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  1. Dexter P. Bampot on

    One of worst halves of season so far



    A real malaise about the whole side



    Whilst Maeda undoubtedly worst ON the ball, I suppose at least hes been ON the ball- Kyogo has hardly touched it



    Ange needs to change things



    Hart and Calmac need to lead on the pitch

  2. ridiculous that we have to go for every ball that leaves the pitch are clubs not to have ballboys/girls at every game.

  3. This is a worry. Ref playing his part – soft or no contact fouls against us to slow things down while three from behind challenges for us let go in the last 10mins


    I fear refs more than StM

  4. Plating a wall of defenders we ned craft.



    Maaded off and Haza on, Moy off and o’reilly on

  5. Totally disagree on Jota. He’s been decent. We’ve been far better down the right side and Johnson has played some great passes. I’d pull Maeda off before him, when haksa comes on. The penalty against us was pathetic.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Poor first half. Lots of huffing and puffing, but close to zero penetration. Both wingers in particular have been poor. Jota wasn’t good last week and he’s been worse today. St Mirren playing very well again, helped by the penalty decision. Been impressed with them this season. Even against ten this is likely to be a slog. I’d switch Maeda for Abada at half time. Maeda needs space to run into and there is none.

  7. Dallas does what Dallas does, Celtic have been poor lacking pace and no one going beyond their backline, shower of time wasting cheats this mob, need creativity Jota has been crap cant even pass to his own players.

  8. Seeing the two penalty decisions at diebrox yesterday compared to the two penalty decisions today , for me sums up the desperation they have to keep Sevco in with an outside chance . Disgraceful

  9. the long wait is over on




    “Even against ten this is likely to be a slog. I’d switch Maeda for Abada at half time. Maeda needs space to run into and there is none.”




  10. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Brother Dallas MOTM for St Mirren so far. Still think we will win but the MIBs are going to have the biggest influence. Embarrassing officiating

  11. Both VAR decisions were probably the right ones.



    Despite what some on here say we do not see the same rules applied though in favour of Celtic. Nothing like it.



    I appreciate Tom Mclaughlin’s Regular view that things are not biased. I can only comment on what I see myself.



    Dallas interventions are both entirely pro rangers and entirely anti Celtic. 100% fact.



    Decisions are not balancing up. Only one whe Morton had already conceded in the cup has been controversial in Celtics favour.



    Goldson on Jan 2. Tynecastle 4-3 game….. both as with Taylor today but not given at critical junctures.



    Pen for rangers at Ibrox v Partick not even as close to the box as Kyogo but given.

  12. Despite the usual blatant cheating, we will win 4 1



    Disgraceful, they are being allowed to foul with impunity. Scandal





  13. the long wait is over on

    Kris Boyd obviously doesn’t believe those opinions he’s expressing on the two pens.



    Just toeing the party line.

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    We’ve been good against packed defences this season but never on such a tight pitch, this is a big test. i don’t think we will be able to draw them out so tippy tappy and shots from outside box and most likely goal coming from a deflection. would prefer a tippy tappy as that would really unsettle them into making rash challenges.

  15. Moisey17



    Totally agree Dickinson is playing a great game for them.



    Allowing time wasting at every turn. Non contact fouls for them and nothing for our players getting clattered.

  16. Canamalar



    Maybe you were right Re Ralston for today against that Bassey wannabe guy.

  17. ha ha



    Kris Boyd v Andy Walker



    Two pigs that not only revel in shoite but revel in talking shoite



    Big Boydy cannot hide his enjoyment



    As wee Leigh said



    “Yir teams deid mate”



    Away to relieve my bank manager to back the hoops, the Hibees were a terrific price yesterday so am actually using their cash



    (apologies for the gambling post, only ever gamble what you can afford to lose)

  18. Need a couple of changes at halftime.


    Maeda and Jota, have been woeful.


    Don’t think Kyogo has touched the ball .

  19. aw well K Boyd says both VAR decisions are correct , we can all be quiet no more discussions on the pens.

  20. Jota is sacrificed every week to allow Maeda on.


    Jota is at his best by far on the left wing. There is no one as good as him in this position in the club.


    Haksa should always be on before Abada.


    We need guile in the box.

  21. Just get the ball past them to the byline and cut it back…hard and low …they’ll score for us …never mind playing across the front of the box….

  22. Burnley78 1pm



    Wash your mouth out with soapy water



    Canalamar is never right :-)



    Get Ralston on !!!!

  23. Why is that Moron Boyd even on the panel today.Walker is the Sky rep there today.Why not have Saints pundit.Walker is not happy with that grinning twat..


    Ange has to change this up.Jota,Maeda,not getting anything across goal.Calmac pushed further up now.We can go 3 at the back.

  24. Not at our best today but the bhoys are doing ok. StM were right up for it for the first 10 mins but lets be honest they have done nothing in the game other than pack their defensive line. Actually thought Jota came into the game and has done well. Maeda is struggling with the aggressive tackling. 10 men is going to cause them to tire quickly with the way we play. Confident we will grind out a 2-1 here.

  25. Wingers easily nullified by close marking. Celtic’s claim for a penalty was pretty weak and easy to dismiss. I wouldn’t say it was cheating. They are not able to take advantage of having a man more. Defense is playing well but attakcs by full backs come to nothing due to poor play of wingers and even Mooy is struggling to get decent balls in – all low passes easily intercepted by a tight St M. defense. Hopefully they’ll tire before we do. hope who ever comes on is on form. I’d go with 2 strikers given we have a man advantage and they won’t be attacking much. Oh to add some strength and Kyogo to pick up the loose balls. Haksa for Maeda and Abada for Jota. I guess that means Mooy or Hatate off Probably the former.

  26. Everything we say every week about the refs, VAR always playing second but what do we hear from the club? Absolute silence.

  27. We cannot continue to play backwards here from first minute – need to be brave, turn them, beat a man don’t play side ways and backwards. They only have 10 so nothing to fear from breakaway

  28. Everything we say every week about the refs, VAR always playing second but what do we hear from the club? Absolute silence.They don’t have to pay to watch it .

  29. Sounds crazy but winning today is crucial despite 9 point lead. They are being helped to wins each week



    A wee bit more quality in our balls into the box would help.







    MOST of our Balls into their Box have NOT got beyond their first defender.


    JOTA and MEADA doing little or nothing so far.


    KYOGO STARVED of the Ball.



    I cant disagree with St Mirren getting the Penalty, but Celtic SHOULD have had one also.





    I know its difficult against a PACKED Defence, but we have been very Predictable.


    MON the CELTS.