The Benefits of Using GamStop for Celtic FC Fans


THE Irish football fan base is one of the largest in the world. They support their teams in the stadium and on the bookmakers’ websites. If you’re a fan of Celtic FC and you enjoy gambling, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks that come with excessive gambling. Therefore, using the GamStop system is obvious and understandable to many.

But not everyone understands this program’s value and its benefits. Therefore, we decided to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: what is the essence of GamStop for Celtic FC fans, and why is it needed?

What is GamStop?

But before moving on to the benefits, it is important to describe what GamStop is and why it is needed. GamStop is the UK’s national program for voluntary exclusion from gambling services. The free tool allows you to block access to gambling sites in the UK and Northern Ireland.

The reason for launching such a program was the frequent problems associated with gambling losses. Involvement in the game happens quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks. As soon as gamblers start winning, it seems to them that luck will accompany them all the time. They begin to spend more and more energy on the game process and would like to receive a reward in the form of a cash prize for this. Therefore, to prevent the spread of addiction, the UKGC developed special self-exclusion programs, one of which was GamStop.

However, not all players should be registered in the GamStop database. There are a lot of Gap betting websites not on Gamstop in the UK developed for responsible gamblers who are able to control themselves. But, if you are not confident about your gambling behaviour, we recommend using self-exclusion.

Benefits of Using GamStop for Celtic FC Fans

Currently, gambling licensing authorities rightly require operators to have a GamStop. This is primarily due to the established legal regulation of this issue in several countries and the global trend toward compliance with the principles of responsible gambling.

Still, there is one pitfall. Keep in mind that this is exclusively about gambling – GamStop customers can play in land-based casinos and slot machine halls. But it is impossible not to notice the apparent advantages.

Increased Self Control

Gambling always has positive emotions from winning or negative ones from losing, and nothing can be done about it. But GamStop, especially for football fans, almost eliminates impulsive actions and promotes self-control. Those who have experienced this program constantly say that a short break only increases the excitement and does not cloud the head with rash actions.

Reduced Temptation to Place Bets

One of the first signs of addiction is the regular repetition of the same action. The famous phrase of one character from a computer game says: madness is the exact repetition of the same action over and over again in the hope of a change. It’s hard to disagree with this. Therefore, GamStop controls the gambler and allows him to make many bets. These so-called limits enable you to make a certain number of chances (optionally for a certain amount).

Encouraging Responsible Gambling

In addition to general principles, responsible gambling is the establishment of mechanisms for limiting participation and ensuring that a player is self-excluded from the platform. Such restrictions and opportunities make it clear to gamblers that they must do it responsibly, no matter how much they want to bet on a Celtic football match.

As a standard, gambling platforms are offered to enable several levels of “disconnecting” a player from the game via self-exclusion: a short break (“cooling off” period), temporary self-exclusion (at least for 1 month), and irrevocable self-exclusion.

During the user-selected period, the platform operator must comply with the player exclusion regime and refuse to restore the current account or create a new one.


A more significant incentive for betting, especially among the football community, is that Celtic FC has several contracts with betting companies. And these bookmakers actively share information about responsible gambling and the possible consequences of addiction.

Betting on the matches of your favourite team has long been a constant entertainment for football fans, and the Celtic fan base is no exception. Therefore, GamStop, in this case, acts as a freelance referee who, in case of violations, can issue a yellow card in the form of a game limit or a red one, which will permanently close access to legal bets.



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