The Responsible Fan: Possible Celtic FC’s Initiatives for Promoting Gambling Control with GamStop


CELTIC have been cooperating with various gambling platforms for a long time. The team attracted the attention of sponsors following an amazing series of victories in the Premiership. Of course, football fans love to bets on sports, especially if their favourite team, Celtic, is playing.

But many argued whether the team needed gambling sponsors because this could negatively affect the fan base. Based on this, the team and sponsors should actively promote the ideas of responsible gambling and special tools, including the well-known GamStop programme.

Importance of Promotion Responsible Gambling in Football

Football is always a passion and a desire to make money by betting on your favourite team. But sometimes football can be like roulette in a casino: the combination of life circumstances of the players, the weather, the competence of the referee, or other factors can affect the final result of the match. Some fans can easily laugh at a lost bet, while others want to win back.

As a result, addiction begins to progress, which can cause moral or physical harm to fans and their families. That is why the management of Celtic FC actively promotes the idea of responsible gambling to prevent problems in their community. We all know how much the Scots love this team with all their hearts. Therefore Celtic pays special attention to its community by constantly advertising ideas and recommendations for safe and responsible gambling.

Initiatives For Possible Celtic FC and GamStop Collaboration

The GamStop programme has long been one of the most valuable and effective tools for gamblers. Therefore, based on this, Celtic FC can use several fan base social policy initiatives to promote GamStop and responsible gambling.

Educational Campaigns

First, quite a lot of football clubs already support different self-excluded programs. Secondly, it is essential to state that Celtic FC and GamStop also have begun cooperating. After that, you can launch a large amount of information content that will be different from what is already on the Internet and will be interesting for football fans.

To do this, you can start hosting workshops or webinars on responsible gambling. Of course, the lecturers will be representatives of GamStop, who will share their program’s features and teach fans or their families how to use it.

Player and Staff Involvement

Of course, the Celtic FC players are the main influencers, so getting them involved in this initiative is also important. Everything can be done in the form of instructive videos starring a gambling-addicted Celtic fan and football team members.

We’re not talking about standard text like: Don’t do it because it’s bad. Of course not. It is important to clarify that GamStop is a practical and correct solution in case of addiction or problems with the family. The opinion of team captain Callum McGregor will be much more weighty than the words of a GamStop representative that no one knows about yet.

Stadium Advertising and Promotions

FC should always spend money on advertising, especially when it comes to responsible gambling. Since Celtic Park is the hallmark of the club, there will be no difficulty in placing messages or banners that briefly provide important information about GamStop.

Alternatively, a more straightforward method, such as handing out GamStop flyers or pamphlets in the stadium, can be used. This will be easier and not create misunderstandings between sponsors and investors.

Community Outreach

The area of dissemination of gambling information should not be limited to only one stadium and website. Among teenagers and young fans, you can also meet those who play on illegal platforms. This should always be discussed and warned the younger generation about the possible consequences. Collaborating with local organisations or schools to raise awareness will be an important step toward responsible gambling.

In addition, you can organise a charity event to discuss all the self-exclusion program’s features. The money raised at the event can help those who have suffered from addiction and gambling.

Role of GamStop in Supporting Celtic FC’s Initiatives

GamStop allows you to limit the user’s activities on gambling platforms. One of the most effective features is permanence. If a player has launched a self-exclusion programme, it is impossible to refuse this or simply turn it off. In this case, the only ticket to the world of odds will be online bookmakers that aren’t on GamStop or similar platforms which do not have any connections to the programme. Worth to mention that those options are limited and the majority of players decided to stick with GamStop and avoid any betting platforms.

On the one hand, this may seem challenging, but on the other hand, these are necessary measures to be discussed. Therefore, those who are faced with problems associated with gambling, in particular sports betting, always have the opportunity to seek help. In addition to accessing important information, users can access support networks and helplines.


The Celtic FC fan base has always been someone who loves their team with all their heart and soul and shows it in different ways. Someone wears the uniform of their favourite team, and someone makes bets on their matches. Therefore, to prevent gradation and possible problems for fans, it is important to draw their attention to GamStop and responsible gambling.

The football community is amiable, and finding something stronger than the connection between the fans and Celtic FC is impossible. Therefore, the implementation of some initiatives will benefit all participants.


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