Forrest, effectiveness and squad management


An unused Daizen Maeda returning to Glasgow will be a welcome sight for Ange Postecoglou, who has seen wingers Liel Abada and Sead Haksabanovic pick up knocks since leaving for the international break.

Given the precarious nature of fitness in our wide player with the crucial part of the season ahead, Sunday’s trip to Dingwall is an opportunity to give James Forrest a rare outing.  James has started only five games this season, his last at Ibrox on 2 January, when Ange preferred him to Jota, who was returning from injury, and Abada for tactical reasons.  It’s fair to say the experiment didn’t work as Celtic struggled until Jota and Liel were subbed on.  Parachuting the player into such a huge game, with only one start in the previous two months, was a challenge too far.

Although James seems to have been around forever, his is still only 31 and last year was given an extended contract that will see him remain at the club for another two full seasons.  If he is to contribute anything from his acres of experience in the domestic and European game, he will need to see more regular game time, else sharpness will drift towards ineffectiveness.

Dingwall on Sunday looks like a perfect opportunity for James to tick a few boxes.

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  1. Good performance by Ireland tonight. We don’t have great players but we played with great spirit and reduced France to scoring a single goal from a silly defensive error.

  2. Shortie talking about “the incident involving Fran Alonso…”







  3. Huns being huns ” Rangers” womans coach cant take our late equaliser and head butts Fran Alanso



    You have not heard the last of this. Disgraceful.

  4. Greenpinata



    In your petty head i would have interjected bout Anas is of the same private schooling .Anyone of immigrant background making it to top is progressive.


    Why cant you give that a nod as progressive?


    Irrespective of party.


    I done it,you cant…..raging?


    Or shall i wait on some waffle bout equality and diversity off you cos the next time you fart that stuff out youll be reminded that Anas and even redcardredcard could commend it but cqns equality&diversity farta



    Do stop prevaricating by using the Uks class and education system as a way to stop you commending a progressive move ie the grandson of immigrants is now the leader aff of the party which has the biggest vote democratically,you cant bring yourself…maybe 3rd time lucky.



    My assertion of racism and fascism is laid out in front of you.The Goebbellian legislation currently defining humans as legal/illegal.


    You dont see that as either fascist or racist?



    Rishi and all at deathcultminster are currently talking in terms that would make goebbels blush.illegal humans etc the whole language used we-us–our -invasion-overcome(brexit racist narrative in short)



    Twice now you have mentioned kate forbes and fascism.



    What iyo is that fascism she exhibits?



    Lay it out and i will go thro it,or shall i file that in the same £½billion setaside for indy2 guff you wrote b4



    Immigration is not devolved.


    And i dont think rishi’s granny was a clippy and granda a worker at singers.




  5. St Stivs,



    The hun supporter’s sentence has been deferred pending background reports. He pleaded insanity, sorry I mean guilty.



    The sheriff stated custody was at the forefront of his mind.



    PS : The sheriff is Tony Kelly

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sky and BBC in news management mode.



    In normal circumstances one coach launching an unprovoked assault FROM THE BACK



    … on another coach would be universally reported, universally watched back (one million views) then universally condemned.



    An uncivilised, out-of-control institution from top to bottom and side-to-side.

  7. What bottles were thrown at Gerrard ? I tried watching the clips.



    Is it lucozade and water ?



    Serious question

  8. fourstonecoppi on

    Cleary ‘the scotsman reporter saw it thro hun tinted specs..’



    ” as players and coaches were shaken hands a member of the Ibrox coaching staff approached Alonso from behind and pushed his head against the Celtic manager ”




    For godsake man it is as clear as day ‘IT WAS A FUCKIN’ HEADBUTT’

  9. It is common assault.


    He could have seriously damaged the Celtic manager. Very dangerous.



    Police witness it.



    Arrest him



    Nah. Too feart.

  10. AT,



    Twice I have mentioned Kate Forbes as her views are not progressive according to some in her party Some Alt right also have the same views. Do you disagree with that. ?



    Me personally, I think Kate Forbes was the better candidate by a country mile, as did 48 % of SNP members who bothered to vote. She was honest and her religious views are the same as other mainstream religions



    Hamza Yousaf had the whole SNP party and government establishment behind him ( According to Alex Salmond ) .


    Privileged education cannot be ignored it is elitist. Do you also deny that.?



    As for his ability, I judge on his record. He has never held a “real” job. He has failed at every position he has held. ( According to his leaderships rival ).



    Equality cannot be dismissing because you want to dismiss it. Equality is the rationale of fair just society.



    Ability should be the only criteria for leadership. Do you not agree ?



    However Hanza now leads a party who had a former leader jailed for being a fascist sympathiser . A Scottish Quisl8ng if you like.


    Now that is real fascism.

  11. The stench of death and decay must permeate through the whole Sevco setup, producing aggressive cowards and delusional bigots at every level.


    Raise your voice Celtic. Have the bully banned.

  12. Let me begin by saying that I haven’t followed the SNP leadership race.


    However I must say that should Ms Forbes’ religious views exclude her from being FM, then no practising Catholic will ever become leader.

  13. GG…………..


    It’s Scotland that needs to call time on Hundom.



    Until it does Scotland’s shame will continue to infect us and the game.



    Summits up and it wears a snarl and a bloo jersey.

  14. The Rangers coach displayed a common trait among the Ibrox staff.


    His head butt was from behind and completely inept.


    He should be dismissed for incompetence.

  15. St Stivs,



    Does it matter if it was a glass lucozade bottle or a glass water bottle. ?


    If a player gets clocked with one, will the damage be greater if it was 20/20 maddog bottle.


    Will our reputation be affected by what make of bottle it was ?



    Im sure you will agree that throwing bottles at players ( even lowlife players ) is only for moon units. We are better than that.



    Our brilliant support of former players and noble charities were let down by a very, very small minority.






    PS : Plenty footage on Celtic social media and TikTok.

  16. From BBC


    And the drama did not end there as Fran Alonso appeared to be struck from behind by a member of the Rangers coaching staff while the Celtic head coach congratulated his players at full-time.



    “Someone pushed me from behind,” Alonso told Sky Sports. “I never talked to him the whole game.



    “It’s football, always disappointing to concede a goal in the last minute, I totally get it. I was called a little rat, but I don’t know why.”



    Celtic remain unbeaten against defending champions Rangers this season, with one league meeting to come and one point separating the sides.

  17. Our reputation.




    Some eejit lobs a plastic bottle and the whole of the Celtic support are tarnished.




  18. Let he who has cast the first plastic bottle at my neighbours glass house know he tarnished all of his people who didn’t throw anything.



    Or something like that.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Worrying trend continues … Celtic employees being assaulted when they go to work at Sevco premises.



    IMHO the club needs to speak out now.



    Night all

  20. I am out late tonight having to wait around.



    Running out of Celtic stuff to read I dipped into rangers media.



    Don’t know about you but our b team for me is about finding the next breakthrough first team squader.


    Their results I look out for and sure I want them to win. But if they don’t it’s a kinda hhmm.



    The ladies team is similar good if they win but does nothing really for making the men’s team better


    So if they get beat hey ho it’s football.



    But you should see the reaction on that blog to Celtic ladies getting a DRAW.



    Sack the manager.


    Terrible vitriol to the ladies who messed it up.


    And a call for the coach to be sacked for not butting hard enough.



    Real rage and anger at not beating something called Celtic.



    We really are different types.

  21. Greenpinata



    You can not bring yourself to commend this as progressive can you?



    Thats all we are asking no need for diversion,obfuscation onto a party you dislike,


    ==Its quite easy to do, or shall we suggest you just type shite when ever posting of equality and diversity.==



    Irrespective of your obvious personal loathing of snp, divert to rishi,divert to private school,divert to kate forbes,now diverting to Alt right but nowt/zero/nada on the party democratically elected by most scots,(not me) have elected the grandson of immigrants.Granda in singers,gran a clippy



    And for you to mention quisling and omit the pockling of your own party from the inside by your privately educated fettes murderer,oh thats right you protested and the Union went in anyway,better note that for history,much in the same way Queen of empire sent a few quid to famine.Labour party had Oswald Moseley as a member.he was a real fascist consistent to youv got orange order members fascists in the latest form Marketing.



    Detatched from socialism,murdochs idea of what the left should be,an advisor to the fettes murderer on tv hoping to welcome in thatcherites,to keevz progressin but they are unionists and sook the same flag.



    Union first then your marketing


    Lets update your marketing policy on










    Redistribution of wealth,more to rich that the fettes murderer



    That alt right narrative you weaponize is riddled right thro all uk parties or havent you noticed wee keev shimmyin to the right,the thatcherites have and mandy is spending time playing the dark arts again,he was quiet there for a few years,pal of Epstiens,i believe


    Am just waiting on the policy alignment to full Brexit fleg sooker Tory mob,”couldnt squeeze a rizla.












  22. AT at his best.



    Nip nip nip nip hahaha the always civic & joyous AT. 😂😁



    We nippy hun ugly has bailed out with a £450,000, PER YEAR, of British £`s pension lolly thanks to folk like AT`s loyalty to the neverendumb that will never happen.



    If Scotland voted for Indy the Holyrood thingy would be burned to the ground by rampaging huns.



    What do you think would be done about it? lol 😂



    AT, Its the age old reasoning – if your from and Irish bloodline and you don’t like Scotland because it isn`t like your prefered version of Ireland, then go back to Ireland and see how long yeez last with your mickey mouse conflict song book, maybe you can give the present day Irish a hand to combat their multi coloured invaders, TODAY, whilst you all sing about conflicts that you`ll never have to fight in?



    How about it, Soldier bhoys?



    Only a coloured clown would go into a white country and tell the white people that he was here to end white people’s progression, but still no white or coloured Irish immigrant leader in Holyrood, blatant bigotry that you`ll never mention, AT.



    Youssless is a racist against the only ethnicity with no protections, the white race.





    A mainly white Christian country on the list to be destroyed like Ireland, England, Wales, EU, US, CAN, AUS, NZ, all thanks to the Kalergi plan, if you don’t know what that is then search for it, but not using google search engine.



    Or rather more simply put, which religion hates Chritianity?



    A certain country just a few days ago announced that “Anyone worshipping Jesus will be going straight to prison.”



    Did you not see it all over the media? lol



    What did the Vatican say about this attack on Christianty – zero!



    Multi billionire rich Christians do and say nothing to protect their flock, PLC,say a silent prayer that nobody ever hears.



    If you believe in a holy book that is carried open, laying on a purple cushion, and carried by a man wearing a bowler hat at the front of an Orange flute band, maybe its time for a rethink about the holy book which is starting to look like the greatest theological trap, ever set.



    What a scumbag is Youssless – if he hates white people so much why not go to one of the very many non majority white countries, I`m sure he`d get all the progression that he seeks, maybe one day he might progress by being good at something, which he has constantly failed at in Scotland, apart from being a dodgy votes beneficiary, I`m sure STV`s big pretentious, pure Tim, PONSONBY will fill yeez in about it. lol 😂



    Canny see Ange hanging around to get made look like a Youssless muppet in Europe next season again, especially after MON marked Ange`s card by saying – “Well I`m sure Ange will know that he can’t play like that in Europe next season, that would be unforgivable.”



    MON said that standing on the Parkhead pitch at the tail end of last season….go and look for it!



    MON eh, last time that we were a big club with big players, but crucially, and this never gets a mention, MON and his bhoys were facing an opposition already assembled at a cost of £100+ million hun team built by Smith and Advocatte, and they kept adding even more players, AND, the illegal EBT scheme as well, against all of that, puts MON on Stein level of Celtic success, if we`d won in Seville 2003, I wouldn’t have counted out MON`s Celtic of winning the CL as well, just look at Porto the very next season after Seville, CL winners.



    If is a big word I know, but had things worked out for MON and us in that way, in 2003, I think Celtic and probably the huns as well would be playing in EPL for the past maybe 20 years, Mad Mitch would’ve had his 80,000 capacity many years ago. imho.



    CQN is like auld mouldy stale breed without ERNIE LYNCH.




  23. Melbourne Mick on

    Does that aul mouldy breed come wi roasted or toasted cheese ?




    H H. Mick

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