Fashionaccio, towel throwing, tuitive


Scottish football returns tonight after the longest midseason break in its history. Celtic have a nine-point lead, the best squad in the country and a unit around the club which few of us recall. But if you think it’s all over, think again. We have played 15 games and still have to face the teams in second and third place away from home twice.

What’s more, the self-flagellation that ensured the sacking of Giovanni van Bronckhorst is over, now we compete against a talent so formidable he knows to insist on a suit/brogue combo – fashionaccio, for what will surely be a few short months of tenure.

The main positive from the break is the return of captain, Callum McGregor. Pretty much everything else has downside risks. Form changes after a break, training and eating routines are disrupted, what was intuitive can become… tuitive.

You and I have seen Celtic bridge a greater gap with far fewer games to play, towels were thrown everywhere apart from the Celtic dressing room, where presumably a fear of John Clark ensured they were folded neatly after use.

I reckon we will open the door for a challenger only if we are first to drop points, which could easily happen on Saturday. Conversely, if Hibernian take a point tonight to defy their form going into the break, which saw them lose six in seven, including to the bottom three sides in the table, you will not be able to get a bet on Celtic winning the title.

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  1. From previous blog



    MCPHAIL BHOY on 15TH DECEMBER 2022 12:05 PM


    CONNAIRE12 on 15TH DECEMBER 2022 11:30 AM



    Mcphailbuoy.Sad. news about the killing of an Irish soldier in Lebanon. It is often forgotten in this part of the world that the Irish Army play an immense part in keeping the peace in so many parts of the world and have done so since the Gongo crisis in the early 1960s.



    May the young soldier rest in peace.






    Yes shocking, he’s the 48th Irish peacekeeper to die in Lebanon since 1978. He was on his way to the airport coming home on compassionate leave. Only 23 and from Newtowncunningham in Donegal.

  2. Is the unit around the club, the unforgettable Cam Carter Vickers?



    The proofread is in the pudding Paulo ;)




  3. Hot Smoked




    I wasn’t surprised enough to comment on Ernie’s “revelation. I understood that Wind power provided no more than 21% of the UK’s energy consumption in 2020. There must be times where it drops below the 15% figure Ernie quoted. I think only Germany ranked higher (slightly) n the percentage it provided.




    We need more widespread energy creation other than dwindling fossil fuels. Nuclear could have tided us over but it is an industry with a record of PR lying even worse than some Green claims.




    Yesterday’s news from the states about a breakthrough in nuclear fusion is hopeful but I remember some scientists getting excited about advances there 20 years ago and there was no significant breakthrough.




    We are in a tough spot of our own making but technological and scientific advances may allow wind and wave to promote a higher proportion than it currently does. But progress is slow.

  4. SFTB



    The excitement about Nuclear Fusion 20+ years ago was about scientists being able to successfully perform nuclear fusion in a laboratory for the first time. That was indeed a breakthrough.



    The next aim was to produce an amount of energy in excess of the energy used to produce it. That is what this week’s breakthrough was all about. The next aim is to mass-produce the energy in nuclear fusion power stations. That is for the future, but the hard part has been achieved.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Obviously nothing is ever over until it is over but I really don’t see anyone else likely to win the league. In the last 37 years only one title not won by Celtic has been won by a club currently in the league.


    Even a relatively pessimistic two defeats and four draws from our remaining games would put us onto 97 points. I just don’t see any other team getting anywhere near that.


    But of course the whole “title race” stuff is essential for boosting old firmery.

  6. Our best domestic form this season was the first few weeks in August and September. The players were fit and raring to go after weeks of intense pre-season regime and plenty of time on the training ground working on tactics.



    Here’s hoping the long break has allowed batteries to be recharged, injuries to clear up and weaknesses to be strengthened.



    I doubt any other team will have been coached better during the last few weeks. Mentally and physically the players should be raring to go. With no European games, it should be an easier set of fixtures to fulfill.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I think I heard the manager of the team currently in second place talking about reaching 56 as soon as possible. At the moment they are 23 points off that so that would be 7 wins and 2 draws but without knowing how many games he thinks that will take it’s pretty meaningless.

  8. SFTB



    You’re right. it will take decades before nuclear fusion power is mass produced and feeding our homes, offices and cities. But it is clean energy and unlike current nuclear (fission) energy, there is no harmful radiation to dispose of.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Alas I expect a comfortable victory for them tonight and the Hun-hype bandwagon to go in to overdrive.



    The first chance to bring it to an abrupt halt will probably be in our own hands on the 2nd of Jan.



    Hopefully we take it.



    Better still, hopefully I come back at tonight to eat my words😀.

  10. McPhailbhoy…from over.



    Yes shocking, he’s the 48th Irish peacekeeper to die in Lebanon since 1978. He was on his way to the airport coming home on compassionate leave. Only 23 and from Newtowncunningham in Donegal.



    Saddened to read that McP,may his soul rip 🙏



    Keep it warm bout the town there mats




  11. chairbhoy



    ‘BioMass’ and its’ use thereof in major power stations is one of the biggest scams, not to mention scandals ever perpetrated by energy companies and governments. Always like to point out to others trucks and wagons labelled such en route to who knows where. Described as ‘green’, ‘clean’ ‘renewable’ and ‘sustainable’ it is none of these things. As noted it in the linked article it is toxic, expensive, polluting and a blight on the environment. Sustainable? Not if you can burn it quicker than you grow it.

  12. I remember when Gerrard pointedly refused to say the name of Celtic and I thought to myself what an immature pri*k he was. He stood in stark contrast to MoN lavishing praise on the benchmark when he came in.



    Now it’s apparent who gave slippy that idea. I’m going to take some pleasure in seeing Ange end Mick’s managerial career over the next six months.



    Hopefully Aberdeen stick to their attacking style against us on Saturday.

  13. I expect a comfortable win for the Darnel.


    Morelos ,Colak ,and Kent to score .


    There is a danger that we will drop points at Pittodrie and Easter Road,before a tense trip to Ayebrokes .



    This league is far from over .



    The break was welcomed by them ,and could break our rhythm.



    GG and JJ transfer stories ,not welcomed by me either .




  14. I have typed all that to jinx Kent ,Morelos and Colak.



    Tav Pen is however a good bet.




  15. TOM/SFTB



    Nuclear fusion will be used as an excuse not to make any significant changes in our current lifestyle. Whether or not this breakthrough is as big as has been made out (I have my doubts but then again I don’t know enough about the subject) it will – like many things – benefit the fossil fuel industry and those who want business as usual to continue…

  16. Nightmare to get tickets for the Legends match at Anfield on 25 March. Got there eventually but a very clunky ticket system. Also, no indication of allocation for Celtic fans so presumably mixed seating which should be fine.

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    What an amazing,astonishing, blah blah blah difference Michael Beale has made at Rainjurz.



    SMSM later tonight

  18. Tinytim- are you the Bhoy with the estate agent business round St Andrews way? Excuse me if I’m getting mixed up…

  19. With the Arthur Montford VAR cameras,they have rushed in,and the Walsh/McLean axis,guys need to take note IMO, we should be taking nothing for granted here…..

  20. If we had referees and VAR personel from other countries, I would be extremely confident of winning the League . With what we have to face in Scotland, I can understand Tiny Tim`s concerns.

  21. I asked a day or so ago but don`t know if anyone replied .


    Apart from Barry Ferguson, what other source is there for the brown brogues story?

  22. I predict a comfortable win tonight followed by more rookie middle-management speak from wide-boy Beale after the game.



    Lots of words, some threats towards the ref, some passive aggression towards Hibs and us.



    Lots of running around, a lot of yellows, a borderline red, a goal for Farty.



    Most importantly talk in the rags and in the ether of a renewed title challenge.

  23. As soon as my phone’s charged enough I’m putting a fiver on Hibs to win tonight. A Robin Red Breast signalled a draw …. am old school, what do burds know about fitba?

  24. HOT SMOKED on 15TH DECEMBER 2022 2:49 PM



    Beale said himself in a presser he’s bringing back suits to be worn to the game



    I think the brogues thing is someone having a bit of fun, but Beale is definitely going full “staunch”.



    He should have a word with himself in my opinion, but as a fellow pot-bellied middle-ager I’m probably not in the best position to criticize

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