Kwon or mid-career journeymen


You would be forgiven if you didn’t know much about Kwon Hyeok-Kyu.  He joined Celtic in the summer from his hometown club in the Korean second tier but, before Saturday, the last football he played was July.

Since then, the 22-year-old relocated to Scotland, with all the social, cultural, culinary and sporting challenges that involved.  St Mirren have him on loan until the end of the season and on his debut on Saturday, he was awarded Man of the Match (by the BBC, not a sponsor, keen to boost a new arrival).  That’s remarkable for a player out for so long.

Defensive mid is the role Callum McGregor plays, and Callum is the most available player on the planet, so swap-out options are rare.  Tomoki Iwata awaits his chance there, while Matt O’Riley really impressed when asked to fill-in.  It is no surprise we have yet to see Kwon.

He is an absolute unit: 6’ 3”, mahogany solid and fast.  His impressive debut for St Mirren surprised no one at Lennoxtown, including his manager, who has hopes for the player.

He is a find; prepare for a reassessment ahead, along the lines of Bernardo, with Holm and Nawrocki to come.  A loan move to St Mirren is a great next step.  He will hopefully play until May as he becomes adjusted to life in Scotland.  Celtic will watch all his games and he will return in the summer ready to press for a place in the team.

What happens to Kwon and the others is critical to how Celtic develop as a club.  Make a success of signing players with talent and growth potential, or pick up expensive mid-career journeymen (like Newco).  Best of luck to Kwon on Saturday.

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  1. Stebhoy



    Rangers have lost their best forward player and one of their biggest summer signings.



    They have brought in a loan project with an expensive price tag who has done nothing anywhere and a 22 yo lad from a Danish mid table team who has promise but has no big club experience.



    We have signed a 24 yo from Austria who has been on books at Bayern and Ajax and have not lost anyone of note other than Kwon.



    Not sure how this shows them doing better than us but if it suits you.

  2. Bada Bing



    Re Mark recommending Ange



    Let’s just say I would bet my life on it. Such is the credibility of both my sources on this. One being the largest Scottish shareholder in our club.



    As for Brendan not rating signings. How could anyone form an opinion when they are not seeing players in competitive action. I doubt any manager would be so arrogant as to make such a call.



    Holm and Narowcki were injured and Bernardo was being ‘managed’ into being ready for the top team as Brendan acknowledged.



    If it suits you to call these guys duds and not good enough for Celtic because Mark L signed them then no one will persuade you otherwise I guess.

  3. I just picked up on the news that Big Jimmy’s da had passed and I would like to offer my sympathy to the big lad on the loss of an importnt figure in your life.



    I heard from An Tearman that there had been a return to blog posting by Tom McLaughlin and St. Stiv’s so I will look at switching over my browsers soon so I can get back to annoying yiz all on here.

  4. B78- who called anyone a dud? Typical porcupine response when someone posts a comment about your hero and his son.




    It has been well documented and written on these pages that Celtic operate on £1 in £1 out basis since Gordon Strachans time 2006 aoorox.



    The facets that you refer to are written in the accounts


    Paying off ongoing o/s transfer balances and


    Major capital expenditure at Barrowfield so you can enjoy your wimmins fitba.



    Our club could campaign more to sfa for an audit path and league structure for all age groups to youth,B leagues and reintroduce reserve league as gap with B and 1st team is to great propelling us to buy with the pressures we see in windows like at moment



    Why are you on your minimum 3rd(minimum) moniker here on cqn ?


    Remember we are a club founded and grown refugees and Scotlands displaced





    GLENOWEN 2.07



    Welcome,Are you hun?








    You not testing today?

  6. SFTB at 6:15



    I heard from An Tearman that there had been a return to blog posting by Tom McLaughlin and St. Stiv’s so I will look at switching over my browsers soon so I can get back to annoying yiz all on here.




    Best news of the day!

  7. SFTB


    Good man,look forward to seeing you



    Scott Brown is Ayr Utd manager @clyde







    Done a bit of searching.


    Players were allowed to play for three clubs during the 20-21 period. This was a temporary arrangement so things have now reverted to the old system, so two now.



    Apologies for confusing the issue!






    Throwing cat among pigeons


    Wee query



    Season start player has a parent club- l,pool



    End of summer tfer window (pc) liverpool


    Loan registered – to Dundee.


    Ends 1/1



    Does a change in his parent club registration


    alter rules?


    Ie if Celtic signed liverpool fullback this window?



    Ah dunno csc:-))




  9. After starting at the TSB Bank almost 38 years ago and via various roles in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Manchester, tomorrow is (hopefully) my last working day. Fingers crossed my sanity prevails and my pension value holds up. If not, I’ll find something to keep me going am sure. Hopefully it all works out 🙏 🙏

  10. garygillespieshamstring on




    From reading the description of the FIFA position,


    my interpretation is that he has now played first team football for Dundee and Liverpool this season , so he cannot play for a third club.



    The three club thing was temporary for the covid period so that it reduced the possibility of players becoming unemployed.




    However I’m no expert so could be talking pash.


    I have certainly got previous for that.




    Hope your day goes well tomorrow and have a very happy retirement!



    Best wishes for the future!

  12. “SFTB


    I heard from An Tearman that there had been a return to blog posting by Tom McLaughlin and St. Stiv’s so I will look at switching over my browsers soon so I can get back to annoying yiz all on here.”



    Good news.

  13. BRRB


    Enjoy the Fair City are you staying in Harding Hotel again ? 🍺🇮🇪




    Happy Retirement 👍

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Park Road 67


    Aye G, Darkey Kelly’s for live music after a few in the Lord Edward. It’s a hard life. 👍🍺

  15. AT


    I am a man of few words.


    Do not confuse attendance with work done.




    Holm will be a player for us, mark my words .




  16. i too am retired as from 1st January, its magic so far, the desire to actually be working has suprisingly for me not appeared.



    i love not having email or calls, miss the people, but not the actual work.



    its weird but still………



    a bit like getting bumped off CQN, once you get a rest from “the need” to post well i seriosly question often why i got so het up about things,

  17. KELVINBHOY on 23RD JANUARY 2024 7:18 PM



    Retiring ???? you’re just a nipper🙄 best of luck and a happy retirement💚🍾🍀

  18. Bada Bing



    Insults and names aren’t necessary.



    You are right though. You didn’t call these guys duds. You did suggest Brendan didn’t fancy Nawrocki though.



    Thanks for sharing re summer nights. Great venue. I have attended a few most years since they started. Notably my mums last gig seeing Tom Jones and my old man seeing Burt Bacharach.


    Van Morrison with Paul 67 and his boys (their first ever concert) was a favourite though. Sophie Ellis Bextor also great last year.

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Kelvinbhoy and St Stivs


    Happy retirement ya rascals. No excuses for non attendance at the Shipbank. 😂🍺

  20. KB



    Happy retirement.



    Mine lasted 3 weeks early last year and my good lady (not so subtly) suggested I was better out doing something more useful than cramping her style all day.



    I hope you have more success.

  21. garygillespieshamstring on

    Kelvin bhoy and St Stivs



    A long and healthy retirement to you both.



    You will wonder how you ever found time to work.

  22. Evening all.



    I would love to sign the best player possible.



    What would you pay to watch a player play for our club?



    What do you think our club pay to buy a top player?



    What would Brother Walfrid think when hearing this?



    Sir Michael Marmot on ‘grim reality’ of poverty in Britain




    Nite all




  23. Lawwell left us in 2021 in some mess. We needed a complete rebuild when Ange came in. Only Taylor and Callum were first team starters. We went into a champions league qualifier, a game worth in the region of £35M, with an 18 and 20 year old centre defensive partnership.


    Last season we won the treble and our financial results were beyond record breaking. We are now in a dog fight with sevco. We may win the league but we may not. It is too close to call.

  24. Scaniel



    Hope the damage wasn’t too bad at the donkey sanctuary ?



    I hope you are getting a wee bit of support from people to help fix things ?


  is well worth a wee look for any CQN folk wanting to see how one family with a passion for doing something good can make a huge difference.

  25. Thanks all for your good wishes. Got plenty on this year with hols,walking 200 miles of The Camino and the Munich Beer festival, so that should keep me busy. Cheers

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