“Negligence and unprofessionalism” unwise pre-match words


I know none of you take this stuff seriously, but I’d been feeling a bit exposed with yesterday’s “Determined by Dundee” blog.  Newco won 0-5 there earlier in the season and have a vastly superior squad to Dundee, but winning when it really matters is difficult.  You can sense when a side are a tad short in this department, and Newco definitely made this a worthwhile punt.

Tony Docherty would have had his easiest team talk as a manager before last night’s game; Phillipe Clement did all his spade work.  “Negligence and unprofessionalism” are words that land a punch.  True or not, they are enormously disrespectful and gave Dundee a binding cause.  It was a schoolboy error from the latest iteration of guru-soon-to-be-worst-mistake-ever.

Now Phil has to ride the toxic fruits of his labour.  Angry and entitled football fans blaming him or his team for the happiness you and I enjoy, and which they are denied.  If only he had been nice to Dundee things might have turned out different.  Let’s hope he finds somewhere nice when he moves on in the autumn.

I’m a jinx, whenever I turn the TV onto a Newco game, they score, so I stayed on Man City – Real Madrid until a wave of texts lit up the phone.  “0-0 FT”!  City-Real are two great teams who served up a classic encounter.  So much to talk about but one moment stood out.

With City leading the penalty decider 1-0, Bernardo Silva tried a Panenka but got it horribly wrong and shot weakly into the keepers’ hands.  Silva, though, had been made to wait at the spot for 40 seconds, but in the context felt like an age, until a City fan returned the ball to the pitch.  The player had terrible preparation for his kick.

Think of the most stupid act you can imagine, and one clown will soon redefine your expectations.

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  1. Busy at work yesterday afternoon.



    Was a lovely wee surprise when I checked the fitba scores at happy hour.



    Going to celebrate by buying some stuff from the Celtic store. Half off a bunch of clobber.



    18 days until Lisbon!




  2. Got some other stuff going on and the hun tears are giving me something to smile about. This one would be mighty. It’s the hope that kills them 😝

  3. Hertz v Sevco this Sundays Cup Tie..



    i like to have ” CORRECT SCORE” Bets on with the Bookies.



    BET365 have the following Correct scores with their ODDS.



    Hearts v Huns 1 – 0 …….25/1.


    Hearts v Huns…2 – 1……..25/1.


    Hearts v Huns….3 – 2….50/1.



    Maybe I should ” Fill my Boots” ?





  4. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Nice evening at home.Man City, from the super duper best league in the world….out.Likewise Arsenal…hoping the trend continues and L’pool suffer the same fate.Meanwhile,another bonus, Hunz losing two points.

  5. McCowan from Dundee was outstanding, worth keeping an eye on,Tony Docherty spoke well after the game, he wouldn’t have been short of motivational sound bites pre match

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I guess there’s nothing much going on at Celtic this week, then?


    A stand-alone club like no other…..

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    You think he’ll last until the autumn? Cement will be run out of town on Monday if his team are put out by Hearts.



    It’s quite uncanny how you can jinx a game of football. I’ve done it on numerous occasions so like you, I now never switch on or listen in to their games.

  8. Tom McLaughlin on



    Bernardo Silva tried a Panenka but got it horribly wrong and shot weakly into the keepers’ hands.



    We have seen many panenka penalties that make the keeper look silly, the latest being Matt O’Riley’s gem at Ibrox.



    Panenkas only work where the keeper commits to diving right or left. We’ve always known that one day a keeper would foil such an effort by staying put, which is what the Real keeper did for Silva’s effort.



    It wasn’t simply a case of him getting it horribly wrong. The keeper gambled and won. Trying a panenka in a CL shootout displays great courage if it comes off and pure folly if it doesn’t.

  9. Prestonpans bhoys on

    More good news:



    “But Rangers fans are still very happy with him, and in an Ibrox Noise poll of 2500 fans and growing, a staggering 93% remain firmly behind Clement as the correct boss to take Rangers back to the glory days.” 🙃👏👏👍

  10. Hot Smoked



    We agree on lots but it is with reluctance I have to acknowledge Buckie are red hot favourites now after 2 dubious late goals in successive games v bottom club Strsthspey.



    Buckie at home v Keith


    Brechin away v Brora



    Brechin need a 3 goal swing.



    My mate put money into Brechin because he was frustrated that Dundee United (his real love) were not being run properly. He reckons there is a real pro Buckie thing going on within the Highland league.



    All the momentum is definitely with the hoops for sure. As it is in our league thank goodness.

  11. I was amazed at the delay getting the ball back after Modric launched it into the crowd. Is there a rule that you have to use the same ball for every kick?



    The other strange decision was Silva taking the penalty when he has never done so in his career.


    The fact the keeper didn’t move must mean that his body language gave away the plan to hit it central


    although the co commentator on Virgin Media (Ireland) still said



    ‘the keeper must have done his homework’!!

  12. AuroraBorealis79 on



    More good news:







    “But Rangers fans are still very happy with him, and in an Ibrox Noise poll of 2500 fans and growing, a staggering 93% remain firmly behind Clement as the correct boss to take Rangers back to the glory days.” 🙃👏👏👍




    I call bulls… on that. They must have used the VAR to come up with that %

  13. boondock saint on

    Thursday morning up with the lark


    Huns dropped points again at Dens park


    Their faces bealin as they turn on their dream


    They are quickly realising Glesga again will be green


    Hey Hey Hey its a beautiful day



    Sitting in class with a smile on ma face


    Their thoughts of first place are in such disgrace


    Big Lurch said we played well,and it is no shame


    Tony Doc asked reporters did you watch the same game


    Hey Hey its a beautiful day



    So I’m singing this song as I sit at my desk


    Am wearing the hoops proudly adorning my chest


    Nothing is won yet, but the end is in sight


    Proud to be green and not wearing their shite


    Hey Hey its a beautiful day



    So all you tims on this wonderful sight


    Let’s keep on giving the Huns it real tight


    Cmon Brendan keep our Bhoys at the top


    Their bubble is burstin, you can hear it pop


    Hey Hey its a beautiful day






  14. Former Republic of Ireland midfielder Andy Townsend concedes Celtic are “probably” a bigger club than English champions Manchester City in terms of “global appeal”. (talkSPORT via Football Scotland

  15. Burnley 78



    ` He reckons there is a real pro Buckie thing going on within the Highland league.`



    If so, that surprises me,

  16. 1925: At the age of 41 years and four months Alec McNair becomes the oldest player to represent Celtic. The 1-1 home draw with Queen’s Park was his 604th and final game for the club.



    “Alec McNair would have distinguished himself in any position, even in goals, with that calm, cool head and the sharp eyes.”


    Willie Maley (Celtic manager)







  17. Scullybhoy


    That team photo has me scratching my head trying to identify anyone, apart from McNair, Patsy Gallagher(?) and Willie Maley I don’t recognise anyone!

  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    Whether Buckie or Brechin prevail in the Highland League, they’ll have to get past East Kilbride to get a crack at the SPFL playoff.

  19. Bada Bing – “Dundee fined 186k,120k suspended”



    For taking points off sevco?




    It goes to the referees fund to make up for the win bonus they lost from the rangers.

  21. Wouldn’t surprise me if they complained and claimed for costs of travel and accomodation.

  22. rab hawe



    Although the caller was on the right track, I’m not sure what he means by “commentators” in the early part of the 20th century. There is proof positive that the term “Old Firm” was used, (and not in a bad way) on promotional materials relating to a Charity Match between Celtic and Rangers, around I think 1905-06.


    Maybe Saint Stivs could find said promo posters/leaflets for that particular game.

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