It’s all about Pot 3


Celtic have a strategic problem.  The great Neil Lennon European campaign of 2019 is slipping from our coefficient status, and we have done little of note since.  Neil’s team are the only Celtic side to win a European group, finishing above Lazio, Rennes and Cluj.  Four wins, a draw and defeat in a dead rubber in Romania required some breathtaking performances.

If we are to continue at the Continent’s top table, we need to get back to winning games in Europe.  This is remarkably difficult in the Champions League, although Neil and Gordon Strachan had a formula.  Thier teams defended, played to their strengths and gave us some of the most memorable Celtic games in the last 50 years.

Brendan Rodgers and Ange Postecoglou changed all that.  Pragmatism was sacrificed for purity as record heavy defeats arrived in droves.  It remains to be seen what learning has been achieved.

The threats and opportunities within this afternoon’s pots are not evenly distributed.  We could get Manchester City or Feyenoord from Pot 1, Inter or Porto from Pot 2, Milan or Red Star from Pot 3.  There are five current or previous European Champions in Pots 1 and 2, three in Pot 3 and we are the only one in Pot 4.  Liverpool, Juventus and Ajax didn’t make the cut.

If it’s Feyenoord and Porto, fair enough, let’s see what we can do, but for me, the draw is all about Pot 3.  That is where we are most likely to find a team with comparable resources and challenges, and therefore collect some points.

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  1. winning the league is so important this season (as always ) next season is the new CL format – more games, more spondulics!

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Ittihad FC are probably ahead of Celtic in the race to replace Jota (on the wing)




    Same ole Celtic CSC

  3. The great Neil Lennon European campaign of 2019 is slipping from our coefficient status, and we have done little of note since. Neil’s team are the only Celtic side to win a European group, finishing above Lazio, Rennes and Cluj. Four wins, a draw and defeat in a dead rubber in Romania required some breathtaking performances.



    recognition for the managers achievements.

  4. As I expected, Happiness at a player`s arrival is not greeted with anything like the same energy as the complaints about how long transfers were taking.


    Cheerio for now.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “This is remarkably difficult in the Champions League, although Neil and Gordon Strachan had a formula”




    Hmmmmmm. Lennon four wins in six years?


    Strachan inherited a pot two team, finished second twice, fourth and got bombed out in the first qualifying round the other time.


    I suppose everyone has different views of success.

  6. @S.S.Caught your link this morn ..good man..I ended up over the Golfy wae Wee Rox…last night..









  7. McPhail Bhoy on 31st August 2023 11:41 am



    SCULLYBHOY on 31ST AUGUST 2023 10:33 AM





    Watched the entire game and thought the referee was too lenient, and that did in turn benefit Sevco. One example was where the hod carrier Lumpstrong deliberately stood on the PSV player’s foot. It was as clear as day. The RTE commentators did say that Sevco were running a fine line.





    BTW, how West Brit has RTE become?



















    RTÉ didn’t show the Sevco game last night it was Virgin Media. To be fair to the host and the panellists they are Celtic supporters, Tommy Martin, the host, in particular had a right good laugh at the goals, scoreline and Goldson’s OG. He reckoned that the Hun keeper on his backside in the nets after Goldson had scored perfectly summed up Sevco’s Champions League!





    Unfortunately here in Ireland, which is reflected in the tv/radio coverage, most are enamoured by the EPL, with a few diehard Celts and LOI supporters the exception.






    Apologies, but I used RTE as a generic term in case those outside of Ireland would be confused.



    I also saw the first game (don’t recall if it was RTE or Virgin Media) and there was no reference to the singing of the Famine song etc. But which MSM does? Having said that, one of the worst anti-Celtic diatribes I have ever read was by Ewan Fanning. I will look it up and give details later.



    I like how the transfer window is shaping up. 😎😎😎




  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    For me it’s all about what happens between now and tomorrow when the transfer window closes.

  9. I thought we’d given up Any hope in Europe when we filled our squad with projects who are miles away. You’re seriously not expecting anything other than an embarrassment?


    The policy of our board doesn’t allow us to compete, are you not learning anything?


    The age and experience level in a tournament for the rich guarantees failure.


    We sold ready players like Juranovic and Giakoumakis at 27 and replaced with younger. Now Johnston looks a find but replacing Giakoumakis with Oh is not a replacement because Oh was never ready. Since then we’ve not added a ready made player and lost Starfelt, Mooy, Jota. We’re now considerably weaker and you expect us to start improving? The manager will be blamed but not winning a knockout tie in 20 years and harping back to Strachan which was a different era should fool no one. Is that the same Lennon who lost to Cluj and 8: 2 in aggregate to Sparta Prague? Until the policy is adjusted nothing changes.

  10. Martins record in Group Stages CL.






    1st Round Group


    Juventus 2-3, 4-3


    Porto 1-0, 0-3


    Rosenborg 1-0, 0-2



    (3rd place 3 wins 3 defeats 9 point.





    1st Round Group



    Bayern Munich 1-2, 0-0


    Lyon 2-0, 2-3


    Anderlecht 0-1, 3-1



    (3rd Place 2 wins 1 draw 3 defeats – 7 points, )

  11. How awful must being a hurting Hun be when – after another Euro pumping – you have to resort to coming on to a Celtic fans forum to try and sew discontent and disharmony ;)) Yer pain’s delicious, lurkhuns!!



    Meanwhile in the redtops, one scribe casts aspersions on the easy/going nature of the ladies of Glesga when writing up Bernie’s imminent arrival:



    ‘However, Benfica boss Roger Schmidt doesn’t plan on using the Portugal Under 21 international. So he’s taking the opportunity to lay regularly in Glasgow.’



    ‘Lay regularly’ – perhaps he’s been mentored by Jackie Dziekanowski ? HH

  12. I messed that up, will come back later with the proper stats.



    My point was going to be – back then we could and did compete with Juve, Milan, Barca, Man U, Munich and would beat 3rd pot at home,



    days of competing in ECL are gone, does not matter who we draw.



    Only pragmatic back to wall parking the euro-bus , only that will get us results.



    stop dreaming

  13. Of all the teams who have qualified for the group stages, excluding teams from the big 5 leagues, I wonder if any clubs other than celtic are sitting with in the region of £50 to £60m in the bank.

  14. Have we managed to get any players with the power and physicality, that Brendan was wanting,, in yet?

  15. Welcome to Celtic Luis!


    And to Nat too if confirmed today, could be just the player we need at this point in the season.

  16. Not Man City.



    We we last met them they were invincible. Not missed a beat in any competition.



    We took 6 goals 9ff them home and away. But I fear they have moved up a level since then.



    Like Corkcelt 3rd place is success for me.




  17. See you later Ajeti, that round thing is called a football ya chancer.



    Go get Duk Brendan.




  18. ta scullybhoy that was an interesting time filling wee read, fair to say Colraine have “mixed” players ? no sectarian baggage there ?


    are there any other celtic connections to them ?



    That team group from 74, it is like the Prison team from Porridge the movie.



    I want that goalkeeper. Height, power, physicality and a head band.



  19. I can assure anyone, nobody loves to see “thems” being stuffed than I do, honestly.


    However, let’s not be too smug about this. Their game last night doesn’t only reflect badly on them, but on Scottish football generally, and sadly we are part of that.


    I don’t think we have much chance, if any, of doing anything in the Champions League, nor even the EUFA league either.


    Scottish football is at it’s lowest ebb I can remember, all caused by the bloated EPL and their likes.


    Very bad situation all round.


    On a brighter note I feel we have a shot in the arm for Sunday, It’s my birthday on Sunday so there



    Hail Hail




  20. How ome Feyenoord who have done nothing in Europe recently are Pot 1?



    And Real Madrid – who have done a fair bit more – are Pot 2?

  21. KL,



    I watched the huns game again,



    PSV style of play and attacking intent , we have to do the same, go at them down the wings, keep Kyogo in that space he likes, get the ball cut back to him.



    We talk on here that teams target Greg Taylor, well PSV targeted the weakness of thems in the whole back line.



    I dont know why people got spooked by thems, just turn up and play football, just make it faster than last few weeks, and as to Soutar, if he isnt playing statues, he is actually often facing the wrong way,



    go get them celtic.