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25 years ago, Celtic and Rangers were due to meet at Celtic Park, when Princess Diana died in the early hours of the previous day.  The game was cancelled.  Celtic were in a torrid period of form, Rangers were flying high.  When the reply took place, Alan Stubbs scored in the last minute to secure a point for Celtic.  That draw made all the difference at the end of the season, as Celtic won their first title in a decade.  There will be no complaints from me, therefore, in the event tomorrow’s fixtures are postponed.

But still, fixtures should go ahead as planned.  We are not North Korea, 60 million of us will go about our business as normal each day during the formal mourning period, millions of us will play sports, watch comedies and live like well-adjusted adults.  To pretend that those who have never met The Queen are experiencing genuine grief, would be indulging a mental health condition.

This is not Pyongyang.  As The Bard said, “Play on”.

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  1. BIG WAVY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:11 PM


    Mick Lynch knows that riding a wave of public sympathy would dissipate in a second if the right wing press and cabal were to seize on his unions’ supposed disregard for the grieving nation…..



    The next 10 days will involve a sizeable chunk of right wingers grabbing this opportunity to go after their usual suspects. I’ve already seen it emerge against black and irish lefties.



    There will be no place for social dialogue, empathy for the poor or anything radical whilst this circus is in town. The ‘I’m not normally a royalist but gang’ have their tails up…..





    Exactly !!



    Personally I think it gives us time to better prepare for our upcoming Shaktar Donesk game. Wouldn’t be happy if I’d paid for flights and hotel for the game though.

  2. Burnley78



    Is there any info re CL games? From club?



    I am assuming all as normal




  3. The costs of parks has shot way up for Amateur/Juvenile teams and now they lose that hard earned cash.



    Who will reimburse these local teams.






    D :)

  4. SAINT STIVS @ 12:53 & 1:15 PM,



    Well it is no doubt good that those teams have access to the state of the art facilities at Lennoxtown and I’m glad to hear that it happens.



    Yet it was only a few seasons ago that I realised most of the academy activity still happens at the underdeveloped Barrowfield



    It’s good to know that Lennoxtown is a first class facility, the chaps you mention are successes no doubt, yet were they better pro rata than the players we developed in the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties!?



    Lennoxtown and our plans surrounding it were visionary, just as Fergus’s plan for the Stadium was. The fact was it was deemed we were not getting enough players and sufficient quantity through the academy and that had to drastically improve.



    Although the plans were visionary at the time, they were not unique; they were inspired by the likes of, La Maisa, INF Clairefontaine, De Toekomst.



    Our plans needed to be designed to suit Celtic’s requirements sure but you have to say in the development timeframe we are talking about it would be know exaggeration to say the facilities that inspired our dream have been phenomenally successful.



    I’m not saying following our original plans would have guaranteed that level of success but high quality, state of the art academies were definitely the way to go.



    Our original plans may have had to be tempered, but that doesn’t mean we should have sat on our hands for the next fifteen seasons, especially as it was getting more and more obvious these academies bore fruit and then some.



    A few years ago we had forty Million in the bank, large sums of money owing from player sales and our training facilities languishing behind.



    It’s not too late to say we missed an opportunity. At the moment, our young prospects are flying out the door, the quality ones to clubs with better facilities, the ones who didn’t make the grade to smaller teams and the ones who are still showing potential out on loan.



    Stephen Welsh and Scott Robinson the exceptions and although I’d love seeing them as part of our first team, they are no doubt squad players with a lot still to prove.



    You took a snap shot of what the prospectus was for that share issue and legally that’s where we are at – however is was sold on very different terms to how things turned out.



    Were we sold a dream or a pup – I don’t know.



    But let’s learn the lesson, as we have great football fholk at the club now, and be ambitious and visionary again.



    Hail Hail

  5. I have no problem with the bland formalised statements of Celtic FC and Mick Lynch for the RMT on the death of an elderly queen. They have a public face to present and need to minimise resentment against them. Neither statement is an endorsement of the institution.



    I also consider the cancellation of games as both understandable PR but also a form of far-too-typical, enforcement of participation and conscription into a grief I do not share.



    I can understand the mass delusion around me and live with it and within it but I refuse to endorse it or agree it is healthy.



    Everything we have ever hears about the life of this privileged women has been delivered to us by hagiographers or downright liars. We know nothing real about her life, thoughts or prejudices. If you think you know her or recognise her, despite never being in her presence or having heard her say or do an interesting thing, then you are certifiably deluded.



    Tomorrow- even if my football team has its match postponed against the wishes of the vast majority of its followers, I will console myself playing 6 a side football.



    Unless some fascistic bassa has cancelled our booking

  6. FRED COLON at 1:34


    This just in:














    Guidance on this weekend’s




    Good afternoon,


    This email has been issued to all team, club and


    league secretaries.


    In sharing deepest condolences with the Royal


    Family, youth teams are being encouraged to mark


    the Queen’s death with a respectful minute’s


    applause or silence ahead of their fixtures this


    weekend as a sign of respect.


    In recognition of the important social and health


    benefits for young people that football brings, SYFA


    and SWF have confirmed that youth fixtures will


    proceed this weekend, but in the context of national


    mourning, teams are being encouraged to pay


    respect to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who


    passed away yesterday.


    Teams should liaise with their opponents and


    referee ahead of the game to ensure that the


    arrangements are coordinated and carried out with


    the utmost respect for each other and for everyone


    mourning the passing of the Queen.


    Kind regards,




    I can imagine our grandsons respond to this!!!!


    DAVID 66’s grandson too


    Absolute Tosh!

  7. Just went on to the Eventbrite web page for events at Covent Garden this weekend. A quick check of half a dozen events showed no cancellations.



    Just in case they just hadn’t flagged up a mass-postponment for all events (which would have been an odd thing not to do) I selected an attractive show, appropriately titled HARLOTS, STRUMPETS AND TARTS (well. I thought it was appropriate) and I started the process of buying tickets. I got as far as them wanting my credit card number, but still no notification of cancellation of the show.



    Looks as if at least some of the great and good in London town are going to be shelving their grief over the weekend. Or maybe that is their way of showing respect, keeping the show on the road, stiff upper lip, bulldog spirit and all that? Meanwhile the plebs who still follow that working class, footie-thing WILL show their respect, by the lord harry!

  8. DrB @ 1.53 / CP luv WTF? / right wing mentalism central



    The absolutist / one club golfer trying to deal with the complexities of modern life — interesting.

  9. Saw a bit earlier about Mick Lynch & what would Connolly have said,


    so just threw up part of a quote from Connolly about the Monarchy.




    What is monarchy? From whence does it derive its sanction? What has been its gift to humanity? Monarchy is a survival of the tyranny imposed by the hand of greed and treachery upon the human race in the darkest and most ignorant days of our history. It derives its only sanction from the sword of the marauder, and the helplessness of the producer, and its gifts to humanity are unknown, save as they can be measured in the pernicious examples of triumphant and shameless iniquities.



    Every class in society save royalty, and especially British royalty, has through some of its members contributed something to the elevation of the race. But neither in science, nor in art, nor in literature, nor in exploration, nor in mechanical invention, nor in humanising of laws, nor in any sphere of human activity has a representative of British royalty helped forward the moral, intellectual or material improvement of mankind. But that royal family has opposed every forward move, fought every reform, persecuted every patriot, and intrigued against every good cause. Slandering every friend of the people, it has befriended every oppressor. Eulogised today by misguided clerics, it has been notorious in history for the revolting nature of its crimes. Murder, treachery, adultery, incest, theft, perjury – every crime known to man has been committed by some one or other of the race of monarchs from whom King George is proud to trace his descent.

  10. ECW67



    What room were you in when Paul read it wrong ?



    I’m in the same room as James Forrest. (Hope Lennie doesnt come in !!!)

  11. and what keeping him as head of state if Scotland votes for independence…..


    mind boggling…..

  12. An T



    Celtic certainly acting like it’s going ahead on Wednesday. They balloted tickets today apparently.



    Tickets for those successful to be picked up tomorrow / Monday.




    Each to their own when it comes to opinion’s of the Queen we are about to see an outpouring of serious grief – not forced but genuine, the UK will come together as one very strong Nation – greater than that seen at the death of Diana some on here will not participate – that is your democratic right – but you will be in a minority a very small minority



    *As the songs says:



    Noo Scotland hasnae got a King and she hasnae got a queen how can ye hae the second Liz when the first yin’s never been

  14. c*nts taking photos of chic as they shake his hands outside buck house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  15. RC



    So the Ibrox hordes will have a chance to be even more angry at missing a trip to Naples.



    But Ibrox fortress can ensure they come home with a winning run later in campaign. So funny.

  16. Stx2 @ 1.05



    The list you provide regarding youth progress is a joke.


    There are people on that list who have retired after a 15 year senior career.


    Two players coming through in 12 years — three if you are generous about KT.



    You highlight our own failures without realising it.



    16 players made it onto the park on Tuesday night — starters and subs / finishers.


    One came through the ranks — that is all and there is no way to hide from that reality.



    You could argue that it would have been two is we had managed to keep a hold of KT.


    Fair point but that brings us up to the grand total of 2 in the last 10 years.


    That performance shames us and the people who ran / run the youth teams.



    Things seem to be improving — after 15 years of St N’s you have to ask why was it allowed to fail ion such a fashion and why did it take so long to make changes / fix it?

  17. SFTB



    It is up to the league body to decide Re Derry.



    Apparently no insistence from the protocols.

  18. MADMITCH @ 1:22 PM,



    Yes, AP making all the right noises that Big Pedro’s managers couldn’t.



    See the current GVB mantra…



    That was my understanding, that climate wise and geographically Lennoxtown was more geared towards an academy development such as INF Clairefontaine or La Maisa.



    With Barrowfield developed as a first team facility, it did the Lions and the quality street gang OK but needs development.



    In the eighties when the “new” building on the main stand was built I had a tour round it and there were lots of training and physio stuff based in that building, I’m not sure if it’s still there, I think it’s office and conference facilities mainly now.



    Is there a case for reinstating facilities there when we upgrade that part of Celtic Park!?



    Hail Hail

  19. Daniel- The wee mans game on Sunday is off.



    South East Region Youth football fixtures cancelled until further notice.






    D :)

  20. SPORTS have been advised by the Government in Friday morning’s meeting that events can take place this weekend provided they are staged in a commemorative and respectful manner.




    why the total shutdown.

  21. SFtBs @ 2:21 PM,



    Think it is United Kingdom territory.



    Derry is in Ireland



    Hail Hail

  22. RC



    It would be a strong option. An alternate non uk ground abroad might be another for the games. Eg rangers play napoli in Holland or similar if Ibrox can’t be used. Similar to Donetsk who can’t play at home.



    There simply is not the time built into the schedule for euro games to be cancelled.

  23. SFTB @ 2:03pm



    As always, an excellent and well considered point of view from your good self.


    I would, though, disagree with this part:



    “I can understand the mass delusion around me and live with it and within it but I refuse to endorse it or agree it is healthy.”



    I am not at all certain that the numbers who support the Official line would actually constitute a `mass delusion`.


    My impression is that most people take the view that she seemed a decent sort and they will view her passing with some sadness.passing . I believe it is only the Media who are trying to create this idea that we are all inconsolable and want everything canceled so that we can show how much her death has affected us.


    No doubt there are some who do feel as the Media claim but do their numbers qualify as `mass` ?

  24. How funny would 50,000 bears missing a home game v napoli due to this crazy situation.



    There is no way uk teams will give up home field advantage. The games will go ahead next week. I am certain.

  25. Given the complete indifference of my own three children, to the monarchy, I certainly hope that the passing of the Queen will result in a sea-change of public opinion towards the need for Kings, Queens, pageantry, national mourning, etc.



    Apart from a brief period after the death of Diana, QEII has been pretty much off-limits to any kind of public criticism. Never complain never explain served her well. Her children have not been afforded the same protection.



    Her eldest son is now King, a man that has been lampooned and ridiculed over the years. Having waited so long, he will want a right good shot at the job. But, will he be given the same teflon coating that his mother enjoyed ? I don’t think he will.



    Out of respect for the Queen, how many Commonwealth country leaders, from Australia to Canada and all points in between, have been waiting patiently for her to pass, before handing in their notice of withdrawal ? We will soon find out.



    I am better that no one, and no one is better than me. The Queen was not the rock on which the modern UK was built. That was done by engineers, scientists, etc, and everyone who has gone to work every day for the past 70 years. A lady sitting in her numerous castles and palaces had nothing to do with it.

  26. Hot Smoked



    Follow Follow is in meltdown about the greatest woman who ever lived.



    Who would have thought her passing might ensure another ‘3rd in a row’ 4 goals thrashing delivered to them by napoli next week……to the accompaniment of repeated renditions of god save the Queen.

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