Deprioritised game ends predictably


Send out your B Team for an away game after losing at home and you should not be disappointed in the outcome.  The first half was as unstructured a performance as we have seen since the summer.  The pitch, which was terrible, can only take so much responsibility.

Stephen Welsh had a nervous return to the side, one of several poor passes fell short of Nir Bitton and led to the opening goal.  The second was perhaps the poorest of the many Celtic lost across both legs.  Bodo/Glimt didn’t so much break as saunter forward.  Anthony Ralston watched the ball, not the player peeling off behind him.  Nir Bitton was skin-tight to Vetlesen, but also watched the ball, and allowed his man time to cushion a shot into the net.  It was all too easy for Bodo.

Ange, you made your call, we all know this was one you deprioritised, we will all forgive you if the masterplan comes together.  Rather this than sorry tales come May.

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  1. Yeti @ 11.36 / Recycling for effect.



    Fair point — I have more important stuff to deal with than your negative ramblings.



    Even more important stuff happening in the house now regarding the big world out there that is collapsing around us — peoples wellbeing / livelihoods / safety — so your cynical cheapshots don’t cut it anymore / not that they ever did.



    Lost a statistical programmer / offline today — has he been called up and given a gun?


    Young family sitting in a flat on the 26th storey looking out at the flashes in the distance.


    Manager having to admit that she moved across the border to Poland and is that OK?


    Against company policy for tax reasons — I mean how do you answer that?


    Who is more scary — VP or the IRS?



    I don’t know these people directly — only through family who have interviewed them / recruited them / developed them / managed them and now have to keep a tracker on who is still in contact with the rest of the world or at least you know are sitting in a cold bomb shelter waiting for the bombs to drop.



    Seemingly there are heated bomb shelters and cold bomb shelters — Soviet era social stratification or post 91 gentrification?



    And then the absurdity that there is another team in Russia who have to get on with their work in between apologising profusely and saying that it is not being done in their name all the while knowing that sanctions will probably put them out of a job.



    Consequently you and your thoughts are not important at the moment.


    You have had plenty of opportunity to deliver something novel / positive.


    And yet you can’t do it — not good.

  2. P67 — you miss out the CMcG sized hole in our defensive efforts at the second goal.



    Doing the wee hand dance after it to highlight how he thought things had gone wrong was galling in the extreme.



    The whole team gave the impression from the off that they were not up for it.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Amen to that Pablo.



    File away under “Lessons Learned, implement fix for next season”.



    Then move on.

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  5. Boris Johnston holding back on economic sanctions against Russia at the behest of his ministers and his friends in the City who will lose money if sanctions are extended.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, looks like the rest of Europe didn’t stand still and wait for us to achieve (or rather fail to achieve) our parochial bragging rights. Who’d have thought!



    “This football club should be making an impact in Europe and it’s my job to make sure we do.”


    Well Ange – it shouldn’t all be on you. But unless we can get people in who can see beyond old firmery and patting themselves on the back when we beat teams with a fraction of our budget Europe will remain a tough slog.

  7. Exactly Paul.The majority,including me wanting really nothing to do with is game,saying Sunday much more important,which it is,then when we get our wish,decide that’s not what we wanted.Personally,I am delighted we have no more Europe this year.We are not ready yet for it. Trying to juggle and get what is our best team out on the park,has not been helped with no time on the training ground.


    And that’s forgetting the horrendous injuries we have just come through.Impossible for any manager in his first season to get any fluency into the team,most of them in their first season.


    We have achieved wonders considering.


    Let’s get the next two games won,and let everything else take a back seat.

  8. B2B @ 12.20



    Oh well …


    17 years of egg chasing.


    Does that count for anything?



    The blood / the sweat / the tears — usually my own — means that I was a player not a critic.



    No matter — AP still needs a pal.




    Suggest you go watch second goal again…more thin enough defenders to deal with a bread and butter attack. Ralston, Bitton and Strafelt cringeworthy.



    Ive seen it suggest James Forrest was even complicit..dear me.



    We have very poor players in our defence, none of this will change untill we up the quality

  10. Good assessment, Paul.


    Consistent with the pre game thinking of many on here.


    We’re entering the final chapter of the season.


    Please God, let’s do this

  11. It still nips.



    I’d hoped/observed one of the great things about Ange teams was the implementation of a system/way of playing that was embedded throughout the whole squad; so the system never falters even when absence/injury befalls any of our first string…


    That theory was sorely tested last night. Our backup choices are not able to maintain ‘the new standard’.



    Funny, too, seeing some criticise others for having (shock!!) akshully watched the huns game V the Jerries.


    Over brekky, I watched the full 90 minutes – keen as I was to A) understand what level they’re at and B) hopefully see them get the ole Borussian brush-off to terminate their celebrated campaign.


    Weird how some imply that’d make me – and my ilk – less Celtic-y for daring to watch THEMS.



    IMO, they gave a rugged and committed account of themselves and adeptly changed their system to (effectively) repel Dortmund incursions into their lead. THEMS were well-drilled and had a fair bit of breakaway pace which caused Huimmels and Co no end of grief. This observation is as relevant to me as a Celtic fan, as it should be to our coaches as we prepare for a couple of New Firm season deciders. Where’s the sin?



    PS: Thon Macbeth fillum is a sombre and salutory tale about megalomanic and madness. Shame Vlad never watched in on DVD.



    Bring on the Cabbage and Ribs HH

  12. NTB @ 12.38



    Have to disagree — you have to track the runners.


    They worked it around AR — LW gets an angle and cuts it back.


    The defence can defend the advanced players they are with.


    They will always struggle with the guy running into box.



    NB was tracking back and got drawn to the line of near post.


    Their runner came in from behind him — with CMcG jogging back in no great hurry — to finish on the penalty spot.



    The defence wasn’t great — LS followed the near post runner all the way across the goal but CMcG needed to track the goal scorer.

  13. What about the Bodo attitude, technical skill and application? Are they up for grabs?



    Could our highly paid stars buy into some?




    Was on nights last night so only just seen decent highlights there.very impressed with this guy so had a look at his transfermarket value before i even read your comment and its was £1.8m.a bargain imo.he played very well over the 2 games




    A ‘sticking-plaster’ on a ‘gaping wound’ article from Paul – I don’t blame him because it is difficult to find anything positive in our Bodo encounter, home, or, away.



    When you fail miserably at times it can be shrugged-off as a ‘bad day at the office’, however, as we know we have had umpteen ‘bad days’ post Christmas in Europe over the last eighteen years…..and against some teams that could have been described as ‘non-entities’.



    As Paul alludes, we may take comfort in domestic success – but is it as high as we have been aiming and gearing-up for in the most of those eighteen years?



    Our philosophy is so different to that at Ibrox. We live within our means and accept the rewards that it may bring, knowing that in the ‘big bucks’ modern game the gap between the ‘haves’ & the ‘have nots’, grows every year. Maybe that is the correct way to control our own destiny and guarantee the existence of the club for future generations. Guardians are by nature cautious in approach and outlook – those running our club see themselves as Guardians, and have said as much on many occasions. That of course doesn’t really explain being beaten by so-called ‘minnows’ with a fraction of our football budget, time after time. I will leave others to answer that.



    At Ibrox, it seems, there are no Guardians, certainly not from Murray’s time onward. The place is run by ‘risk-takers’. This of course led to the death & humiliation of the original club and to ‘scraping about’ in the lower leagues when Sevco, a new club, was formed. However even this catastrophe has had little effect on the modus-operandi of the ‘Rangers’ brand. They just make it up as they go along, and if the pieces of the jigsaw are not fitting, they simply manufacture new pieces(share issues) to their own specification and ‘slot them in’. Winning at any/all costs and under any/all circumstances, dressed up as ‘AYE READY’, is, and always has been, the Rangers motto.



    So is it inevitable, given such disparity in the two philosophies, that the Ibrox club is programmed to be the ‘top dog’ in Scotland and the best we can hope for is that it once again goes ‘belly-up’ in the process?

  16. Winning against Hibs is not guaranteed.



    Should we drop points, how should Ange’s decisions of the last few weeks be viewed?

  17. park the bus 442 on

    Alpine Observer 🔼 (@Alpine_Hermit) Tweeted:


    @georgegalloway Well said George.


    I supported NATO and wanted to join it during the 1980s to defend our democracy.


    However, since failing to honour its pledge not to expand Eastwards, plus its destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya I have no love for the neo-nazi organisation it’s now become.




    Switch the TV off and learn the truth.

  18. We play Ross County on Sat 19th, huns now away to Dundee on the Sunday, a chance to put pressure on

  19. park the bus 442 on

    George Galloway (@georgegalloway) Tweeted:


    We, the @WorkersPartyGB believe in strengthening our own armed forces – depleted to functional inoperability – to defend our own country. We believe in developing our own energy capacities – oil, gas, coal, nuclear, renewables. That’s what independence means. No NATO No EU No US




    No wonder no woke msm or politician on this UK island will go head to head with this guy.


    Kept out of Parliament by rigged elections.



  20. That’s now 18 years since we last experienced the feeling of winning a Euro knock-tie after Christmas. The Desmond/ Lawwell masterplan in action. Profit dividend, profit dividend. The only two words that matter to Celtic PLC.


    Okay, Peter Lawwell has now left the building, so how is Michael Nicholson feeling this morning. Probably a bit disappointed in the manner of the defeat, but, as the CEO of Celtic, it’s all about profit dividend. You don’t work in the same building as Peter, for years, and not know what the priority is. And Michael has his salary and bonus to think about. Peter didn’t take £20m for the club over 17 years by wishing for a European tie in March.


    The majority shareholder, by sending one of his son’s to the annual AGM, clearly does not give a fig about Celtic or the fans who fund his annual dividend.



    18 years.

  21. Even though we are out of the Europa Leugue it’s not a cert will go and win the league,personally if Ange keeps changing the players then I’m afraid we are in for Rocky time,personally he needs to change this system now and again,more so that defence,hopefully we get a win at Easter Rd on Sunday

  22. glendalystonsils on

    I get the point about prioritising , but somehow last nights performance has made me more rather than less anxious about Sunday. We seem to have been operating a notch down in recent games and I’m not sure how the mindset of the players will be affected by what is after all , a failure .

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