Forrest, effectiveness and squad management


An unused Daizen Maeda returning to Glasgow will be a welcome sight for Ange Postecoglou, who has seen wingers Liel Abada and Sead Haksabanovic pick up knocks since leaving for the international break.

Given the precarious nature of fitness in our wide player with the crucial part of the season ahead, Sunday’s trip to Dingwall is an opportunity to give James Forrest a rare outing.  James has started only five games this season, his last at Ibrox on 2 January, when Ange preferred him to Jota, who was returning from injury, and Abada for tactical reasons.  It’s fair to say the experiment didn’t work as Celtic struggled until Jota and Liel were subbed on.  Parachuting the player into such a huge game, with only one start in the previous two months, was a challenge too far.

Although James seems to have been around forever, his is still only 31 and last year was given an extended contract that will see him remain at the club for another two full seasons.  If he is to contribute anything from his acres of experience in the domestic and European game, he will need to see more regular game time, else sharpness will drift towards ineffectiveness.

Dingwall on Sunday looks like a perfect opportunity for James to tick a few boxes.

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  1. Good morning all from another crisp Garngad morning.



    MM – you know its toast n cheese.🤣



    BRRB – You are either up at this time to take saint m to work or going to the Budgie for a pint.🍻



    D :)

  2. A Happy HOOPY Birthday to CQNs very own ” BIGRAILROADBLUES” ( BRRB)….TODAY !



    Today he is either 102 years old Today….or he visits 102 Pubs every week…..Maybe BOTH ?





    Whit a Govanhill Scallywag.



    HH Mate.



    I mentioned yesterday on here that the Great wee FLAT Jockey ” BILLY” had Four Mounts at Wolverhampton last night….his first Three were well beaten, HOWEVER….



    Wee BILLY WON the last Race with a Horse called ” CLIPSHAM GOLD” at the lovely odds of 201 .




    I had it on FOUR Lines.


    I hope that you also backed it ?





  4. FOURSTONECOPPI on 27TH MARCH 2023 10:36 PM


    Cleary ‘the scotsman reporter saw it thro hun tinted specs..’







    ” as players and coaches were shaken hands a member of the Ibrox coaching staff approached Alonso from behind and pushed his head against the Celtic manager ”









    For godsake man it is as clear as day ‘IT WAS A FUCKIN’ HEADBUTT




    I watched it on my TV, while at the same time I had the Ireland v France game on my Computer.


    The most disappointing issue for me was immediately after the ” HEAD BUTT”, the FIRST Guy on the scene was a member of Celtics coaching staff, who went face to face with the HUN assailant, but who ONLY PUSHED the Hun away with both hands…..He SHOULD have DECKED the Hun Bassa there and then !






  5. Celtic Wummin Score against the HUN DOGS WUMMIN…..and the Huns canny handle it.


    They are always in Perma Rage.



    The Huns urnae right in the Heid….End of.





  6. ‘I was called a little rat’ – Watch Rangers coach headbutt Celtic boss as Fran Alonso reveals what happened



    Celtic women’s boss Fran Alonso was headbutted in the back of the head following the 1-1 draw with Rangers in the SWPL on Monday night.



    By Joel Sked


    Published 27th Mar 2023, 22:20 BST



    The Spaniard had just seen his side equalise in the 99th minute after Caitlin Hayes had taken advantage of a mix-up in the Rangers defence. After the full-time whistle as players and coaches were shaken hands a member of the Ibrox coaching staff approached Alonso from behind and pushed his head against the Celtic manager before an angry confrontation as players separated the coaches.



    Alsono was asked about the incident on Sky Sports after the game.



    “I don’t know,” he said. “As you can see from there [the pictures], someone came in from behind. I never talk to him the whole game. It’s always disappointing to concede a goal in the last minute. I totally get it. I was called a little rat, I don’t know why.”



    The draw suited neither team as they trail Glasgow City in the SWPL1.



  7. The “HEID BUTT”…..


    As the Hun Coach ( MCPHERSON) is approaching wee FRAN from behind he is mouthing off, one of the Celtic Wummin Players ( NUMBER 11) can be seen to react to what the Hun Coach has said to FRAN, BEFORE the Heid Butt goes in.



    Maybe that was the moment that the Hun Coach called FRAN ” A Wee Rat” before launching his assault, and the Celtic Player had HEARD HIM ?


    JAIL the Hun BASSA…….I wonder if he has any ” PREVIOUS” ?



  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    They’ll invent anything to downplay assault.



    A headbutt is now “pushed his head”.



    If a violent person threw a vicious punch into the face of a Scotsman journalist’s face …



    could he or she mount the



    “I pushed my hand into him” defence?

  9. Is this the time Celtic will do something positive to protect their employees at work.


    This thuggery will result in someone being seriously injured.


    Scottish police and football authorities will be all over this incident ,Surely!!!!

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Got to say I’m a bit disappointed by your reaction to the many fish post and not because I was name dropped. There was nothing offensive about it, it provided information relevant to the ongoing discussion between Greenpinata and AT, that I had not previously known about and consider very relevant to understanding the character of the person who will in effect be the most powerful person in Scotland for the next few years at least.


    While I understand there are quite a few on here who agree with you, that not everyone is equal and not everyone deserves their say, usually with the excuse he is “mental”, “racist” or a “hun”, most agree that if no rules are broken then there’s no reason to delete and the post should stand. Apparently though the exception is when some people are so incensed by the mere presence of that poster who has the temerity to post, which is quite a few cases on here and appears justification enough to have them cancelled. Cancel culture eh, happens in to most unexpected places, though there has always been a small cancel culture on here, it has become very strong over the last few years.

  11. The headbutt from behind is cowardly. I imagine the response from his club and the authorities, sporting and civil, will be equally cowardly.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    On the headbutt incident I really have very little faith in the PLC to properly address it, its good for business and will attract more scum to games increasing income. Similar attitude that brought us the the 5-way agreement.

  13. I have now read about and seen a video of the headbutt. Frankly its disgusting albeit the hitherto unheard of perpetrator will now be some kind of hero to the huns. Lowest of the low behaviour ; a 51 year old man displaying such appalling aggression. He must have been watching old videos of Syrup-heid Souness who possessed a volcanic temper or is perhaps trying to emulate Beale who tried to act the big man with John Kennedy in the dug-out area.

  14. While Scotland seems happy enough for Tims to get abused, attacked and/ or vilified……..then……..


    …………nothing will change.



    Thou Must Not Beat the rainjurs……………………………Scotland’s shame

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I see Doncaster’s Monster is alive and well.



    You reap what you sow.

  16. Ye know what would be appreciated…?



    If some Blazered stooge was finally forced to issue a rebuke to his/ her favourite team.



    How about the ither boys in blooo????



    Or will summit be done where our Bhoys and Ghirls, for that matter, are seen as part o’ the scoddish problem and again hun thuggery will be hidden in plain “aulfirrum” sight……



    Scotland’s Shame.

  17. Greenpinata



    Wish i could say i enjoyed last nights exchange.


    Edited and puppeteered by the house.


    Who would delete your posts and why?


    Another moniker puppeteered


    The interesting thing being why?

  18. Apparently the police are investigating ‘an alleged incident’ at the end of the women’s game last night.



    Meanwhile no mention of the incident on the hun website match report and amazingly, given the low bar that has led to previous statements from the club now operating out of Ibrox, it doesn’t appear to be Statement O’Clock yet.



    Maybe their clocks went back at the weekend. To the Dark Ages.

  19. The hand of God on

    If anyone knows Kev J…please insist upon him seeking the help he desperately needs.

  20. Celtic spokesperson commented: “Clearly this is a hugely concerning incident, falling well below any acceptable standard.”



    “We understand the matter is now being investigated and it will be up to all relevant authorities to take any appropriate action.”

  21. Many names -the rebel unionist.



    I dont see things in terms of white countries,etc you are a racist



    If you dont like the Union why dont you go home


    A multimonikered unionist hun.


    Oh thats right your a rebel


    You watch you tube videos


    George Galloway loves idiots like you.


    Send him 50p,live to his lavvy.



    If Scotland had only done and acted on sectarianism in its time instead its left to political eunuchs of the union to weaponize and other, thats not civic at all, thats ancient othering your farting


    – why dont i go home? I am home racist.



    Your a hun of many monikers.confused in politics,racism and religion.easy fodder for the well oiled lavvy youtubestar that is harry enfield said he seen you coming did the unelectable millionaire youtube sensation



    Ernie is stll here,you are not looking hard enough.

  22. AT,



    Looking back, I don’t think I have had any posts deleted why should they be.?. Everything was factual.



    You and I had a discussion about current topics. So what. !


    St Stivs and I had a disagreement regarding if its acceptable to throw missiles onto the park. I didn’t think it was, even if being wound up.



    I expressed delight that we ( Ghirls) scored in the 100th minute.



    Discussed huns acting like huns with the headbutting disgrace.



    No problem this end.



    However I read and agree with Camalar this morning that the cancel culture is gaining momentum on here.



    Control and increasing authoritianism are something we should all be wary of.



    Cheers and HH.

  23. HOT SMOKED on 28TH MARCH 2023 11:00 AM



    The BBC player ratings are notoriously unreliable when it comes to Celtic players. There appears to be a group of knuckle-dragging followers of the Ibrox club who delight in entering low numbers following every game involving Celtic or our players.


    I’m surprised that the BBC persist with these ratings…

  24. Canamalar 11.28



    If you dont like the union why dont you go home.



    Unionist quoting Famine song and it was adding to the discussion between Gp and i



    My arse Canamalar manyfaces post read like an audition to become the deliverance films banjo player




  25. BRRB



    Happy birthday auld yin!



    Don’t suppose you’ll be havin’ a drink to celebrate?



    Hope you have a great day!

  26. Greenpinata



    One for the immigrants eh,get it reet up everyone of the patriotic,us,we,invasion,flooded wi immigrants right wing faecal narratives.



    Thats what you were asked yesterday.


    Still waiting on you commending it.



    You did not answer factually anything you obfuscated and deflected to your own political end ie


    Firstly rishi


    Then schools


    Then % points


    Then alt right


    Deflection that would make our resident Scotsman reporter blush.


    You could not bring yourself


    Like iago labelling Cassio


    You imply and infer lots


    But say and mean zero.


    All for your crippled union




  27. AT,



    Don’t understand what you are getting at. Of course it’s an historic day for Scotland with Hamza Yousaf becoming first minister. I congratulate him on that.



    However a first minister should be judged on ability. So we will need to see.


    His track record is not good as perfectly highlighted by one of his leadership candidates.




  28. AT,



    Looking back, I don’t think I have had any posts deleted why should they be.?. Everything was factual.



    Gp you got posts deleted last night.


    Do read back



    And you dont think fellow unionists quote the famine song on a Celtic blog doesnt merit cancelling.


    Or do your eyes not read that racism?


    Its on these back.




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