Kuhn and a new Celtic geo-hotspot


“I… have are a very particular set of skills.  Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare….”

Nicolas Kuhn, who turned 24 earlier this month, signed a contract until summer 2029 yesterday and is likely to make his debut against Buckie Thistle on Sunday.  There is a lot to consider regarding this one.

As an undergrad at Leipzig, Ajax paid €2m for him six years to the day before he signed for Celtic.  Two years later Bayern Munich loaned him before signing a permanent contract with the player in July 2020.  He then spent a year on loan in the German second tier with Ergebirge Aue before Rapid Vienna paid €500k for him 18 months ago.

The Leipzig, Ajax and Bayern youth setups are legendary, comparable with the scale of those at Chelsea and Manchester City in England.  Each of these club rinse through dozens of players but you seldom see anyone who has spent time at three clubs so invested in youth. [I’m not saying they are all productive, but they certainly invest].

His first season at Rapid was wrecked by injury: in six months he made only four substitute appearances, but he finished the season as first choice on the right wing and he has remained fit and Rapid’s fulcrum ever since.

He has made less 28 topflight starts in his career, so Celtic have moved fast.  In this respect, he resembles Dedryck Boyata, who arrived on loan from Manchester City, also as a 24-year-old, having just 19 topflight starts behind him.

You don’t get signed by Leipzig, Ajax and Bayern unless you have a “particular set of skills”, in the case of Nicolas, this appears to be speed, crossing and chance creation.  His combination of these attributes gets scouts excited.

Rapid and not the club you remember so fondly.  They are riddled with financial problems and have a squad unworthy of a green and white strip – think Hibs.  The scenario with Nicolas reminds me of Patrick Roberts at Sunderland, no winger could make a silk purse from that squad.  [In related news, Netflix are back for a third season of their Sunderland fly-on-the-wall documentary, the earlier series’ are a strong recommend].

We have a well-established Japanese contingent and a three-man group from Korea (one now on loan locally).  Nicolas joins Maik Nawrocki as our second player born-and-bred in northwest Germany.  There has been some market investment in that area, it’s a new Celtic geo-hotspot.

Welcome to Celtic, Nicolas.

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  1. Happy Wednesday!



    4pm KO for the Buckie on Sunday?



    Who waits until 4pm to crack open the Buckie on the weekend?

  2. Good luck in the hoops Nicolas!


    Bit concerned about his lack of starts for a 24 year old but hope he’s a roaring success for us

  3. Kuhn said he had a long chat with Brendan, I don’t remember any of the summer signings saying the same……

  4. What is the Starz on

    Another failed Lawwell project..Will hobble off injured after 38 minutes against Buckie,reappear as an 85th minute sub with 3 games left this season and will be loaned to Wycombe Wanderers next season…before retirement at 26….


    Remember folks …thats the Lawwell way !!!!

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I am excited to see this lad. I suspect he’s probably close to our ceiling in terms of talent recruitment; I.e high quality cast offs from blue chip clubs, per Jota. We desperately need better creativity on the right, so this was a priority area. Look forward to watching him play.



    PS Sunderland docs are the only ones if that genre I’ve watched. Excellent.

  6. On Sunday, we should allow Buckie to play in green and white hoops and we wear blue jerseys and white shorts.


    I will log back in in 3 weeks’ time to see if the dust has settled.

  7. Looking forward even more to Sunday now and hope to see Kuhn get some minutes.



    Will be interesting to see how Brendan plays with Kuhn and Abada now available on the right leaving Maeda free for the left flank or striker (sub or backup to give Kyogo a rest). We could also see Palma play in the Reo role for some games if either Bernardo or Callum need a rest / subbed and Maeda is playing left wing. I think Palma would be a great fit there; he certainly has more about him than Turnbull, better work ethic, not as slow and a better final ball/shot.



    Sunday can’t come quick enough.






    P.S. “Who waits until 4pm to crack open the Buckie on the weekend?”



    Not the big bloke sitting to my left who usually leaves an empty bottle before half time when he makes his way to the other end of the ground for the 2nd half :)

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Can’t help but think it might be an Abada replacement in advance. Hope not and that we get another couple of years from him. We have really missed his goals and overall contribution.


    For all the wingers we signed in the summer, they all look fairly similar – dribbler types, rather than one with Abada’s profile (more of a wide forward) to cover for injury or a potential move at some point.


    Anyway, welcome Nicolas.

  9. Afternoon all.



    Welcome Nicolas.






    I recieved a message earlier today from MAGUA, he sends his condolences on the passing of your ‘Da.




  10. BELMONTBRIAN on 17TH JANUARY 2024 12:47 PM


    Afternoon all.







    Welcome Nicolas.














    I recieved a message earlier today from MAGUA, he sends his condolences on the passing of your ‘Da.





    Cheers mate. MAGUA is a nice fella.




  11. AN TEARMANN on 17TH JANUARY 2024 12:56 PM


    Big Jimmy







    Will do buddy





    Sorry mate…CORRECTION ” AN TEARMANN”…..and not what I Posted.


    Thanks again.



  12. TRUMP the CHUMP…


    And a dangerous CHUMP into the bargain.


    just like with THATCHER….I cant stand to bring myself to listen to or watch TRUMP the CHUMP.



  13. Someone Posted the other day about NICOLAS maybe being available to the GERMAN and the MEXICAN National squads.



    Is his Mother or his Granny from Mexico ?



    Genuine question.


    HH Bhoys.

  14. Great to have a starting player with no10 shirt again. Need to sort no9 now



    I have high hopes for Sead but he appears to have burned his bridges with Rodgers

  15. What is the Starz on

    Ah Big Jimmy.



    You really are a chump…on this occasion..


    The Kuhn for Mexico Post was a joke..



    It went something like….”Can Kuhn play for Mexico “…


    Say it out loud 3 or 4 times and you’ll get it

  16. R.I.P. to Kenneth Battersby and his wee TWO year old Boy…BRONSON.


    Apparently Mr Battersby died of a heart attack, in his home and wee BRONSON was found dead beside his dad.



    Ive said a wee prayer for both of them.



    Horrible news from Skegness I believe.

  17. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 17TH JANUARY 2024 1:14 PM


    Ah Big Jimmy.







    You really are a chump…on this occasion..





    The Kuhn for Mexico Post was a joke..







    It went something like….”Can Kuhn play for Mexico “…





    Say it out loud 3 or 4 times and you’ll get it




    Ive TRIED that moments ago and I STILL dont get it ?



    Maybe I am pronouncing ” KUHN ” wrong ?



    I can be a Chump sometimes….I freely admit that.






  18. BELMONTBRIAN on 17TH JANUARY 2024 1:12 PM


    Can Khun?







    Cancún – A city in Mexico.







    CHUMP :) :)




    Aye okay….I am NOT as far travelled as YOU and BRRB….Ive lived a very sheltered life.



    Im still a CHUMP sometimes.





  19. BELMONTBRIAN on 17TH JANUARY 2024 1:12 PM





    In school one day my teacher asked me…” Wee Jimmy……where is your Grammer” ?


    ” At the Bingo Miss….was my reply”.




  20. What is the Starz on



    But is it pronounced Can Kun or Can Coon ?



    You say tomato and I say TOM ATE OH ..etc



    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Rather chilly in my country estate.




    You should have worn your string vest.






  22. What is the Starz on

    Big Jimmy



    My English teacher asked me for an example of a “double entendre’


    So I gave her one…



    I’ll get me coat!!!

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    no idea why the clubs, media and fans are putting so much effort and thought into the 750 tickets debacle.



    who is driving it?



    its only 750 tickets so will make no difference to the atmosphere, and all the tickets for both clubs will just be swallowed up by staff, fat cats and sponsors.



    it is just a major hassle for no benefit as far as i can see.

  24. Let’s- we shouldn’t be entertaining any conversation with the huns about tickets, it’s either all or nothing, call me cynical but I think we will chase them,so the huns can blame us,rope a dope stuff.

  25. So, that self obsessed clown Trump says he will end the Ukraine / Russia war in 24 hours. What a guy!!!!!



    He can’t even end a sentence



    Concerned that a fool like him may once again be president of the most powerful country, scares me to death.









    We do not want or need 750 angry ugly huns in Parkhead.



    What will they bring to the table ?








    Increased costs. ( Police and Stewards )


    Lots of unsold tickets for segregation requirements.


    Road closures outside.


    Perceived and actual safety issues.



    It’s an absolute no brainer to keep them out and let genuine Celtic supporters in.



    At home it is our ball, at the Victorian Lavvy they can do what they like.



    There is not one positive I can think that will justify letting unwanted huns into our ground.



    Tell them to ram it Celtic.




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