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25 years ago, Celtic and Rangers were due to meet at Celtic Park, when Princess Diana died in the early hours of the previous day.  The game was cancelled.  Celtic were in a torrid period of form, Rangers were flying high.  When the reply took place, Alan Stubbs scored in the last minute to secure a point for Celtic.  That draw made all the difference at the end of the season, as Celtic won their first title in a decade.  There will be no complaints from me, therefore, in the event tomorrow’s fixtures are postponed.

But still, fixtures should go ahead as planned.  We are not North Korea, 60 million of us will go about our business as normal each day during the formal mourning period, millions of us will play sports, watch comedies and live like well-adjusted adults.  To pretend that those who have never met The Queen are experiencing genuine grief, would be indulging a mental health condition.

This is not Pyongyang.  As The Bard said, “Play on”.

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    “But let’s learn the lesson, as we have great football fholk at the club now, and be ambitious and visionary again.”



    When do you think we were last ambitious and visionary?

  2. Taken from Declassified link i posted earlier.



    “Charles’ visits tend to whitewash the Middle Eastern monarchies’ human rights abuses, often coinciding with repression of opposition activists or the media.He plays a key role in cementing UK relations with key allies, acting as a de facto high-level salesman for British arms exports and promoting military cooperation.While the palace emphasises his cultural visits, Charles’ meetings are often with senior military, intelligence and internal security officials.Charles is also the patron of the UK intelligence agencies.



    Research by Declassified has found that Prince Charles held 95 meetings with ruling families in the Middle Eastern monarchies since pro-democracy protests threatened their power in the uprisings of a decade ago.



    Charles’ diplomacy in the region, which comes at the request of the Foreign Office, has helped to cement controversial UK alliances with undemocratic regimes and promoted £14.5-billion worth of arms expo”

  3. Chairboy



    Well aware of the location of the city and the League that they play in. The information was in my post. Burnley 78 provided the reason- the League of Ireland and UEFA will not see undue disruption because of this



    Hot Smoked



    I am sure many people have a few of her as a “decent sort” but it is a view that is promoted by hagiographers and liars. She may very well be but neither you or I , or the people expressing these views know if it is true. It is a received opinion.



    And there are plenty of roasters out there competing in the “I’m more upset than you” stakes.



    I heard on the radio as I woke this morning a woman who praised Elizabeth for reading and responding to every letter she received. Now that- we can agree is a delusion. it would leave minimal time for her two main job requirements – waving and asking people “And what do you do?”

  4. “BURNLEY78 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 2:47 PM


    Follow Follow is in meltdown about the greatest woman who ever lived.”



    Well I would expect that from them but I feel , had they been asked : Would you like our game to go ahead so that we can show our great love and respect for Her Majesty? that the vast majority would have said `Yes`.


    ie they still wan t their games to be played but they can hide under the guise of ` Just doing it for Lizzie`.




    I agree with what you are saying. My only disagreement is in the numbers who accept the propaganda of the `hagiographers and liars`.


    I feel it is a much smaller number than is suggested by` mass`.

  6. Might actually be a good thing our game is off (notwithstanding my earlier comments about travelling fans).



    We have 2 hard games in the last few days and we have to travel to Poland for a crucial match. Everyone should be feeling loose and ready to go

  7. Burnley78



    Thanks for info






    Gives a good few good days to focus on shaktet




  8. The expectations of Lennoxtown can be improved but need to be tempered.



    This is not the 60’s or 70’s where we recruited from within 30 miles of Glasgow. We started losing promising youngsters to Alex Ferguson’s recruitment,ent from WoS when at Aberdeen.



    Our exotic foreigners were Charlie Tully and Sean Fallon. Then we had the exotica of Peter Latchford and Snuggie Edvaldson. This trickle of non-Scots has gathered pace and we now have many English youngsters and non-Scots in our squads. They are trying to break into a first team squad that contains 27 players, of whom only 8 are Scots. Of the 8 Scots- only Taylor, McGregor, Turnbull and Ralston appear regularly. Forrest and Welsh are far down the pecking order and Bain and Robertson are not going to be around long.



    We have 4 Japanese, 2 Danes, an Englishman, Croat, Swede, German, Greek, Montenegrin, Israeli, Aussie, Portuguese, Yank, Argentinian, Swiss and a Scottish born Irishman. Most of these are full Internationalists.



    That is the level a breakthrough player must reach.While plying your trade as a development player in the 5th tier of Scottish football, you must somehow reach the level of a full internationalist and then be better than him.



    Most of the players we coach and develop at Lennoxtown are good solid pros but not quite Celtic class. Other clubs in Scotland and England get the benefit of their development.



    But if we can find an intermediate step between being a 16/17 year old in the 5th tier of Scotland and then place people on loan at other SPFL clubs or at League One level in England, we can help provide them with the competitive environment to make this jump.



    Lennoxtown alone will not do it- even with upgrades. Competitive environment is crucial.

  9. CELTIC40ME @ 2:54 PM,



    Obviously that’s a subjective matter but what I was commenting on, was when Martin O’Neil was manager and Tommy Burns was tasked with running the academy.



    The plans that took inspiration from other academies as well as TB knowing first hand what Celtic’s youth development had offered from the early seventies and during his time as Reading manager looking to set up a first rate academy there.



    Hail Hail

  10. kevin bridges set the benchmark last night for continuing on, an an act that would have anyone really hurting from events walking out.



    i hope boyle and sadowich are lined up for interviews.

  11. English Rugby Union fixtures will be played on Saturday. The England cricket team will resume their Test on Saturday. PGA championship will resume on Saturday. Horse Racing will resume on Sunday.



    Only the working class game of football will see all weekend senior competition wiped out.



    Know your betters!

  12. anyone know how many real academy players played on tuesday ?



    and much lauded ajax ?



    and barca ?



    and liverpool ?

  13. CELTIC40ME on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 2:54 PM






    “But let’s learn the lesson, as we have great football fholk at the club now, and be ambitious and visionary again.”



    When do you think we were last ambitious and visionary?





    Since St Mary’s Hall we have not stopped imo


    Taking in the ebbs and flows of time we have to survive has been a success.




  14. DrB @ 2.55



    You are not getting the full story.



    Where does the UK have the manufacturing infrastructure to build £14.5bill of weapons / armaments?



    It doesn’t exist — you bare being fed tripe.

  15. SFtBs @ 2:55 PM,



    Only joshing of course!!



    Interestingly though, what would a British Army base come under territorially?



    My father in law was born in one in the North of Ireland. My eldest made inquiries and he can get Irish Citizenship, he intends to do just that and get an Irish passport.



    Hail Hail

  16. Paul67 et al



    Nobody would ever accuse you of looking to Balmoral for spiritual guidance Paul.


    Rather I suspect you are still in a state of mourning over the less recent loss of our longstanding CEO.


    Forelocking of the highest order. I’ll leave others on here more qualified to give that a Freudian spin.


    Understandable in your case. Each to his own.

  17. AN TEARMANN @ 3:28 PM,



    Yes, totally agree, I was rather concerned at the ebb when Rangers died though.



    Hail Hail

  18. 67ECW I don’t know you have never met you and not even conversed with you on this site so I don’t mean to insult but surely that British pish you posted was a wind up?



    If it wasn’t it was the biggest nonsense I’ve ever read here and that’s a site regularly blighted with mm.

  19. C40 @ 2.54



    Ambitious and visionary — tough call.



    Wee FMcC in 1994 would be my only guess.




    Close but no cigar:



    DD was ambitious — 99 till 2005 — EPL ambitious.



    AP is ambitious at the moment — football ambitious.



    Glimours of progress:



    MO’N put DD’s ambitions onto the pitch — 2000-2002.



    WGS put DD’s financial ambitions into practice — 2005–2009.



    BR upped our game on the park — 2016–2018.

  20. Anyone know if charlie needs a court jester.



    One going spare on here.



    I could drive his clown car to the airport masell

  21. How amiss of me. In the grand master plan I forgot to add a mini estada for the ladies and the b team.



    Build it andattendances will rocket to em 500 plus.

  22. SFtBs and CELTIC40ME,



    If you look at this BBC link you will see what my feelings were regarding the share issue and the opTIMism around the academy.



    It was deemed we were doing a good job and that the first team were going to benefit greatly from Lennoxtown academy.





    Earlier in the year Tommy had set out his vision…





    For me this was a time of justified opTIMism in the vision.



    Hail Hail

  23. SFTB



    Good to hear Re Scottish opera.



    I wonder which which one ?



    Turandot would be most apt given Napoli in town next week. The World Cup when Naples became a different nation for a month.

  24. Timmy7Noted,


    67ECW is a dear friend of mine. However, he’s been living in that London for too long., witness today’s post. Either he’s been on the sauce or his post is a fabulous piece of satire. If it’s not the latter I’m going to have a word with him.

  25. Celtic donate at least £10 to the poppy appeal every year, so I do not know where this “Celtic do not donate” pish comes from.



    D :)

  26. DAVID66 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 4:02 PM


    £10K not £10… 😂





    I thought you did mean ten pounds but as a joke and I found it funny :-)))



    Regards to Jimmy if you see him.



    Cheerio for now.

  27. CHAIRBHOY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 3:22 PM



    I don’t know for sure but I’d be surprised if any board would make a strategic decision like committing millions of pounds of new capital to a project like a new academy because the head of the academy wanted one.



    Helping with design of the facility, of course, that was his expertise but a strategic decision like that wasn’t. He would have played very little part in the discussion imo.



    I’m confused about how it worked. Did Tommy and MON have the vision, recommend the idea to the board, the board agreed to raise the capital as part of the share issue, include the plan in the prospectus, then lie to the stock market and the buyers and use the capital to prop up the balance sheet?



    Or were they never interested in an academy it was all one big con? They never intended to commit any of the clubs money to a plan that wasn’t theirs?



    Seeing as £10m of the share issue was underwritten by DD would they really have risked being done for fraud for the sake of £5m that they probably would have brought in anyway?



    I’m struggling to understand why the board members would put their name to a share issue like that

  28. Rubicon thanks for the response, sadly I see similar behaviour changes in family based down south.

  29. CHAIRBHOY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 3:49 PM



    Quite. As Brian Quinn said



    “A key objective of this fundraising activity is the establishment of a purpose-built training facility incorporating a state-of-the-art youth academy.”



    £10m for the training ground and the academy. Not just the academy. The board decided to have a share issue to finance the facility, not Tommy.



    Are you suggesting we were lied to?

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