changed their tune when the Celtic plan was set, as Lennox crossed to Billy NcNeill and the ball was in the net!



    Oh, putting on the agony, putting on the style, 1,2 ,3,4 beautiful goals scoring all the while.Theres nothing in this whole wide world makes you wanna smile, as watching Glasgow Celtic putting on the style.



    Now Bobby Lennox he caused trouble with his running through and from a long ball , he scored numbered 2, all day he worked his way to make that defence prance and the Celtic end went round the bend doing the victory dance.






    Now just before the interval came goal number 3 and this time it was scored by young George Connolly.Playing in his first cup final , a day he’ll never forget, as he walked the ball round John Greig and placed it in the net.






    Now Stevie he’s our centre and he gives his all and more and to him fell the honour of scoring number of scoring number 4 , a dribble down the left wing a shot that homeward sped and once again the Scottish cup was a resting in Parkhead.






    Now hard luck Mr Davie White and all yous orange men, for the CELTIC have defeated you , yet once again . Although you say you did not play anything like your best, the Celtic beat you 4 nothing and your still in the wilderness!!






    Copyright Winchburgh & District CSC

  20. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Didn’t know that but I’m not surprised.



    Was the content of it ok?

  21. Whitedodhunch – all copies posted. Can you email me and I will double check? David@cqnmagazine.com is email address?



    Remember today those who lost their lives on this day in Guernica in 1937. This inspired the most famous of all of Picasso’s paintings. A German officer, while viewing the painting in Paris said to Picasso “did you do this?” His reply was “no, you did.”

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