Focus shifts to Pittodrie


Tonight Aberdeen play the second of a run of three consecutive away games. After overcoming St Johnstone 3-4 in Perth a week ago they are on the road to face Inverness. The Highlanders have not lost in a month, and haven’t lost at home since the visit of Celtic in November, so John Hughes men will provide a stern test for Aberdeen.

Aberdeen are back on the road to Firhill on Friday night. Their season has been free of fixture congestion. This is a rare week with two games, and an even rarer one with two away games. It could be a pivotal period in the campaign.

Celtic won comfortably in the end against Ross County but confidence seemed at a low ebb until Leigh Griffiths opened the scoring. Sentiment may have swung in our favour before we take to the field at home to Inverness on Saturday.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on 15th February 2016 1:32 pm



    Wee bit unfair:) Aberdeen played six qualifiers, including a very good 0-3 win in Croatia.


    From previous and in reply to TD.




    Erm,when have I ever agreed with someone who wants Celtic to lose?




    When have I ever stated that I want Celtic to lose?




    I’m gonna have to call you on that one,Tony. That’s a seriously slanderous accusation to make against me,and either put up or shut up.




    Neither is likely,of course…






    Reason for repost is quite simple. As is the person it’s aimed at. He’s accused me of the above and cannot back it up because it’s a pile of p… like most of his posts.



    Go on,Tony. Man up and find that post. Make me look stupid or look stupid yourself.



    Make an allegation,back it up.

  3. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    A draw tonight 1-1 …. Any advances on 1-1?

  4. garygillespieshamstring on




    Noticed a couple of references to Kojo on the last thread. Seem to remember him talking about medical issues a bit before he stopped posting.



    Just wondering if you knew if he was ok? He was one of the first to respond to me on the blog and I liked reading his observations on the state of Celtic.


    Not being nosey but it would be nice to know his absence was by choice rather than illness. I remember some of his posts suggesting that you knew he was genuine in what he was saying.

  5. celt55



    I stand corrected said the man in the orthopaedic shoes. ;-)



    However, that was before the season started in earnest, and they never got near Thursday night


    round Europe batterings, like what we did.

  6. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    GG hamstring



    I liked Kojo. I didn’t like any of his right wing views but he was insightful enough and had self awareness in spades. He knew what he was and wasn’t and was comfortable with it.



    I think he’s a miss to the blog.

  7. After a six week study comparing emotive and descriptive MSM headlines on Celtic Newsnow with the defunct, deid zombies Newsnow, I can report back that apparently Celtic is “in trouble”, while experiencing “devastating losses” on the field. We play to “an empty Celtic Park”, while curiously simoutaneously managing to direct “enraged abuse” at certain punters on our payroll.



    All while headline leaders pertaining to a certain liquidated shower are by comparison rosy, positive and supportive.



    More of the same please. Please continue to non-report on the issues, while the remains of your festering institution is flushed doon the swannie.



    Thank you in advance.

  8. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Signing until we find a buyer? Id say that was a gamble with him.. If it takes 2 years to sell him and he’s on 10k/ week we need to get more than a £1m for him.



    He’s too slow for SPFL so I think he’s a fairly limited prospect.



    ” That’s the primary meaning of the word. ”




    ‘That is not the primary meaning of the word.’






    Out of curiosity I just checked my dictionary (Shorter Oxford). The first (ie primary) definition given for the word ignorant is ‘destitute of knowledge’.



    So now that we know what the word means we can maybe do something about it.



    Ever the optimist, me.

  10. Cultsbhoy



    No need for advance. . . I’d take that score now as we’re in ‘every little helps’ territory now.





    Yes, he’s too slow, and yes he’s going to cost a lot. Perhaps more than we will receive in any future deal.



    Safe to say, his deal is more likely to pay back than some others recently.

  12. “Tonight Aberdeen play the second of a run of three consecutive away games.”






    So the focus isny really on Pittodrie? ;))




  13. Paul67,



    this game tonight is a biggie for both Aberdeen and us.


    As we know all too well, an away game at Inverness is no easy game (usually anyway).


    A win for Aberdeen and it truly is game on.






  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    Me too. Generally I just scroll past political stuff to get to the fitba.


    The referendum stuff would have got blogging stopped if it had gone on much longer.

  15. A request from across the big water.



    Can we cut out the adolescent, hormonal schoolgirl bickering for one day?



    Imagine grown men arguing about a dictionary definition.



    You’re harshing the mellow of my Presidents’ Day holiday oot this way. Cheers.


    That last post was for Cults.



    Should add Rogic,more than others is capable of a goal, that was evident in his game even before his re emergence.



    In short he isnt scared to have a go.

  17. Aberdeen beat ICT 4 times last season which was a fluke 2nd v 3 rd so hopefully the stats will even out and this will be a draw.


    Thinking more of the match on Saturday I cannot think County really had any good chances. Brown was a big reason for that sitting deep and breaking things up and as I said on Sat Eric and Boyata played very well. I hope Aberdeen keep winning as long as we win more and beat them at Celtic Park the stronger the Dons the better as the new Huns look like getting promoted and I would like to see everyone else in the league hammer them.

  18. Florida Bhoy



    Burying the bad news that they’ve hawked next years season tickets half way through this one


    to keep the lights on in the Big Hoose.



    Ticketus Two CSC

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Kojo was bullied off the blog .


    Accused of racism by the holier than thou mob.


    ( Shades of another blogger last week )


    But, his real sin was that he was an avowed capitalist.


    And admitted it .


    Unlike the plethora of C.Q.N.”socialists ” who are in practice capitalists ,but don`t or won`t admit it.


    He was at least in his eighties , possibly nineties.


    A shameful episode.



    I`ll catch the outrage mañana.

  20. Google definition of “Bicker”.



    1. Argue about petty and trivial matters.



    2. (of water) flow or fall with a gentle repetitive noise; patter.




  21. Do you know that the word Dictionary is not in the Dictionary?


    It was part of a cost saving exercise at OED.


    It was realised that anyone who already knew what it meant would not need to look it up.


    Anyone who didn’t know what it meant wouldn’t know where to look it up .



    The Onlooker

  22. eddieinkirkmichael on

    So we have a crap coach who is technically naïve and stumbles from one calamitous error strewn game to the next, who can’t motivate players, has no plan B, plays players out of position constantly. Leaves our best players out of the starting 11 all the time, never gives new recruits a chance , signs duds who are unfit, never learns from his mistakes which he makes repeatedly, thousands are staying away because his style of plays is dross and fans aren’t being entertained.



    Yet his team are top of the league and have scored more goals than any other team in Europe, apart from Real Madrid, they are still the hunt for a domestic cup competition.



    Just think where we’d be if we actually had a coach that knew what he was doing eh?

  23. The situation with the Champs league is where PL does hava a lot of value as he sits on these boards and has a lot of contacts. My opinion is the CL is getting more boring and predictable each season.unless of course we are in it. Who will win it this year Barca or Madrid with PSG outside bet?

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