Penalty records, Clement on precipice


Newco’s remarkable run of penalty kicks, given and not received, has been covered far better than I have elsewhere, so I will not dig into the main issue today.  What we need to concern ourselves with it that penalty kicks is one of their main sources of wins in domestic football.

This is a jeopardy Celtic will have to prepare for on Sunday.  Any time they have or challenge for possession inside our box is an opportunity to win a spot kick.  They will try.  Maintaining a defensive line outside the box hugely reduces Newco’s threat by a significant margin.

Their win over Hibernian on Saturday prevented a third straight home defeat (Motherwell and Benfica were the previous two).  That steadied the nerves for a side who had not won without the benefit of a two-man advantage or a penalty kick (they received one and missed against Hibs) since February.

Pundits can be heard saying this is the most important derby in a which feels curious to Celtic fans.  We’ll let the Newco/Oldco confusion slip for now.  The other lot are feeling it more than we are because Clement is on a precipice between gaining a valuable advantage late in the season or seeing his reputation go the way it did at Monaco.

Their fans feel this, while they worry about the return of Callum McGregor, who alongside Kyogo, they respect more than any Celtic player in recent times.  The supreme confidence Celtic faced at Ibrox in September has been replaced by a faux bravado.  Five minutes of good Celtic possession and that will switch to pressure on the home side.

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  1. Morning good sir!



    We need to get a wee chat going for all the Bhoys going to the games over here.

  2. “Pundits can be heard saying this is the most important derby in a [?while?] which feels curious to Celtic fans.”



    Every derby (other than sometimes the last of the season when the league is already decided) is always described by a lot of the press as the most important derby is it not? Fail to see anything curious here. Even the dead rubber ones at seasons end are “a chance for Sevco to lay a marker and show they have improved for a better challenge next season” etc.




  3. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    I would also be mindful of not conceding needless free kicks outside our box , the Mibs will also be looking for the slightest pretext to award one . Tavernier has a fair success rate with these and big Joe (though I love him dearly) is not always spot on with his positioning .

  4. TOM Mc from previous post



    “Maybe someone should put Coisty over their knee and thrash him”


    “I’m pretty sure he enjoys that sort of punishment fairly regularly”



    Photos I’ve seen lately of Fat Sally someone can’t tell the difference between his fat puss and erse. “Erse” as in posterior and not a language

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on

    “Dundee could be forced to play their home Scottish Premiership fixture against Motherwell on Saturday AWAY from Dens Park over fears a postponement would leave SPFL fixture schedulers with a pre-split headache”



    As far as I’m aware the pitch was playable yesterday, so they could have got the hun game out the way instead of rolling over to the huns preferred date.

  6. AIPPLE on 4TH APRIL 2024 12:22 PM


    TOBAGO STREET re: South Bend



  if you or other wants to get in touch.



    Aipple, MNCelt, Tobago – my family go to all three games, flights and rental cars booked. I’ll email Aipple to get on the WhatsApp chat (I had the same plan).

  7. We went to Ibrox in early April in Ange’s first season and got the win to move 6 clear.



    This weekend is significantly more dangerous for us, a defeat will see us 5 behind a few days later.



    The jeopardy for us is significantly higher than any game that I recall in recent years.



    5 points behind will be extraordinarily difficult to make up given the fact they’re receiving a pen every other game since Clement walked in the door.



    I suspect BR is the only Celtic man who wouldn’t take a draw right now.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    AN DUN



    I think Dundee have a half decent chance of taking something from them . Unless we see mibbery on a par with our recent visit to Tynecastle , which is a distinct possibility .

  9. Playing for free kicks and pens has really ramped up since Gerrard was at sevco.


    It is now so ingrained in their game, that it is almost relied on.


    Remove the set pieces and really negate their play.


    Too early to be nervous, that can wait until Saturday eve

  10. G FEARON on 4TH APRIL 2024 12:49 PM






    Wee hint, if you eat your test paper, sooner or later you will pass it 😄😄😄

  11. Good shout Aipple.



    I will have both my sons and maybe a couple American friends as well, one is the guy you met in Skye. Everything is booked and I have an Airbnb on Campus close to the stadium for Friday and Saturday nights. Let’s get a WhatsApp group together.

  12. a pure random, in the hope that the big fella from the Irvine CSC still checks in even if he doesnt post anymore.



    Higgins calling SLAEMUIR BHOY



    If anyone still in contact with Big Eldo can you pass this message on.



    Researching a lot of geneology stuff.



    Look what the Camore site has as the refernece for SLAEMUIR AVE.



    your grannies old hoose. and is that your grandas car ?



    Barmy Army.



  13. Read the Dundee game could even be switched to Hampden,in some rag.


    Awe could it,Aye.

  14. Watched the boy Szmodics play the other night.Another two goals.Sensational scoring from midfield.Think he is up in the 20 s now,in a very difficult league.Good player.


    Alleged interest from us.Hope so.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Absolutely no mention of why the Dundee v Sevco game should have been played this midweek…..

  16. I am puzzled why we are making so much of this new legislation. Behave in a common sense manner and you have nothing to worry about.


    McMoists comments whilst “unhelpful” are surely no more than some football tribal rivalry. Sadly in Glasgow some very non religious people attach themselves to Sevco in particular but us also to a lesser extent and thats when it becomes a problem.


    The same people that will shout and scream all sorts of abuse are the first to be offended when the same/similar comes back in the other direction – just don’t get it.


    Of course there are morons out there but this legislation will swell their ranks not diminish them in my view as people will have a “cause” or demand “free speech” etc so it is likely to be counter productive.



    Are we too far down the road now for the 90 minute fan that whilst the game is on goes a bit bonkers but after that is back to normal amongst friends, colleagues and even family that could well have been in the opposite stand doing the same thing…..??


    I am far from a fan of McMoist – he is so bias he should be no where near punditry in Scotland and his co commentary on EPL etc is painful but can’t help think his comment on this have been elevated way beyond what is helpful.

  17. Auldheid,



    Shocking as that report is, at least the Press and Journal has had the courage to report on the “oddity” of the deid team’s not having penalty kicks given against them.

  18. Go at their defence with pace and we’ve got nothing to fear. Everyone of their back 4 is slow. Maeda, Kyogo and Kuhn running at them and they will press the panic button. Passing crisp, movement up front and the only danger is Beaton. Keep the heid and getting McGregor, Hatate CCV on the park makes us stronger than we were in September..

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Auldheid- the immediate worry for me is,Allan has declared himself, and is a possible convenient patsy, when the continued cheating sees the huns to the title. Maxwell will say that’s why he’s away, and we’re hoping to always improve the standards in Scottish football, blah blah blah…….

  20. Have we had anything confirmed this week on Callum’s availability for the weekend? I think we’re strong enough without him regardless, but I’d like to see him out there as he always performs against them.

  21. dearie ne, this guy getting quoted – a law lecturer no less and advisor on legal to the bbc.



    can anyone tell me which irish republican songs are criminal ? and which groups from the hate law definitions they are spreading hatred towards ?



    in fact it is a double dearie me from me.






    Alistair Bonnington – a former law lecturer and head of legal at BBC Scotland – suggested the legislation was so wide-ranging that ‘technically almost everyone’ at an Old Firm game should be arrested.



    He told MailOnline: ‘Rangers fans have various songs about the Pope which are extremely rude and make a lot of jokes about all Catholic priests being sex offenders. Then Celtic sing Irish republican songs.



    ‘These religious hatreds could fall within this act. In fact I don’t think there’s any doubt they do – after all the whole point of these songs is to spread hatred.’

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