Game intelligence to succeed in 30 successive cup games


I could make a case that the Hibs dressing room has a feeling of empowerment that belies their lowly position.  Whatever happened when Leeann Dempster and Neil Lennon agreed the latter would leave his position as Hibs manager, the dressing room was almost certainly an active component in the process.  The same players now have Paul Heckingbottom to contend with, and you do not need prophesising skills to know that Paul will soon leave in a similar manner to Neil Lennon.

When players have an influence on the manager’s position, they also decide when they want to put a shift in.  A home game against Livingston might not get the juices flowing, until embarrassment kicks in, but a Hampden semi-final will.  Hibs players are choosing their battles.

Tomorrow is a big test for Celtic, the 30th domestic cup game since our last elimination.  Sure, we are better than the rest, but still, the uneven distribution of chances, goals, red cards, freak events and honest mistakes, means that such runs are statistically very unlikely.

I would rather be cautious than flamboyant tomorrow.  Get through the game without tackles that risk a Christie-Livingston-type red card, or that denies Hibs space inside our box that can result in an Inverness or Ross County-type semi-final penalty.

We have won 12 games at Hampden on the bounce, without the need for extra-time or penalties.  It is our home-from-home, we have the game intelligence succeed, so let’s get to the final.


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  1. So the huns are telling us they are incapable of completing the season without another crisis loan,WTF are the SFA doing about it?

  2. “give me hope Johanna,give me hope Johanna”………



    awfy braw…..



    Braw …



    12 32

  3. Bada



    I saw that and was wondering have they actually done this before? Actually come out and said they need X amount of money to see out the season?



    I cant remember them doing so



    Do we not usually rely on Phil for this type of information as they are usually quite eager to keep it quiet?

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    OH Dear.






    On the other hand.


    BIG boost for Brexit.



    And that`s what really matters.

  5. Ha Ha. OOOFF OOOT to mind my grandkids. My son in law is English & a former Rugby Player at a pretty high level. It will take me about 20 minutes to reach the house. So that’s 20 minutes to get the smile off my face.

  6. Celtic and Hibs fans are being warned to arrive early at Hampden Park for today’s League Cup semi-final, as a new entry system has the potential to cause chaos.



    The national stadium has installed barcode ticket machines, which will be used for the first time today.




    I remember our one bed flat in Edmiston Street (next to the LL Stand.



    Mum had a wringer then hung the damp clothes on a pully which was pulled up to ceiling height in front of the coal fire.



    Seven of us lived in that flat at that time.

  8. That guy Farrell might have an Irish name but f me he’s got a very annoyingly smug English look about him

  9. Last 3 seasons losses . £6.7m £14.3m £11m if Uefa keep to the rules they will be banned from Europe next season it states that no club can exceeded £25m loses over 3 years . Ac Milan were banned this season because of it .

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PHILBHOY on 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 11:03 AM



    We had a similar set up with the pulley arrangement .


    An old washing machine and a mangle attached to the sink.


    Careful not to get your fingers caught.



    Wow. Seven in a one bedder.


    Character building for you all .


    And family bonding.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well that was a good start to the weekend, a lot of English fans are like the Huns, its the hope that kills them. Anyway time for a large brunch and off to the game for a shandy or five😂👏👏🍸

  12. MACJAY



    Mum and Dad in a recess in the living room.


    In the bedroom, four of us in a bed and the baby in a drawer dressed up as a cot!



    Funny that was more than 65 years ago and I canny remember what I was doing last Tuesday.



    Old age, eh?

  13. lets all do the huddle ? on

    hopefully the defeat for england will finally be enough to make that tit boris johnston jump in his ditch like he promised to do if we stopped brexit happen last week

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PHILBHOY on 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 11:21 AM



    You remember what`s important .


    Your family and its situation . Your standards.Your appreciation for the principles you were taught.


    Priceless gifts.



    Yesterday`s trivia deserves to be forgotten.


    Unless , of course , it`s Celtic trivia.





    Getting old imho is better than the alternative.




    ` a lot of English fans are like the Huns, its the hope that kills them. `




    I have been to many an England Rugby game at Twickenham ( among the English support) and I can say with confidence that I have met more Celtic fans who act like Huns than I did any of the England supporters at Twickenham. The commentary was rather biased today but fans like Huns? Far, far from it.

  16. Auldheid @ 11:27



    `Celtic cannot stay silent on SFA governance.`



    I hope you are correct but haven`t Celtic done just that, so far?

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 11:38 AM



    Some balance.


    To die for.



    Well said.



    English people.



    Some the progeny of …….






    When are some of you going.






    When we’re not treated as second class citizens. Hope that rings a bell with with you macjay.


    Maybe why you seeked better pastures!

  19. Rugby means as much to me as Tiddlywinks –but –



    Pal reports this from a boozer in Holborn –



    ” Never mind -by Monday that lying —— Pfeffel will be telling you you’ve won “

  20. NB @ 11:24



    The author of that letter makes his point much more clearly than so many of the mouthpieces for any side of the Brexit arguments.

  21. SoT


    You a big fan of Tiddlywinks?


    I preferred the less energetic Snakes and ladders….and don`t start me on Ludo !!

  22. Hello again all you young rebels.



    DAVID 66


    I remember a wringer as someone who played at professional


    level but turned out for opposing teams in junior leagues and amateur


    cup ties etc,


    Oh wait.. that was a ringer.


    But then i remember my aul granny got her nipple caught in the wringer


    or was that the mangle? as a wee bhoy i suspect the latter 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  23. England fans, over on ITV+1 it’s still 9-6 and you’re in with a chance.




    smiley whit will happen noo thing




  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SIPSINI on 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 11:41 AM



    Better pastures.



    Like the progeny of Mc Alpines fusiliers.



    Who found England to be a better pasture.




    A Catholic in Glasgow , in my day , was a second class citizen . We don`t need any lessons on that.

  25. Hot Smoky….



    smiley aye “you never know what you,ve got till its gone” thing



    give the Carmylie loon ma best




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