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  1. VALE BHOY-you’re definitely a glass half full kinda guy😉


    Think Sutton has quietly gave the refs a doing tonight


    Christie tried to be cute there ,just clear it

  2. Ffs Celtic…just as the commentator jinxed it by saying 500 minutes away from home without conceding a goal…am blaming him….p#ick

  3. We are always going give teams a chance – pissing about at 1-0 is too dangerous – we are not learning



    Sloppy defending.






    Hate it when we fanny about…this sort of pish is usually the result.

  5. 1-1


    You could see it coming.


    Tactical and selection changes see same old problems recur.


    Coach showing no awareness of the change in flow this half.

  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    killer that, poor poor



    Should have been out of sight, cluggers given lee way, we took the impetus out of our own play in second and with an unfamiliar line up they couldn’t come up with anything

  7. Threw away 2 points.






    Whole second half we reverted to that crap passing the ball back, reverse gear.



    But, we learned a few things tonight.



    Hayes won’t do.



    Sinclair still way off the mark.



    Griff not fit.



    Gamboa… no thanks.



    clancy is a total cheat.

  8. Could have been 3 up in the first half. Poor and sloppy second half let them back into it. Underperformers and tactical changes didn’t help

  9. AH well,these things happen. mixture of bad refereeing,bad finishing,will cost you.Ifvwe score the penalty,we take the referee out of the game.We had. it,and threw it away.

  10. shocking from us tonight far too many players going through the motions , why was SB playing, and not having CMG playing in his best position creating chances is a mystery , ON playing left wing heaven help us.

  11. Fan-a-Tic…mate, are u blaming BR’s lack of tactical intelligence for getting us to SEVEN domestic trophies in-a-row….the league is a marathon and we’re still in it…



    as Aberdeens 10 man advantage fails to impress… ;-))

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    massive match on saturday against top of the league – need a win to set up the christmas games

  13. Gamboa at fault for goal.should have attacked ball instead of let it bounce..hes not good enough.

  14. Too many changes and too many positional changes in a game away from home, another 2 points dropped and now 3rd, shit night

  15. Christie instead of just booting out the park tried to clip it back over his own head🤔



  16. Kick in the bollix. A real sickener 2 points thrown away. The elephant falling out of the tree eases the disappointment a little but there are lessons. Once we mess with our first choice line up we are not as fearsome. My only consolation is the Huns will be sicker, when they see our result they will be thinking what if.