Century of Vanity hid truth


It’s not like we didn’t warn them.  Charles Green, with his ‘blame it on bigotry’ and ‘Rangersitis’ nonsense was an even more transparent charlatan than wee Craig Whyte.  Green moved in, fed them the nonsense they were oh so willing to swallow, and made off with their millions.  All carried out in broad daylight.

The financial realities were self-evident from day one of Newco’s existence.  For a while you had to wonder if any of vast number of fans, journalists and fan-journalists with computers had a spreadsheet between them.  But, a more powerful force than Rangersitis had taken hold – vanity.  The kind of vanity only those afflicted by a notion of supremacy are susceptible to.

Their club was liquidated, a newco was formed.  It adopted Rangers’ name while the original club was still an SFA member (and granting permission for their players to turn out for was for the time known as ‘Sevco Scotland’.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.  This isn’t an easy pill to swallow.  Around these parts people invest the kind of sentiment in their football team which goes into nationalism elsewhere, occasionally causing wars.  It’s a primitive but natural part of all of us, so perhaps we should have been more respectful of the feelings of others at the time.  Cough.

If someone was able to chart the world’s Cognitive Dissonance harvest it would have been off the chart for the last two years, brought about when a degrading reality met a supremacists vanity.  The subsequent scarcity of Armageddon (biff), Celtic’s flourishing Champions League action (bang), the new New Firm (whallop) were all late blows which none of the Jokers at Ibrox anticipated.  Even Kilmarnock managed to sort themselves out without collapsing into administration.

Without the ability to accept credit or debit cards, or with the bank’s authority to allow fans to automatically renew season tickets, the signs are written as tall as Ibrox’ Club Deck.  I can’t see more than a few thousand being prepared to throw their money into a landfill site.

Season ticket renewal deadline has been moved to a week before when next month’s wages are due.  Right now the directors have a reasonable aspiration that tens of thousands of fans will renew but on 17 May, the day after the deadline, reality should crystallise.  If there was a spread bet available, I’d put my money on administration in the days to follow.

Money talks, it don’t sing and dance and it don’t do walking away….

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  1. thon wee nyaff, Chick fae Paisley, must have taken Murray’s shilling and it’s on tape somewhere. Otherwise he wouldn’t be at such pains to rewrite history when it is now self evident to all and sundry.

  2. FourGreenFields on

    tbj praying for oscar knox



    That’s true , time teams started standing up to this corruption .

  3. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on





    14:10 on 26 April, 2014




    As I understand it the League 1 season is over next weekend…



    After that points deduction applies next season!




    I read it was close of business next friday too

  4. Geordie Munro on




    Great post neebs.



    Awe naw,



    Never answered a call during a game or a feed in my life.

  5. squire danaher on

    Re: zombie points deduction if going into administration after next Saturday.



    SURELY even the corrupt creatures who run Scoddish fooodbaw can’t expect to get away with backdating a points deduction for this season when Hearts – in similar circumstances this time last year – had the penalty imposed this season.



    The need for vigilance continues.

  6. they have suffered enough, credit where its due,(aye right) a good vet would put it down,……..as if they don’t do enough of that themselves, it really is getting embarrassing, and to plagiarize a well known credit card company……………priceless

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    My Ma …she knows when I am in …never calls during Celtic games.




  8. Estadio Nacional on

    Saw last week a tweet mention Neil Lennon is likely to be going to the World Cup with the BBC, has this been confirmed? Im a bit out the loop.



    Interesting clash of dates though.



    World Cup starts 12th June to final 13th July,



    First Celtic friendly this season was 3rd July, first CL qualifier 17th July.




    Will he still be the manager then?

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Cracker on Off the Ball……… We are Rangers Super Rangers no one swipes us we don’t care……..brilliant.

  10. The press coverage of Sevco’s 127 day review has been comprehensive. Yet, despite all the comments around reckless contracts, expensive players, needless capital expenditure etc, I cannot find one word about the most extravagant cash burn; McCoist.


    He seems to be untouchable.

  11. Holy Bikinis Paul, excellent post today on the psyche that will lead to Sevcos downfall.



    Aff oot tae ma batmobile. Nanananananana vatman :))

  12. Margaret McGill on




    14:17 on 26 April, 2014



    Just am Equal Opportunity KKK member in the wrong hole. :)

  13. When I received a call during a game in the past I just pished into a can or doon the leg of some poor sod in front of me

  14. Parkhead,



    When I hear Chick on a serious football programme, I am reminded of episodes of Question Time when they have guests, such as Jedward, on the show.



    Jedward(wearing glasses despite not needing them) proceed to use big words, look poignant and talk about the evils of pig farming in Timbucktoo; meanwhile, we, the audience, are supposed to be challenged about our pre-conceived, reactionary notions that Jedward are thick as pigsh@t.



    DD asks where it went wrong. Serious guests squirm.

  15. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    Sorry for the delayed reply.. I was away buying up all the packs of Tena men I could find… I reckon I’l be able to open a stall doon the barras and sell them 2 furra pounda, 2 furra pound.. get yer tena men, 2 furra pound….



    Anyway.. IF the old SPL rules were 1/3rd of the previous total then how were original Rangers only deducted 10 points when they went into admin ?

  16. Geordie Munro on

    Aw naw,



    Good lass.



    My maw called once and I interrupted her soaps for a week :)

  17. Rubicon


    He seems to be untouchable.





    Add to that …….. He was right to speak in support of the boards of Whyte and Green, he was right to give his shares vote to an anti board supporters club and he is right to be saying nothing at all now.

  18. Geordie Munro on




    I’m not sure but I think the 1/3 was brought in after that then bombed out.



    I think that’s why hertz got 15 pts off as their total was 44 the year before. Not 100% sure though.

  19. Busy morning with Celtfish organising many hundreds of books for Yogi Bare signed orders and also the wonderful Seville book – all in the post and heading around the world. Overseas copies in the way to Celts in Australia, New Zealand, America, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Italy and France.



    We have signed copies of Yogi Bare available from CQN and the big guy is doing a signing tomorrow morning from 11am at the Celtic superstore for a few hours. The superstore will be quiet at 11am so if you want to get some time to talk to a Celtic legend you know where to go and when.



    If ordering from CQN please email david@CQNMagazine.com and we’ll sort.

  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    A few of us are meeting about 12-30 in Charcoals for a curry on the 10 th

  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Mags, Starry LOL






    Not a chance…period dramas …phone is silenced. I always phone a few minutes before they start …;-)




  22. Estadio Nacional on

    Aiden Bhoy 14:26



    If he covers the world cup, even just the group stages it would get in the way of Celtic things.



    With Johan Mjallby leaving Im suspecting he may be away as well.





  23. Southampton have taken a lot of pressure off Arsenal ahead of the Newcastle game with this result. 2-0.

  24. From our old pal Amadeus…



    So, just now, Peralta scores a goal for Sevco, in celebration and thanks, being an Honduran Catholic, he blesses himself, eliciting this reaction from an on-line Sevconian – “Scores and blessed himself.


    That’s me finished.


    That’s the straw that’s broke the camel’s back for me.


    I will continue to put money in but i will not be back to watch Rangers until he’s gone.


    Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.


    What has my club become?”


    Answer: what it always was and no longer is. Cheers!

  25. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Seen this on TSFM


    They still seem to think there is one last feed of the deluded either by ST or shares.





    Saw this post on an Arabs website which seems clear and accurate on the possibility and problems of a share issue.







    Evening Times seems to have been the source of the story.





    “The loan from James Easdale, who is a director of Rangers International Footbal Club plc, and Sandy Easdale, a director of Rangers Football Club, and Laxey Partners would be up to £1.5m, and the repayment in shares would be happen at some point in the next 12 months.”



    So. This is an emergency fundraising to last between now and a proper fundraising. This is important.



    At its AGM last December, RFC shareholders rejected the “disapplication of pre-emption rights” special ruling. Pre-emption rights mean that, if a company wants to raise money by issuing new shares, the shares must be offered to current shareholders first. Pre-emption rights block the idea that Dave King or whoever could rescue RFC by buying a stake, because all other shareholders would have to offered the new stock before Dave. And, having raised cash in December 2012 with a share issue at 70p apiece, it simply isn’t an option for RFC to go back to existing holders with a share issue priced below 20p apiece. Everyone involved would be taken out and shot.



    Therefore, RFC now needs to survive for long enough to call another shareholder meeting, where investors will get the threat: “either give up your pre-emption rights or the club’s dead.” That’s what this (theoretical) £1.5m is for. I’d guess it would give them three months to get everything sorted.



    That confirmed and clarified what others were talking about here yesterday.



    Is there any reason existing shareholders would again block the disapplication of pre-exemption rights?

  26. Afternoon, great post and so true… we know it they kno……….


    Naw they dont…!



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Robcfc11 14:29


    Anyway.. IF the old SPL rules were 1/3rd of the previous total then how were original Rangers only deducted 10 points when they went into admin ?




    They make them up as they go along. Originally it was 10. Then after the Rangers fiasco they made it 1/3 of points. Then when they sussed it would happen to Sevco they changed it again.

  28. Geordie Munro on




    If the Gooners beat the geordies I think that’ll be 4th place sewn up.



    I canny see them not beating either west Bromwich or Norwich

  29. thanks GM.. Looking at all the reports it doesnt matter if they go into admin or get docked points, they wont get out of the championship next season regardless unless someone buys them messi or ronaldo or maybe messi AND ronaldo !!

  30. From Amadeus again



    “Sally to Peralta, “em, Arnie, to be honest, em, we don’t do that here, it’s offensive to the support, we have certain traditions” Peralta “Que?”

  31. FourGreenFields on

    leftclicktic we are all neil lennon



    Thanks mate , nothings ever as it seems with that lot.

  32. We can laugh at THEM if we like.


    However, given the number of people who want security on it there must be oil or gold or both underneath Ibrox.

  33. The new rules will help them if they are still around. Even with a 15 point hit they still would be likely to get into the play off places and with a little bit of help from their friends in black could grab 2nd promotion place. However from the beginning the real prize I have had my eye on was, if they were forced to sell Ibrox and rent it back. If that happened real money men would never be interested in them, they would be permanently weakened and they would live life as Glasgow Kilmarnock. It would be fun to have them around and routinely beat them.

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