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  1. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    NEIL Lennon has named the same starting XI to the side which beat Dundee United 1-0 a fortnight ago for the visit to Tynecastle this afternoon.



    Kris Commons will support Anthony Stokes up front for the clash against Hearts, while Adam Matthews and Derk Boerrigter will play on either flank. New Bhoy, Teemu Pukki, starts the match on the bench.



    CELTIC (4-4-2): Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Van Dijk, Izaguirre; Matthews, Brown, Ledley, Boerrigter; Commons, Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, Balde, Rogic, Pukki, Mulgrew, Atajic

  2. saint stivs



    11:37 on 14 September, 2013


    Cousins of William 0 Celtic 2 1968.



    8 mins of our greatest team.



    Opens with a magic rendition of “we shall not be moved”.



    a quite fantastic headed goal by Jinky.


    bobby murdochs intelligent play, and a Lennox lob over the keeper.



    what a team.









    Magic. Wee Jimmy header thundering in off the cross bar following a quick free kick. Lennox great finish form a delicious long pass from Murdoch.



    However, if I was a mineshafter I’d point out the following


    – keeper flapping a crosses


    – gemmell caught in possession


    – Wallace and Lennox missing sitters one on one with keeper


    – Throw in straight to the opposition



    Not much changes in football.



    Now on to today’s game. We’re playing a team decimated by administration and we should knock at least 3 past them.



    But not much changes in football and strange things can happen.

  3. RobinBhoy - Supporting Wee Oscar and Mackenzie on

    CELTIC (4-4-2): Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Van Dijk, Izaguirre; Matthews, Brown, Ledley, Boerrigter; Commons, Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, Balde, Rogic, Pukki, Mulgrew, Atajic

  4. Saint Stivs


    12:05 on


    14 September, 2013


    salt and sauce maroon balloons 3 celtic 3



    scqf 1966.



    not a victroy, but a fantastic view.



    huge crowd gets the game stopped.



    wallace scores for hearts.


    auld equalises within 30 seconds.


    police gets his hat knocked off, oh the simple joys.


    powerful running of hughes, bertie auld just being magic.


    somebody called higgins playing for hearts, well you learn something new everyday.


    anderson scores for hearts.


    2-1 halftime.


    mcbride long trundling low shot for the equaliser.


    crowd break in to the park.


    described at “the enthuisiast spectators” by alex camerron



    “for five bob you cant expect more excitement than this”.



    chalmers scrambles one in almost in front of the goalkeeper, 3-2 to the celts.



    “for we only know that theres gonny be a show, and the glasgow celtic will be there”



    hamilton equalises 3-3.



    back to Parkhead.



    What was the score and the size of the crowd at the replay ?




  5. BIGbones8867 supports wee Oscar on

    Trathnona maith daoibh uilig.



    Any links to the article Neganon2 is talking about in the Herald?

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    11:57 on 14 September, 2013


    Got my CL tickets – woohoo!



    Nice one,fella!



    Same for all the happy hoopsters with similar news.



    Lucky sods!!!!!!

  7. jist in fae the jiggin’



    Ah foreswore Ah wid Nevah criticize wan o’ Neil’s Team Selections, Again.



    Tough Foreswore.. tae Keep!






    Am Ah allowed tae say..




    Ah Like his Bench Selection.. Much Bettah… Than His Team Selection?



    Sure Ah am..



    So .. Ah wull!




  8. FavUnc..just happened to open another browser prior to posting on the othe thread that i was going for a harry wragg to free up space for the lurkers an podium chasers!!

  9. Kojo…jiggin or jiggijiggi??



    wee Jaimsie gets a chance to let the growin pains settle… keepin the powder dry fur Milan!!

  10. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    …Ha, ah like ‘yer thinkin’ on Lenny’s pick the day.



    Me, in Neil I trust




  11. Looks a big crowd, they are going to be up for this bigtime. Mightn’t be as easy as some are forecasting. Still I’m confident we will win. COYBIG.

  12. Desert Bhoy



    Ah agree.. We are restin’ the kid..



    Neil Lennon



    Ah am wit ye ….



    In Neil Ah trust.. until… He messes Up..



    So far.. this Year in Europe, He is Battin’ a Thousand!




  13. I think the score today will reflect that we have a big match midweek.


    Would not be surprised if we are not as robust in the tackles as we could be.


    So today’s forecast.


    Starting off to a slow and ponderous spell of major possession,


    with large portions of lateral movement.


    However the day will brighten up with sparkling displays down the flanks


    leading to a warm and sunny finish to the afternoon.



    Jambos 1 Hoops 4

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