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25 years ago, Celtic and Rangers were due to meet at Celtic Park, when Princess Diana died in the early hours of the previous day.  The game was cancelled.  Celtic were in a torrid period of form, Rangers were flying high.  When the reply took place, Alan Stubbs scored in the last minute to secure a point for Celtic.  That draw made all the difference at the end of the season, as Celtic won their first title in a decade.  There will be no complaints from me, therefore, in the event tomorrow’s fixtures are postponed.

But still, fixtures should go ahead as planned.  We are not North Korea, 60 million of us will go about our business as normal each day during the formal mourning period, millions of us will play sports, watch comedies and live like well-adjusted adults.  To pretend that those who have never met The Queen are experiencing genuine grief, would be indulging a mental health condition.

This is not Pyongyang.  As The Bard said, “Play on”.

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  1. So the woman’s T20 and the mens Test Match cricket is going ahead with some guidance and rules.



    Folk to be in seats by 10.30 for celebration of queens life. No fancy dress to be worn.



    I cannot for the life of me see why football is cancelled on Saturday but men and womens cricket can be played.



    Why is rugby cancelled but golf can go ahead ? Crazy. Especially with the fixture pile up it will create.

  2. ernie lynch on 9th September 2022 1:01 pm





    To pretend that those who have never met The Queen are experiencing genuine grief, would be indulging a mental health condition.




    One poster on here will not agree with that.




    As would Freud.


    Though the argument is a little more nuanced that you are suggesting (or perhaps comprehending).


    Essentially it’s grief by proxy.






    I was quoting Paul67 so you didn’t comprehend what he was saying.



    😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪 😪

  3. itscalledthemalvinas on

    A night with Gascoigne and Laudrup tonight at the SEC goes ahead as planned.


    Dignity FC

  4. The capex spending for lennoxtown is included in the accounts for those times 2005-2008.



    Amortization and then balance sheet valuations are all there in the years after.



    Raised £15m. Spent near £11m.

  5. I am turning up at the gasgoine tribute tonight with a cooked chicken four cans of lager and a fishing rod shouting to the stewards that I am his friend and should be let through

  6. You would need a pretty good business case for BQ, PL and DD to decide to spend millions of freshly-raised capital on anything.

  7. Well said paul67. I commiserate with those who are grieving at the moment and respect those for whom this is a poignant moment in their life. I also hope the same respect is present for the first frail victims of the cold this winter.

  8. BMW Golf at Wentworth, restarts tomorrow, players using black balls as a mark of respect, rounds might take a wee bit longer than usual…..

  9. CELTIC40ME @ 4:10 & 4:17 PM,



    Yes, I think it was Tommy and Martin’s idea, we had the chance to aquire the land at Lennoxtown and maybe things fell into place in that regard.



    If you read Tommy’s comments of April 2005, you can see he thinks he’s got a lot of the mechanisms alrwady in place and the Academy is working without the Lennoxtown facility.



    He says they “built it” from scratch as in the nineties our youth development had all but disappeared.



    Now, we had financial issues to deal with and a new change in tact, what Martin O’Neil referred to as “life in the slow lane”.



    Remember that interview with TB was April 2005 and by June 2005 Gordon Strachan was our manager and Tommy became a first team coach.



    It would seem at that point the Board were really having a re-think about the academy and maybe the ambition and importance to the Club.



    You will see after the share issue the emphasis has gone from an academy to a “training centre”, PL is on record of course as wanting to use Lennoxtown as a first team training facility as taking prospective players around Barrowfield had become embarrassing.





    The academy was playing a much less important role, though the basics were still in place.



    Of course by the time we get to Lenny’s tenure and we really don’t need to start a debate on his strengths and weaknesses again, but he only ever utilised one academy player and that was James Forrest.



    The head of scouting was John Park and moneyball was the main route to bringing players through and by the time Rangers are dead our backroom operations had deteriorated to the point we were looking for Norwegian knowhow to bolster our player conditioning.



    So it doesn’t have to be some great fraud and the change of direction as Brian Quinn’s influence diminished and Peter Lawwell’s increased.



    So by emphasising the Academy which I believe was the original plan and keeping the details of the DD’s extra shareholding schtum, the Board were not in anyway being fraudulent, just emphasising what they felt the supporter/shareholder, may deem good reasons to increase their shareholding.



    The reasons for the issue were detailed by the Board as per St STIVS c&p post t’uther day, so no one lied, the share issue came at a time of change in the Club.



    The fact that the essence of the academy remained at Barrowfield, which was never developed and phase 2 of Lennoxtown was mothballed are symptoms of that change.



    Hail Hail

  10. Now even the great north run is going ahead.



    What a joke. Football is the only sport not actually happening tomorrow now.



    Opera Cinema Theatre all happening.

  11. CHAIRBHOY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 3:34 PM



    AN TEARMANN @ 3:28 PM,



    Yes, totally agree, I was rather concerned at the ebb when Rangers died though.



    Hail Hail



    The clue is in your answer CB,whatever criminality and law breaking rolled out from concept til 14.6.12 by the cheat will not be commented on by CFC.our majority shareholder commented at a golf tournament when asked as an individual,iirc sevco still had to be accepted into the league at the time.



    In a formal majority shareholder no formal comment and res12 and 11 voted down too,following what DD majority shareholder


    In corporate terms I disagree as far as associating Celtic with anything that goes on at the hun past or present


    In Corp terms Celtic won’t comment on them.


    I thought it at end of the day14.6.12 and longer it goes on its right.let the hun explain their self is nowt to do with us.(from a maj shareholder p o.v but it shows more activity is needed re justice and governance but the recent fsa constraints tightening show influence is being made



    Surprised at you CB .


    2012 was not a problem in our history.


    1994 on the other hand…..


    2022 we are doing fine




  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    A good friend advised a Bunker after my post earlier. Cheers J but I battle on


    Thanks to those that have taken the time to reply – I will try and respond to one and all with this post


    I seem to on my own


    Nothing changes and I will persist


    1) As stated earlier your view of the Queen is your view, gieve or rejoice – your call


    2) More importantly – any post I posted was for the benefit of Celtic Football Club.


    3) If Celtic listened to most on here and shouted we want to carry on regardless, she is not our Queen How would that go down with the worlds media. It would be more negative than the Huns wrecking Manchester


    4) My point earlier about the negative press Celtic get if they do not put a poppy on their shirt is nothing compared to the negative press they will get if they voice opposition to the grieving mentality of a big percentage of the UK


    5) The hun will have a field day they will have the moral high ground – Imagine the Headline “Celtic Football Club disrespects the Queen”


    6) Lots of comments about the BBC and the Press with a persuasive one sided story – we all live with the editor having his say -todays CQN post is testament to that “Play on” Like all media its your call what you make of it


    7) Someone asked what room I was in when I said “read the room” – that room is the UK – I could attempt to exaggerate and say the world but I will be sensible and stick with the UK


    8) Celtic “apparently” are a club for all – I have a love affair with Celtic because I believe we are the good guys – anyone is welcome. The Green Brigade have a brilliant banner “Immigrants welcome” that’s my club I tell the world Yet we grumble at the mourning of an old woman


    9) My last point I do not ask anyone to support or grieve for the Queen but “read the room” the country is in mourning (you may not be but a lot are) Associating Celtic (as Paul67 has done today) with an anti Queen view is not good for Celtic. Sometimes silence is golden



    Hail Hail to one and all




  13. CHAIRBHOY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 4:53 PM



    The change in strategy happened before the share issue. It also came before when you say BQ’s influence diminished. In a October 2004 BQ and DD had a conversation after another heavy defeat in the cl, against Shakhtar Donetsk. This came out of it



    “We have to have a radical change, not just tinkering,” he said. “We cannot keep going back to shareholders to cover current expenses. When you raise money from shareholders, it should be for capital expenditure, such as building a training ground and improving the scouting structure. We have to run our affairs so that we break even at least, year by year.”



    The share issue was part of it the change in strategy. We used the capital raised for capital projects – Lennoxtown primarily as a training facility, with the academy as a secondary concern, and the remainder went on paying down some of the debt.



    You suggested previously that the board misled investors, they sold us a pup, not that there was some sort of change that explained why the academy was no longer built. It’s fraud if they sold shares on the premise that they would spend the money on a project that they had no intention of following through on.



    The prospectus always said training facility, academy, strengthening balance sheet. The academy was never the priority. As BQ’s quote above would suggest

  14. Stx2 @ 4.29



    I think you are only telling half the story.



    The £15mill rights issue kept the bank off our backs when we were under the financial cosh of the 2004/05 financial collapse.



    WGS coming in and downsizing the MON inflated wage bill from £35mill to £25mill did the rest along with the money from AV for SP in 2006.



    So highlighting the £10mill cost assigned to L/Town in the context of a £15mill rights issue is not the full story — not even close.



    The full story is that we got the £15mill in 2005 to bring the bank borrowings — had been £23.5mill against a £24mill limit — back to a more sustainable level which gave us time to trade our way towards a £10mill spend at L/town.



    Three years in the CL were a big help as well so it shows where we need to focus going forward.

  15. C40 @ 5.19



    Were those statements before or after DD flounced out saying no more money because the supporters had upset him?



    He did change his mind but toys were found below his pram.



    He had no choice — the bank invited us in for a chat about our debt levels.



    Not good.

  16. C40 @ 5.19



    The academy should have been our priority.



    One player out of 16 shows how this lack of focus is affecting us now.

  17. MADMITCH on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2022 5:26 PM



    “Were those statements before or after DD flounced”



    I don’t know but they were after MON’s life in the slow lane comments in 2003, a couple of years before the share issue




    2 things and after that I promise I’ll stop filling the blog up with this



    If you state in the prospectus that you’re using the money invested in the company for three things and then you willfully spend it on something else it’s fraud. It doesn’t matter if there’s a change of business plan, the shareholders who bought the shares could sue all the directors of the company



    You’re suggesting that the board collectively, including BQ and DD were part of the issue, drew up the spending plans then let PL change them, unchallenged. DD spent £10m of his own money and then let PL decide, unilaterally, what he would spend it on? And they all let PL do this in the knowledge that they faced criminal charges if they let him do it.




    You talk a lot of sense. You’re not on your own 👍

  20. 67 ECW



    I see very little shouting for the club to “do something”.



    I do see a lot of us shouting that we are being forced to do something that others aren’t



    Rugby, cricket, horse racing and golf will be played this weekend. Opera and Theatre and concerts will perform.



    Uniquely Football gets its fixtures wiped out- not delayed for one day of mourning- a whole weekend.



    The posh boy sports don’t need to be brought into line – just the oicks who don’t recognise their rightful masters



    Up the Republic!

  21. Superannuated Fenian on

    Hello, everyone. Unable to indulge in any of my usual time-passing pieces of nonsense, annihilated by Royal mourning, I logged in here hoping for a change of direction and a breath of fresh air. Well, looks like I got that wrong. I’ll try again tomorrow when you Royalists/ anti- Royalists have got it out of your system.


    PS Great racing at Leppo tomorrow and the Curragh on Sunday. Thank God they can’t close that down.

  22. I personally have no real sense of having been served by the Queen. Neither do I have any real sense of how King Charles will serve me. I think of them as self-appointed figureheads – nothing more, and judged just like everyone else for what they say and more importantly what they do. I cannot share in the belief that she was the nation’s grandmother and therefore somehow mine. She was distant, made no meals for me, offered no cuddles or advice or money. But I won’t criticize anyone else for expressing whatever it is they want to express although I will grate my teeth when I hear and see egregious dishonesty and fake emotion.



    The thing is, I was brought up as a Catholic – we never had any pictures of the royals in our house or took any interest in them. I don’t remember my RC schools having any union jack on display and we were always mindful it seems that a Catholic couldn’t be the monarch. I am no longer a Catholic but I am a republican who believes in respecting others’ beliefs and expressions and will try to foster peace rather than create enmity. Even when others are in the wrong.

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