How would you propose to play?


Front and foremost in the minds of Celtic’s board when considering a new manager will be squad considerations.  For two years we have recruited to a plan.  For example, fullbacks that can invert and are comfortable with both feet, traditional wingers, instead of wide midfielders like Moi Elyounoussi.

A manager can have a plan which superficially resembles how we currently play: move the ball quickly, press as soon as you are out of possession, use the width of the field when in possession, but when you drill down, that tells you nothing about what is required from specialists in the squad.

I don’t think we need a manager who plays exactly as we have recently, although I see the attraction, but whoever it is, he should believe in our current system enough to adopt it.  Right now, we have scouted thousands of games ahead of this summer’s recruitment drive.  The targe list is arranged to meet specific requirements.  Going back to the drawing board at this stage will not produce optimum results.

This excludes no one, but for the first time, the Celtic board are likely to put a great deal of weight into the answer to the question, “How would you propose to play?”

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “for the first time, the Celtic board are likely to put a great deal of weight into the answer to the question, “How would you propose to play?””




    Yeah – well behind the curve on this front. Given DD’s comments about him and Peter putting five names on a list I’d be sceptical about how far we have moved on from this method. Let’s see.


    Great to see Davie Moyes winning the ECL. Hope he is rewarded with a ten year contract with a £50m buyout.

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Not sure who the traditional wingers are that we’ve signed apart from Jota.



    Maeda, Haksabanovic or Abada are hardly traditional wingers? Some would argue all three are more effective, off the wide positions. Anyway reading between the lines, I think the support can see this as another Eddie Howe situation, where there’s no sign of a manager during early summer.



    Ange’s ‘window five’ stayed slammed shut, the new guy starts the swing of the Parkhead revolving door all over again. The sooner the better, we can’t afford to wait on another potential ‘jumper’.

  3. Garngad to Croy on




    “Ideally the next manager will be interviewed while fully clothed.”



    Belter , I nearly spilled all my coco pops there!

  4. Delighted for Moyes that his team won the trophy last night However I was not impressed by West Ham. I would hope for better from Celtic than that next season. So, I would not be interested in Moyes coming to Celtic. One thing is certain, any delay in bringing in the right manager will effect our preparation for Europe. Therefore I hope the Board get it right and in time.

  5. Ange’s style of play for me reverted back to the old days of basic 433 get the ball to wingers , low hard and quick cross across the 6 yard box for fast centre forward to tap / slide in. Variation was getting the fullbacks to run infield , over load the midfield which allowed our wide miss to drift wide and get played in for ball to the winger.



    Against more tactically astute teams we are clearly more open and if the game is evenly matched then teams will let us round around for an hour or so.



    We need to play like a top 16 CL , that should be our objective, so taller and stronger and tighter formation in midfield



    Our CL entry should be attractive for some up and coming manager …..

  6. Glass2/3



    Not like you to take a negative stance, or even pick fault, on anything Paul says.



    I hate to think what your thoughts would have been if around back in C Q N 1965

  7. We should have a list of potential managers, approaching any end of season. That should be BAU. There are plenty of good mangers who would do well, with the best players, best supporters and best finance.

  8. cheetahnuggets on

    I’d like someone who will evolve the style, and start mixing it up. Not just have plan a. Towards the end of ange’s tenure you could see teams sussing it out. Also, I was becoming bored watching the same patterns of play against a low block week in week, out that goes all the way back to Rodger’s. Is there another way? I like the look of Francesco Farioli

  9. quadrophenian on

    Your quote Paul: I don’t think we need a manager who plays exactly as we have recently…’ Indeed.



    How about one who has us consistently playing better than the fit and start of mythball we often saw latterly.



    And this is the bit that sticks in this fan’s craw – AP loaded us up with 22+ ‘types’ to fulfil his plan (and some that clearly can’t yet) – and then jumped when there was a Slot to fill. And our trusting execs ‘invested’ in his vision.



    Yes we may have been analysing, scouting and shortlisting prospects who can take our current level of player and get out of them wot Angelos managed to get – but it surely can’t be a kid cutting his teeth on the job? Not when the Champs League riches on offer for getting to top spot again next season.



    So, Kennedy, Musky, Petrescu or even Mr Flexible Rafa Benitez, whose 4-2-3-1 might not be too much of a stretch for the current signees ?




  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    This seems very risky if I’m understanding the point being made. Normally you would expect a new manager to come in with his own ideas/philosophy/style of play that’s proven successful and stamp it on the squad, not vice-versa?



    By asking the manager to change could like trying to fit round pegs in to square holes.

  11. McPhail Bhoy on

    “How would you propose to play?”





    The Glasgow Celtic way, surely?

  12. Ange was very different from those managers immediately before him.


    We’re now in a position where the only manager who would slot in seamlessly would be Ange.


    This may alter our 5 year look ahead. Do we go down the DoF route? How do we avoid such overhauls, potentially every 2 to 3 years?

  13. We can come up with all sorts of KPIs and criteria but we all know there’s one outstanding candidate. Pick up the phone and see if he is interested. If he is, get it done for the weekend.

  14. GARNGAD TO CROY re: coco pops



    Always enjoy seeing your name as it takes me back to my Croy/Kilsyth/C’Nauld youth.

  15. Paul67 et al



    “….we have scouted thousands of games….”


    Just hope we are using an Algorithm on that front,


    the alternative to which is a lot of shoe leather.

  16. I assume he means Pep, but with his side contracts that might be the sticking point for us

  17. I get the feeling that these Celtic players have learned in these last two seasons how to work as a team and how to conduct themselves as a squad. The onus is on the new manager to recognise he is taking over a team which is peaking and to believe in the journey.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I just call things as I see them and I reckon I have a fairly decent record of calling them right. If it’s not to everyone’s taste then too bad I guess…..

  19. EspiritoDeCelt on

    For me Ange has left us with the best squad i can recall any manager ever leaving us in my 35 years as a Celtic fan. We also got 5Million comp and we have many assets and we have loads of incoming additional transfer fees over the summer I. Short we are in a good place.But, Ange flopper in Europe with Celtic because even Lennon In his horrendous second stint still did better than Ange in Europe. Also Ange really exhausted the players with his cavalier style and he never ever solved how to defend set pieces or scored from them either. We can hire someone who can adapt Ange’s squad with a few more physical footballers and create and hybrid and then be A bit more robust in Europe WE were awful soft and nice in Europe. There is a better future available.HH

  20. Glass 2/3



    I realize 15 leagues in 20 and an entire 20 decades of domination is maybe not as good as calling a Celtic failure every 5 years on average.



    Broken clock gets the time right twice a day as they say.



    It must be hard to live with the kind of success our club has enjoyed this past 25 years really.



    Far and away the most successful 1/4 century in our history really. 17 leagues and 27 domestic cups. Beating Barcelona twice, Milan, Manchester Utd, Benfica, Liverpool …… great Celtic times.

  21. AN DÚN on 8TH JUNE 2023 1:29 PM



    Come on, don’t leave us in suspense. Who is this outstanding candidate?

  22. BURNLEY78 on 8TH JUNE 2023 4:16PM



    Could even argue, it’s the most dominant period any club has ever had in Scottish football history.

  23. Ange played very strict players and tactics to win the domestic league – to raise HIS profile. We were terrible in Europe. We need to be able to vary our tactics and players. If you looked beyond the first 11 players last season we must have been paying some amount of money for people to do nothing. I would try to have players for the SPL and players for Europe. We need far more robust players for Europe, we are small and soft and teams take advantage of it. If Kyogo goes for 20 million get me 4 battle hardened players for 5 million.We should be looking for players like Van Veen at Motherwell. No big price tag but can score goals in the SPL.A guy like Turnbull should be turning out regularly in the SPL or why is he with the club? the same with Ralston. He is an SPL standard player and needs a run, not bottled up and it gives other players a rest. Ange took absolutely no chances whatsoever. He played the same players all the time to win. If all that we want is to win in the goldfish bowl, go ahead, but I would like to see genuine development. And give up the 4-3-3 it’s no good in Europe and that’s where we need to improve. If we get another mercenary manager it will be more of the same, short term gain stuff. I hope the board try to look for a more holistic approach going forward but I have my doubts. That takes real courage and i’m not sure how plentiful that is in modern football. Someone will always have more money than us so we have to box clever so the new guy needs brains. It’s a long answer but we need to be able to play as many ways as possible.

  24. Steven Hammell is set to be named as Celtic’s new head of coaching.



    The former Motherwell manager is about to return in a newly-created position with the Scottish champions. Ange Postecoglou was instrumental in the appointment before he departed for Tottenham Hotspur. Hammell will take up the new position, which the Scottish Football Association have recently instructed clubs to put in place. Celtic advertised the position and Postecoglou gave the former Motherwell manager his backing during the process.



    The 41-year-old has been out of football since he was sacked in February after an ill-fated spell in charge at Fir Park. Hammell had been academy director at Motherwell before he was promoted after Graham Alexander departed following their European debacle at the hands of Sligo Rovers at the start of the season. He will be responsible to Cetic’s head of coaching Chris McCart. Hammell will be heavily involved in coaching structure, philosophy of the club and mentoring future coaches.




  25. bigrailroadblues on

    Jamaica Street looking lovely in the June sunshine. Me and Brian M met Brendan Rodgers and he’ll be announced on Friday. No idea what he’ll be announced as though.

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