December jeopardy is front loaded


I read the CQN Magazine article this morning on our December fixtures; eight games, seven in the league, with only one midweek off.  It has the look of a month which will go a long way to deciding the outcome of the title.

The awkward looking fixtures come at the start of the month.  Away to St Johnstone, home to Hibs and away to Kilmarnock.  We have played each of these teams before this season and have yet to win, drawing home to St Johnstone and at Hibs, while losing a League Cup tie at Kilmarnock.

Four of the remaining five games after that are at Celtic Park.  On paper, they are against more resourceful opponents, but there is less jeopardy in these games.  The Feyenoord game has only pride, coefficient points and cash on the line, while we recorded three goal wins earlier in the season over the next three opponents: Hearts, Livingston and Dundee.

The game against Newco at the end of the month is already attracting attention, but honestly, if we do what we need to do between now and then, that game will take care of itself.  It holds no fears whatsoever.

St Johnstone on Sunday, however?  That’s a bigger game that the one we played in Rome on Tuesday.  Win this game and see the confidence build.

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  1. TONTINE TIM on 1ST DECEMBER 2023 5:46 PM


    So the usual hunterlopers suggest we scroll on by wtf I have been doin that for eons as they are so predictable.





    Somebody who does not live on their knees happy clapping the most corrupt board in Celtic history is a `hunterloper` in your view?



    That smells like hun entitlement to me.



    “Comrades all…” ended with the Jungle being seated in 1994.



    All seating has created a generation full of snobby bitchfests.



    I`d rather have Jungle fenian piss dripping off my trouser bottoms than have a seat next to a Celtic View brainwashed succulent victim cult x 60,000.



    In 1994 if McCann had said – “We will lose the Jungle area but dont worry we`re building a 60,000 all seated family section…” – how many subscribers would there have been?



    The Legendary club of the poor has become the club of the rich up themselves middle classes with celebrity Tory crooks thrown in for the glamour.



    The media scum bang the drum for a section of Celtic fans to be removed and PLC bow to the demand and remove Celtic fans for not being Keir Starmer`s like the PLC are, Irish Tories, Green Tories, Blue Tories, Red Tories, Yellow Tories, Yellow & Black KILTED Tories, Celtic PLC Tories….are all the same.



    That 57,000+ fans sat on they`re hands and did NOTHING as they`re 2,000 GREEN BRIGADE `Comrades` were banned by a pro Cromwellian PLC, yeah thats right…”CROMWELLIAN” PLC supporting the politics of the scum who`s ancestors sent Cromwell to ethnically cleanse the island of Ireland back in the day now they`re offspring have wormed they`re way into the Celtic executives decision making!



    Where are the Celts who`ll take the club back from the grip of these monsters and they`re appeasement recruitment policy, who do you think Bitton, Elhamed, Abadda signings are to appease?



    You must NEVER…bow to monsters…ever!



    I`m no racist but Celtic and its supporters are on the racists menu.



    What you gonna do about it?



    Demand that those who speak out be banned?



    If you stand with the monsters on ANY issue…then you are already lost.

  2. The returnof weeron on




    I don’t think that either Kyogo or Abada will return to their best if we don’t get the ball to them quickly.




  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Weeron – agreed.



    A noticeable recurrence in the Lazio game was the number of times a Lazio midfielder received a standard pass on the deck with their back to goal …..



    … and comfortably turned, moved away from the pressure, and continued the move further up the pitch.



    Happened more in the wide areas.



    …. compared to our pass either straight back or diagonally backwards.



    A “Head up” midfielder like Reo would help.

  4. Kevin.





    Like yourself.shouty shouty with the hovis music full on.ahhh memories.


    You never went near Celtic Park iirc,


    And you are racist.


    We wont have non attending deliverance banjo players like yourself defining anything of Celtic.and send a tenner to your radio crank as thats why your boring us hear




  5. It feels to me that the number of posters offering `expert` opinion based on prejudice and insecurity is growing.


    I really don`t know what they get from Celtic.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Oh well – Ranjurz “appoint Koppen”, as if anyone’s ever heard of him.



    Henceforth he will be known as Clip Kloppen.



    More donkeys for the Huns that the SMSM will spin as thoroughbreds.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    An eye catching meander through 500 years of history.



    “as they`re (sic) 2,000 GREEN BRIGADE `Comrades` were banned”



    267 according to the official count surely?



    BTW – if Abada is an “appeasement” signing then more of the same please.



    A very talented footballer.



    Finally, (purely hypothetical scenario)



    …. if you took a trip abroad



    … and someone recognised you as being born in the UK



    … then proceeded to punch you in the face as a protest against UK Government asylum policy



    … I take it you’d fully understand and accept it?

  8. What an afternoon with these absolute shower of drunkin bums in the Shipbank.



    Words cannot describe how much of a pain in the chorus and verse these guys were/are.



    Please stay clear of them.



    I do not normally drink alcohol or partake in the carryings on of such a shower, what with me being from the Garden of God.



    They were feeding me meade or ale and stronger Liquer and talking about women… Disgusting






    Oh and ps their jokes are terrible.



    D :)

  9. It’s always good to log on here,and see everything is fantastic with the Good Ship Celtica



  10. Anyone who feels that the negative posters on here are really a peculiarity to Celtic need only spend 15 minutes on follow follow where they will quickly see they have a similar mob only 10 x worse who see no good in any effort by their board in their endeavors to revive their dead carcus of a club.



    I would venture to suggest they are actually even better at entitlement than our chaps on here are.

  11. What an atmosphere at St Pauli tonight v Hamburg SV . Freezing cold and snowing throughout they managed to do a bit of a Hibs and lose a 2 goal advantage despite dominating proceedings and stats.



    Jackson I led them well and they remain 3 points clear of their city rivals. In time it maybe a point gained but it feels like 2 dropped tonight.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    Jackson I led them well and they remain 3 points clear of their city rivals




    for.’ city rivals’



    read ‘nazi cnts’

  13. Back to basics.


    Respectfully, it shouldn’t be a competition. We had £72m in the bank. They are skint, struggling from financial crisis to financial crisis and we are competing with them? Are we competing with the clubs we have played in the champions league in recent seasons given our financial disadvantage.

  14. So i get slagged for playing U2 in the Shipbank and all of a sudden in downtown coatbridge a Belmont named Brian steels ma thunder….no wonder I take a sherry….jeeves, jeeves,



    D :)

  15. Burnley78



    No need to shiteswipe Celtic fans with the entitlement jibe.


    Take the poster on instead of relating them to a “great club” with “great traditions” @DD. then making it relative to the club ended in 2012 due to their own cheating and nefarious business practices.


    Your behaviour is in itself hun defined.


    Celtics richness and energy comes in many differing opinions,if you want uniform opinion as an example and how to stick your head in the sand see the 2 clubs @hunpark you are addicted to relating to constantly



    Do you agree/disagree on DD’s dunhill quote?



    Do you think they are a new club? Benefitting from the toileted clubs previous titles?



    I will take any Celtic fan and their criticisms made for what they think is Celtics betterment(as that can be debated out) over anyone soiling this dear green place by associating a Celtic fan with the derogatory shitswipe of entitlement,you have the knowledge,its just lazy throwing out entitlement to good Celtic men.



    Keep well B78.


    Breakdown and correct or debate those you differ from,as you at time remind me of the nodding donkeys who imperiled our club supporting kellys et al in 1994







  16. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Celtic Glasgow, get the green and white hoops on Sunday with a black armband to pay respect to Shane McGowan.


    One of our own !

  17. Over here on E Street, we are heartbroken over the death of Shane MacGowan. Shane was one of my all-time favorite writers. The passion and deep intensity of his music and lyrics is unmatched by all but the very best in the rock and roll canon. I was fortunate to spend a little time with Shane and his lovely wife Victoria the last time we were in Dublin. He was very ill, but still beautifully present in his heart and spirit. His music is timeless and eternal. I don’t know about the rest of us, but they’ll be singing Shane’s songs 100 years from now.



    Bruce Springsteen

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    ‘Entitled’ opines ‘let them eat cake’. Burnley.



    Keep them coming, but do try to change it up a bit from time to time to at least keep it interesting old chap. 🤡😂😂😂😂🙀🐿️🐿️🐿️

  19. I only met Shane once in a Park Terrace bar in circa 1987. It was the height of the Yuppies.


    I overheard one such Yuppy say “..they must be some sort of pop chappies” in reference to Shane and his band of merry men, and they were merry at 1pm on a Friday.



    I approached Shane for his autograph but only had a napkin to write on.



    I asked him to dedicate to my sister who was mad for the Pogues.



    He duly dedicated it to her and wrote…



    “Merry Christmas, I love you baby”



    She still has the napkin.

  20. Art of War


    Good post



    Whit wur you daen bevvyin in Park Terrace(Harveys per chance?) :-)))



    Hope all good and yer gettin back to full fitness




  21. Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim,



    BURNLEY78 @ 2:03 PM,






    Celtic are enjoying the most amazing decades of success ever in our history right now…



    Not true, not even close.



    Having lived through the Stein era where we dominated domestic football like we do now, yet Scottish Football was at a much higher level both in terms of the National Team, The Clubs and The Players.



    It was truly a golden era for Celtic, that some poo-poo as a different era, they say we got into European Cup finals, Semi finals, Quarter finals as it was easier to achieve that.



    Well we started the era with World class players like Jinky Johnstone, we ended the era with World class players like Kenny Dalglish.



    Where are our World class players today?



    Celtic perpetually winning the SPL currently does not equate in my eyes. This is supposedly in the era where we’ve never had it so good.



    Aberdeen won European trophies in the eighties, beating top European sides, they have got three points from five games in the Europa Conference League this season.



    We have just got the record for most UCL games played without a win, some golden era!?



    Ange Postecoglou is a proven good manager and coach, Brendan Rodgers is a proven good manager and coach.



    Yet we are breaking the wrong type of records now, why?



    We have never had so much money available as we have had in 2023, yet we have made a profit out of our player recruitment in both our transfer windows.



    Going into this season’s UCL group stage weaker than we went into last seasons competition.



    If 2022 UCL campaign taught us anything it was we needed more quality on the park.



    Why, with record breaking amounts of money in the bank did we see quality and experience leave in both windows to be replaced by development players and punts?



    It is a dereliction by the Executive who are happy to wallow in the privilege and Kudos that their status at Celtic brings them, yet aren’t prepared or able to do their jobs.



    Hail Hail

  22. Was great to meet up with some good friends in Celtic …The Shipbank crew are a fine bunch of fellows indeed 🍀

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