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25 years ago, Celtic and Rangers were due to meet at Celtic Park, when Princess Diana died in the early hours of the previous day.  The game was cancelled.  Celtic were in a torrid period of form, Rangers were flying high.  When the reply took place, Alan Stubbs scored in the last minute to secure a point for Celtic.  That draw made all the difference at the end of the season, as Celtic won their first title in a decade.  There will be no complaints from me, therefore, in the event tomorrow’s fixtures are postponed.

But still, fixtures should go ahead as planned.  We are not North Korea, 60 million of us will go about our business as normal each day during the formal mourning period, millions of us will play sports, watch comedies and live like well-adjusted adults.  To pretend that those who have never met The Queen are experiencing genuine grief, would be indulging a mental health condition.

This is not Pyongyang.  As The Bard said, “Play on”.

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on




    This from “the voice of reason”




  2. Disappointed that the games are off tomorrow. Not surprised.



    Agree with Paul and Ernie. It’s a strange decision mindful of precedent Re previous monarch deaths.



    Clearly sporting institutions trying to align and get their projection of ‘misery right’.



    Glad we have some decent other sport from abroad going on to keep us busy this weekend.



    My lad saying he thinks fife amateur league games are off too !



    Amazing that 38% of UK expressed a dissatisfaction with the monarchy at most recent survey and over 50% in Scotland yet we see such a huge outpouring as this about this event.



    We are also compelled / encouraged to believe we are not normal and somehow wrong if we are not so affected.

  3. AN TEARMANN on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:00 PM



    Nothing in the RMT’s statement endorses the concept of monarchy or is incompatible with being opposed to the concept of monarchy.

  4. Yet, our lack of player development in the last fifteen years and the limitations of Lennoxtown means we have suffered because of the mothballing and delays.






    Can I suggest reading “This is how it Feels to Be Celtic”.



    The chapters from Teirney and McGregor are very instructive of what happens with academy players, the St Ninians tie in, the educational aspects coupled with 2 training sessions a day, then often a game at night, and another over a weekend.



    By what measure is success acheived ?



    Celtic first team games ? transfer fees in ? transfer fees out avoided ? CL level players ? international caps ?



    Lennoxtown is multi purpose. But the first team is the priority,



    Take a drive over sometime, it is an excellent layout and facility.



    Meanwhile –





    – Made his Celtic debut in May 2010.


    – 8 League titles, 5 Scottish Cups and 5 League Cups


    – Senior Scotland debut, May 2011





    – Made a scoring Celtic debut in July 2014


    – 5 League titles, 3 Scottish Cups and 4 League Cups


    – Senior Scotland debut, November 2017





    – 102 appearances for Celtic, scoring five goals


    – Scotland international


    – 4 League titles, 2 Scottish Cups & 2 League Cups with Celtic


    – Graduate of the St Ninian’s/Celtic development programme


    – Moved to Arsenal in 2019 for £25m





    – 158 appearances for Celtic, scoring 39 goals


    – 47 caps for Scotland, scoring 7 goals


    – Also played for Villa,Wigan, Chicago Fire & Hull City


    – Appointed Under 20s Coach at Celtic in 2017


    – Joined the Belgium coaching staff in 2018





    – Made 185 appearances for Celtic, scoring 31 goals


    – Joined Spartak Moscow in 2010 for £9.5m


    – 93 Caps for Ireland, scoring 5 goals


    – Played at the 2012 & 2016 Euros


    – Also played for Everton, Sheffield Wed, Preston, Sunderland & Charlton





    – 134 Celtic appearances, scoring 20 goals


    – 5 league titles & 2 Scottish Cup medals with Celtic


    – Scotland international


    – Also played for Dundee Utd, Wolves, Southend, Aberdeen, Blackburn & Wigan





    – 150 appearances for Celtic, scoring 17 goals


    – 26 caps for Scotland, scoring 2 goals


    – 3 League titles, 2 Scottish Cups & 2 Leagues Cups with Celtic


    – Currently Celtic Academy’s Reserve Team Coach

  5. James forrest



    It’s a respected posters point on what’s goin on.his view,adaptation to things


    He was here when you posted.yonks ago.


    Take it easy James




  6. BURNLEY78 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:05 PM




    I think the difference between now and 1952 is that back then the public grief was probably more genuine so there was less need to virtue signal. We also didn’t have the curse of rolling news and social media amplifying everything.

  7. Andy Patons Mullet on

    Those that want to show appreciation should stand on their doorsteps and clap at 1930….good enough previously…

  8. Mick Lynch knows that riding a wave of public sympathy would dissipate in a second if the right wing press and cabal were to seize on his unions’ supposed disregard for the grieving nation…..



    The next 10 days will involve a sizeable chunk of right wingers grabbing this opportunity to go after their usual suspects. I’ve already seen it emerge against black and irish lefties.



    There will be no place for social dialogue, empathy for the poor or anything radical whilst this circus is in town. The ‘I’m not normally a royalist but gang’ have their tails up…..







  9. ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:05 PM






    Nothing in the RMT’s statement endorses the concept of monarchy or is incompatible with being opposed to the concept of monarchy.






    The fact it issued the statement at all blows that idea out of the water. Unless they’re the sort that opposes the concept of monarchy but not the reality. Calling off the strikes seals it. Protecting workers’ living standards has to play second fiddle to sympathising with the death of a feudal relic that epitomises all the inequality that blights our lives.

  10. Prince Charles could choose to be called anything he wants as king.



    King Kong I, King Long Dong, ‘King get it roon ye Dad you racist old tyrant. But he chose to remain Charles, what an opportunity missed

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    I’ve no idea why Tom Rogic thinks the championship and WBA is a ‘new challenge’ but with the transfer deadline having past and with him now being a free agent the clock goes back. Just before the season finished both he, and Nir Bitton were granted a move, and Celtic were due a transfer fee given Rogic was still in a deal.



    Are we still a charity after all? No suitors and Rogic would still have gotten, his wish signing with anyone as a free agent.



    Very strange ending it was called at the time, seems posters were proved correct.

  12. CB @ 12.12



    My thoughts at the time were that B/field should have been upgraded.


    Keep the club close to its roots and invest in the city.



    To move especially to an out of town facility meant that we were losing part our history. Annual upgrades would have been enough starting with a bit of painting / gardening / fence fixing.



    As you note L/Town is more suited to an academy location away from public gaze. I think that we should invest in it along those lines — indoor pitch / accommodation / support facilities for our older youths say 14 to 18.



    I’m sure there would be scope to add non football facilities like a hotel / hostel / conference centre using what is left of the old hospital — the infamous Campsie Glen was close by so there was a market back in the day if you could stop the shotgun juggling in the car park.



    Plus of a network of training facilities spread across the East End — forcing RM youths to play in Airdrie shames us all and we need to move things on.



    We desperately need a B Team stadium — stop poncing off the lower leagues — plus we should be doing stuff for the local community. Adopt a few schools would be a good start.



    We have the budget now that PL’s bonus is not a line item in the annual budget.



    The only thing to worry about building stuff in the Campsies / East End is the Abominable No-man who wanders around in the mist of the hills / Free pie seats shouting no / not needed / no budget / why? / not in my day / won’t pass planning / the Glee club have enough on their plate.



    It would be a challenge but we need to try …



    AP and his growth agenda needs all the help he can get.

  13. Ernie


    Did they take a vote on it? Lols,


    Of course it wasn’t,but it was signed by someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of monarchy.



    That duality is interesting when facing establishment power like now.It compromises those on left in power.




  14. onenightinlisbon on

    “Some on here will not participate – that is your democratic right – but you will be in a minority a very small minority”



    Aye right….

  15. The voice of reason or the voice of treason?


    Mainstream and social media are going to be full of pointless scoring over the next few weeks.


    Good time to be flying off on holiday actually

  16. in a post with so many things to pick apart, but its all been done before and he still cant accept the busainess realities of itt all, this is a bumper






    We have the budget now that PL’s bonus is not a line item in the annual budget.



    do you think the current CEO is not going to get at least the same bonus PL did ?



    probably more in fact, his numbers will be the greatest in the PLC history.

  17. If only Madmitch had got the job back then.



    We would have a property portfolio consisting of



    A mega stadium, 67,000 seats, redevelopted main stand, with another 8,000 seats in the attic



    Two world class training facilities, one in the hills for the kids, with hostel accomodation and the hospital rebuilt to be a hotel (scary mary)


    another at barrowfield.



    another hotel,



    a museum



    two more parks for the east end



    ice cream vans for all



    and a turnover of 250 million.



    bloody lawell

  18. how many pictures can they show of planes and cars departing and arriving.



    its really not news is it.




    It’s a fair point. I can’t bring myself to laugh at people when someone important to them dies after I was greeting when Rogic and Bitton had their last game.

  20. EL @ 1.09



    You are heading in the right direction.


    We seem to be showing the world how big / important we are by the amount of public grieving we can deliver.



    Queenie looked over a 70 year decline which had followed a 34 year decline or a 53 year decline depending on your point of view.



    Nothing Queenie was involved in made any difference — Diana and her shenanigans increased the profile of the UK to a much greater extent over a much shorter time period.



    We need to remind ourselves how important we are — mourning is our chance to have the eyes of the world on us and we need to put on our best performance. The establishment cannot see that all this pantomime does is show how irrelevant we have become.



    And all this nonsense does not stop at the border / Carlisle.


    The renaming of the Southern General tells us far too much about the culture of cap doffing in modern day Nat Land — why not Aneurin Bevan / Donald Dewar / Sam Galbraith?

  21. Stx2 @ 1.31



    I take it you never made it to the Campsie Glen Hotel back in the day?


    Quite a place — unfortunately from a Kiltoon angle the Glenskirlie took away a lot of its foodie custom.



    And then you had the shotgun juggling.



    The problem with your laundry list is that it would all have been possible if we were not funding PL’s bonus at the same time,

  22. I exclude Huns from that. The Queen is important to them for entirely abnormal reasons. Pointing and laughing is ok in my book.



    But taking in the whole of the UK they’re freakish outliers

  23. Stx2 @ 1.27



    New CEO remuneration — hopefully nothing like PL.


    The money needs to go on things that will make a difference.



    Starting with AP and his growth agenda.


    All our progress is on the park at the moment.


    That is where the bonuses need to be focused on.



    If newbloke makes a difference then he should be rewarded.


    Until then it should be enough money to live in Thortonhall but no heated driveway.

  24. ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 12:27 PM



    Does Mick Lynch not have a duty to represent all of the Union he leads including the royalists?



    Is Mick Lynch not leading his Union in a conflict, where he is trying to win hearts and minds?




    The man has principles, don’t think Mick Lynch would be impressed by his basic decency being used to in some way imply the man was a supporter of Charlie.

  25. SAINT STIVS on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:31 PM



    You forgot the top fashion designer we are supposed to hire so we can keep an eye on Adidas and make sure our profit from replica shirt sales🤣




  26. Ernie



    I agree on both points.



    Glad I am off to Warsaw on Tuesday for 3 days to get away from this ! They are hosting a lot of refugees and folk from a country with a lot more to be seriously concerned about than our population.



    Wish I could stay there until next Monday now !!!!

  27. FRED COLON on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:34 PM



    All grassroots football fixtures cancelled FFS





    It is really laughable.the cost/loss to those travelling to and fro games is going on.


    The games should go on,this rush to cancel and induce mood his worrying,am sure in 52 it was business as usual.


    Hope you enjoyed them last 2 games.🤣👍 I did,and we are learning.




  28. i forgot about the 5,000 car multi storey






    more jacuzzi boxes overlooking the pitch.

  29. FRED COLON on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:34 PM


    All grassroots football fixtures cancelled FFS




    Absolutely disgusting the way they are trying to make people mourn.



    This is 2022 ffs



    Kings and realms – in the name of the wee man.



    D :)

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