Kwon or mid-career journeymen


You would be forgiven if you didn’t know much about Kwon Hyeok-Kyu.  He joined Celtic in the summer from his hometown club in the Korean second tier but, before Saturday, the last football he played was July.

Since then, the 22-year-old relocated to Scotland, with all the social, cultural, culinary and sporting challenges that involved.  St Mirren have him on loan until the end of the season and on his debut on Saturday, he was awarded Man of the Match (by the BBC, not a sponsor, keen to boost a new arrival).  That’s remarkable for a player out for so long.

Defensive mid is the role Callum McGregor plays, and Callum is the most available player on the planet, so swap-out options are rare.  Tomoki Iwata awaits his chance there, while Matt O’Riley really impressed when asked to fill-in.  It is no surprise we have yet to see Kwon.

He is an absolute unit: 6’ 3”, mahogany solid and fast.  His impressive debut for St Mirren surprised no one at Lennoxtown, including his manager, who has hopes for the player.

He is a find; prepare for a reassessment ahead, along the lines of Bernardo, with Holm and Nawrocki to come.  A loan move to St Mirren is a great next step.  He will hopefully play until May as he becomes adjusted to life in Scotland.  Celtic will watch all his games and he will return in the summer ready to press for a place in the team.

What happens to Kwon and the others is critical to how Celtic develop as a club.  Make a success of signing players with talent and growth potential, or pick up expensive mid-career journeymen (like Newco).  Best of luck to Kwon on Saturday.

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  1. 1982: Paul McStay makes his competitive Celtic debut in a 4-0 Scottish Cup win over Queen of the South. John Halpin also made his debut and scored the fourth goal.

  2. KB,



    Naismith could be joining you.Woeful performance from Hearts.How anyone thinks this guy has a clue,God only knows.BBC Sports Scotland,looking up his number as we speak.Only Shanklands goals has kept them out of the bottom three.

  3. I retired a few years ago. Thought I’d spend my time golfing. Never thought I’d play too much and get bored. I’ve had 3 different jobs since then and only changed when I got bored with one. Downloaded a jobs app and my hobby over the past couple of years is applying for jobs just too see how easy/difficult it is to get work. Over these years I’ve been offered employment over 20 times. There are literally hundreds of jobs out there and most don’t care about your age….if you have a good working history they’re happy to hire you




    Am sure I can make it from EK into Glasgow for a wee shandy 🍺, though next one is out for me but will get to one soon.



    Enjoy your trip

  5. The woeful summer window experts,hanging fast to their early judgements.Nawrocki,Bernardo,Palma,doing great.Palma with 10 goals,and12 assists,not seeming to get the adulation from the doubters he deserves.Maybe if he did,questions would be asked of them,who scouted him?.Same with Bernardo and Nawrocki.Now the other two ,projects\ duds, Holm and Kwon getting loads of praise heaped on them.Yang meanwhile,although a fair bit to learn,is already been labelled,” Not good enough”.slogs away on International duty.


    Not content with landing us with this load of projects \ duds,he now brings Kuhn into the mix.


    A lifetimes worth of the Macaroon Bars and Spearmint Chewing Gum,to the first person to name the guy who scouted them.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Kelvinbhoy and St Stivs



    Enjoy your retirement, been two years since I packed in and enjoy every day.

  7. Kelvinbhoy and St Stivs



    Good luck ghuys its 12 years for me now but must admit felt the first year was a see you next thursday as I had no idea what to do with my life, that is until I started to look for volunteer work which I know find so satisfying nd luv my life again

  8. GENE on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:20 PM



    Cheers, doing Camino Frances, the 200 or so miles from Leon to Santiago de Compostela at the end of May into June. Nearly there with all the plans – looking forward to it

  9. TONTINE TIM on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:23 PM



    Ta, going to take a look at volunteering options. Good to hear about your positive experience.

  10. KELVINBHOY on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:27 PM


    TONTINE TIM on 23RD JANUARY 2024 9:23 PM



    Ta, going to take a look at volunteering options. Good to hear about your positive experience.



    *it is so gratifying I even help the Sally Ann with their food drive so NOT limited tae my own church

  11. Some come back from Hearts.


    Showed nothing of that quality in the first half .



    Manager changing formation and personell (positionally) not just like for like .



    The youngster (18yo) he brought on and into the middle of the park made a huge difference …..



    Shankland playing well below par , maybe trying to lower the asking price so the huns can buy (and not pay for) him 😊

  12. Congratulations to the retirees. I stopped working this time last year and never regretted it for a single second.


    Grand weans and refurbishment of an old house have kept me busy. This year I’m planning lots of travel starting with the caminito del rey in April.

  13. Winter window has been open for weeks and we have 1 player in. I have lost any belief in the guys running our club. You can be assured any big sales will be done in quick smart time and when season ticket time comes round there will be no hanging about either, seems our board only really have a problem when business equals cost. Well unless it’s a 66% rise on their own remuneration, again quick smart business.



    No doubt folk will come on here and have a dig at me and talk shite about wait and see, bla bla, bla. I don’t gives a fuck what happens from here on in the facts are simple we as a club are far to slow in the market.

  14. BRRB


    Aye J stayed in the Harding quite a few times , love Darkey Kelly’s , The Irish Celts a Republican band played there regularly 🇮🇪🎶🎶🇮🇪

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    When I retired 4 years ago I took up voluntary work. Mostly in licensed premises. A man needs a hobby.

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