Forrest, effectiveness and squad management


An unused Daizen Maeda returning to Glasgow will be a welcome sight for Ange Postecoglou, who has seen wingers Liel Abada and Sead Haksabanovic pick up knocks since leaving for the international break.

Given the precarious nature of fitness in our wide player with the crucial part of the season ahead, Sunday’s trip to Dingwall is an opportunity to give James Forrest a rare outing.  James has started only five games this season, his last at Ibrox on 2 January, when Ange preferred him to Jota, who was returning from injury, and Abada for tactical reasons.  It’s fair to say the experiment didn’t work as Celtic struggled until Jota and Liel were subbed on.  Parachuting the player into such a huge game, with only one start in the previous two months, was a challenge too far.

Although James seems to have been around forever, his is still only 31 and last year was given an extended contract that will see him remain at the club for another two full seasons.  If he is to contribute anything from his acres of experience in the domestic and European game, he will need to see more regular game time, else sharpness will drift towards ineffectiveness.

Dingwall on Sunday looks like a perfect opportunity for James to tick a few boxes.

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  1. As a wee aside.



    I noted over the weekend that BRTH has just gone and got himself married.


    He is much missed by me on this blog, and as I dont do any social media and have managed to lose his phone number I would be grateful if anyone who has can pass on my congrats and good wishes.



    My day out with him at the Hibs cup final in 2013 is right up there as a favourite celtic memory just for the company and the story telling. A seanchaí sure enough.



    Thinking of himself I wandered over to his Strandsky blog and re-read a few pieces.



    This is superb.








    hat doffed and a glass raised.

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    St Stivs 4.29


    I don’t remember that place but Jock part owned The Lord Darnley at the junction of Albert Drive and Darnley Street. His partner might have been Tony Queen or Pat Harkins. HH

  3. AN TEARMANN on 27TH MARCH 2023 3:40 PM





    One for the immigrants eh,get it reet up everyone of the patriotic,us,we,invasion,flooded wi immigrants right wing faecal narratives.



    Good luck in getting a 2nd seat:-) see what the vote brings








    I hope and trust you had the same sentiment when Rishi Sunak got anointed by a handful of members .



    As for right wing Fascist narrative are you talking about Kate Forbes who was narrowly beaten ?



    HH to you too. COYGIG ton8ght.

  4. I wonder who Yousaf will offer the Health Ministry to. His rival or keep her fans happy and let someone else have it?





    I notice that Forbes got the famous 48%. Will she be campaigning for another leadership election every day? 😎

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar. Was going to walk past but John Clancy insisted I came in to check the quality of the Guinness. Be rude to refuse. It’s a hard life.

  6. Looking forward to the big game in Aviva to-night against the French. No doubt it could be a behind the sofa experience but you can never tell with the Irish and always relish the underdog tag. We took four points off the Germans a few years ago so it can happen.



    Have to admit I didn’t know Mikey Johnston’s clearance to play for Stephen Kenny’s team had come through until I saw him named in the Irish squad last week. Stephen has some very good young players and it was great to see Mikey added to the squad. His impact when he came off the bench was immediate his skill and drive took the opposition apart on the big Aviva pitch leading to the winning score and he almost got in for another.



    Hope we see Mikey get his chance at some stage to-night against French, one of the best in the world.

  7. My friends in Celtic,



    There are loads of posters missed on here. How to get them back is what we should be focused on.



    Hardly a comment on our super charity game on Saturday. A magnificent support spoiled by a moon rocket or rockets throwing bottles. Charity is fundamental o our clubs ethos. Supporting the less fortunate in our society is basic



    Ok, Slippy G knew exactly what he was doing. He is a lowlife that wanted a reaction, but taking the bait and flinging bottles at a family friendly charity game is hunlike.



    Fair play to Liverpool, they have not made a great deal out of it, but its all over Celtic media.


    We rightly condem the huns for throwing bottles @ Greyskull, but we have subsequently lost a bit of moral high ground.



    Before the game I mentioned self policing . We do have the odd moon unit in our ranks who embarrass the hoops. We cannot deny it.



    Have we learned nothing since Rapid Vienna? The consequences on Saturday could have been a PR disaster for our club, not to mention the obvious danger to player safety.



    CQN has been a market leader in discussing all things Celtic and beyond but even allowing for low footfall this merits a mention.



    As for topical finger on the pulse discussion we seem concussed.




  8. bigrailroadblues on



    It’s the usual top notch pint K. But I may have to check for consistency.

  9. Prestonpans bhoys on




    TBH I was sitting on my caravan decking having a beer and this auto spelling changes garngad to grandad, sun too bright to notice 😁

  10. Greenpinata


    As a human and Celt of immigrants


    Rishi of course its good,same way Humza and the wee laboury guy i forgot at mo to get to top.


    Tbh i am suprised you dont park the politics and


    say its a good progessive move,you defaulted to auto rishi comparison



    Rishi & pals as an ideology are rancid,feral unionists,they are currently talking in terms of legal,illegal humans,stopping boats


    Do tell, can KF do that type of fascism?You know.


    No need to answer




  11. We rightly condem the huns for throwing bottles @ Greyskull, but we have subsequently lost a bit of moral high ground.






    you lost all credibility there is you call it greyskull,



    it is snake mountain

  12. Saint Stives,,



    I thought you could have come up with something more humourous like ” The only thing the moon unit did wrong was missing slippy G.



    After all, Celtic supporters flinging bottles at players during a family charity game is a humourous subject.


    The moon unit shamed a great Celtic support who raised thousands of pounds for charity.



    AT, I think you see racists and fascists under the bed. There are none on here, however does Kate Forbes tick your box ?



    Rishi and Hamza may not be best buddies.


    But they do of course share the privilege of private schooling As does Anas Sarwar before you interject.



    Anyway to a more pertinent subject. COYGIG. We are down 1-0.

  13. Ireland doing an effective job on France at the moment. Not pretty by any means but France have created almost nothing.

  14. We took in the Eddi Reader gig at The Everyman over the weekend….she was fabulous, what a night – great laugh. she had a real banter with the crowd and toasted her rebel family heritage which was warmly received in rebel Cork……..She made me really homesick for proper Glasgow patter….



    can’t wait for the real fitba’ to start……….




  15. “Celtic have recruited former Southampton scout Kevin Hamill as they continue to bolster their recruitment team.



    Celtic have been looking to add to their scouting staff and recently brought in Joe Dudgeon from the City Football Group to join as their lead first team scout. Now they have secured a coup in the vastly experienced Hamill who has previously worked in the Premier League at the highest level for 10 plus years.



    Hamill – who covered the Scottish football market for Saints – has a strong track record of signings which will be well known to Celtic fans already. The talent spotter was vital in the transfers of the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Victor Wanyama and Fraser Forster among others from Parkhead to the English top flight.”




    Seems logical as I’m sure he’s already well acquainted with our ways.




  16. bigrailroadblues on



    Cheers mate. Humble Pie live at Fillmore East 1971. Great album. Fabulous performances by Stevie Marriot and Pete Frampton. Groovetastic rock n roll.

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