The Alkmaar gamble ahead of Thursday


You and I have watched enough European qualification games to know that fitness is perhaps the biggest determinant in success.  In this respect, we should be ahead of AZ Alkmaar, who have played only two competitive games comparted to Celtic’s nine.

Despite this, AZ pressed Celtic back for much of the final 15 minutes last week, an indication, perhaps, of a higher baseline.

From a fitness perspective, Celtic’s game against St Mirren could not have gone better.  They sharpened the tools in the first half and no player was physically taxed to the extent that it would inhibit performance five days later.

AZ, meanwhile, got their fixture against Fortuna Sittard postponed to allow them time to prepare for Celtic.  That is a big gamble.  AZ need to be rested, especially as their game plan is likely to involve extra time, but two games and two defeats into their season, a home game against the side who finished 11th last term would be welcomed by others.

We have a recent reference point for taking a 2-0 first leg lead to the Netherlands.  A Utrecht team who were poorer than AZ did not even need extra time to see them through.  The Dutch, it seems, arrive in August fit and ready.  Let’s hope AZ’s weekend off proves unhelpful.


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  1. An official media partner of “Rangers” FC, Follow Follow? A cesspit of naked sectarianism and racism. Any serious journalist would have called them out for this by now surely?

  2. Good morning all from a sun soaked Garden of God.



    I hope that sevco have to isolate a lot of 1st team players as we did last year.



    The Belfast Lab must be closed or did a pesky journo find out about possitive tests or did a pesky player say something aka Lundstram. Who gives a feck.



    I hope it’s all 1st team but it will be 2cor 3 patsy’s I’m afraid.



    D :)

  3. I first encountered ” Snake Pilsson” via the movie ” New York” OR via the great Playstation game that I used to play…whichever came first ?


    I think the movie was in the 1980’s ( I may be wrong ?), and IF it was then the Movie was BEFORE the Playstation game as I didnt get my first Playstation to around 1998…although the Playstation ONE game with ” Snake” featuring, MAY have already been out a couple of years before 1998 ?


    I spent Long Hours and long Nights playing THAT Game…I will need to look thru my Old Games and see if I still have it ?


    Welcome to Snake Pilsson.



    R.I.P. Charlie Watts and Danny Martin.


    I havent been in Hegartys since 2002, so i wouldnt have known Danny.



  4. “Yonder! Pray tell what sleekit guff breaks from the fallen folly?


    Thus far ’tis all headline an’ no’ substance. The ( BIG) games afoot. ”




    Oh aye.

  5. Quote from FF



    “ Alfredo and Helander have both had it fairly recently, so hopefully they should both be good””



    When was that news in SMS ?




  6. The game against the Hun on Sunday is STILL available to Bet on with Bet365…Ive just looked. Likewise the Huns Euro game Tomorrow.



  7. Big Jimmy on 25th August 2021 8:06 am



    Danny worked in MJH since the late 80’s I believe. He has been an ever present since I got my first flat in shawlands around 87/88.

  8. big jimmy



    “The name’s Plissken”



    “Call me Snake”




  9. I would have thought that for such a long trip, Sevco would be on their way by now . A personnel check at the Airport would soon show which players are missing. No?

  10. “It’s not about education and people are more than well aware of what’s right and wrong – just be a decent human being and treat people with respect.”


    Ange Postecoglou.

  11. ” rainjurz sensationally reveal that they are currantly locked in a mega-bucks bidding war over not one but two of thur prized assets.


    Reports from inside the bowels of the glorious facade confirm that Direct Kitchens huv tabled a 4 figure sum for the stained and chipped marble-topped staircase and a wee fat bloke from Dennistoun wants “the Bike” with a cash offer of 2 hunner smackers……….”

  12. TIMMY7_NOTED on 25TH AUGUST 2021 8:37 AM


    Big Jimmy on 25th August 2021 8:06 am







    Danny worked in MJH since the late 80’s I believe. He has been an ever present since I got my first flat in shawlands around 87/88.




    Cheers mate, MAYBE I did come across Danny in 2002….as I was living in Govanhill ( near the Queens Park Cafe” for about 6 months ?


    I was in Heghatys maybe 3 or 4 times back then.



  13. CELTIC MAC on 25TH AUGUST 2021 8:39 AM


    big jimmy







    “The name’s Plissken”







    “Call me Snake”




    Sorry for my MIS Spelling…I must do better.



  14. Weebobbycollins on

    They should have left by now. Armenia is 3 hours ahead of us. So, if they leave now they won’t be there until 9pm. Teams usually have a training session at the stadium the evening before the game. Doesn’t give them much leeway. So, perhaps they have already gone and if that is the case…where are the photos from the airport?

  15. Very sad news. YNWA Danny 🍀




    Saw the sevco game was pulled by hills for tonight and our game on Sunday. Luckily already had placed mine aleady offering cashing in emhanced.



    In addition I asked for odds from hills on Celtic multiples this year as it wasn’t listed weirdly….



    They are currently offering 20-1 for us to do the treble. So many potentials honest mistakes to stop us but with an attacking style that’s worth a few pennies🍀



    *please bet responsibly*

  16. I was wondering about Sevco flying to Armenia also. Thought they would have gone yesterday but can’t see any mention of it. I think a direct charter would be around six hours. They’re three hours ahead and it’s very hot right now.


    Anyway, we should just be focused on our own game(s).

  17. Hun players with covid are.


    Both keepers , Tav pen, Helander, Wright and Sakala ( whoever he is)

  18. Weebobbycollins on

    “English clubs could move for Celtic’s in-form midfielder David Turnbull, says his former Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson.”


    Aye, right on cue…


    Won’t work though!

  19. Weebobbycollins on

    St. Tams…confirmed or still yesterday’s rumour? There was a lot of guessing on twitter last night.

  20. Weebobbycollins on

    Saw someone asking if it only affected league games and could they still play in Europe. Thicko!

  21. Weebobbycollins on

    Just been sent this…


    “My thoughts are with the virus at this difficult time.”




    “If it turns out Sevco can’t field a team on Sunday we will be awarded a 3-1 victory (they’ll still get a penalty)