Three Easter Road wins in a decade an objective fact


The corresponding visit to Easter Road last year, in November, was when the stark reality hit in our house.  Celtic were not going to win the league, with all the consequences that brought.  Hibs led 2-0 that day before ‘Hibs-ing’ it, but a Diego Laxalt equaliser in stoppage time did not move the dial for Celtic.  There were many worse results that season, but for me, this was the punch in the stomach.

Celtic won all three visits to Easter Road in 2011, two in the league and one in a League Cup tie 10 years ago yesterday.  The decade since that win has saw us record three wins there, two in the league and a significant Scottish Cup win when Neil Lennon stepped into heat left by Brendan Rodgers.  It is by any measure a difficult venue.

Hibs had a great start to the season, unbeaten in nine domestic games before the wheels came off, bringing defeats in their last three games against Newco, Dundee United and Aberdeen.  There is a story with each defeat: a red card, chances taken and not taken, even during this period their form has been better than results indicate.  You get the feeling they have ability but lack resilience.

Ange Postecoglou will not know or care of our historical results at Easter Road.  He has a better squad than Jack Ross, with players who can carve open opponents at will and a defence that has not conceded in three weeks.  A win tonight will close off the first round of Premiership fixtures with Celtic on the front foot.

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  1. I liked Petec’s prediction of a 6-2 victory.



    I’ll settle for half that. 3-1 will do just fine.

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    You feel that Hibs have to get a result sometime soon. Hopefully not tonight. If we keep playing the way we have been we should win. Need to be aware of Boyle’s pace on the counter.

  3. Is there a ground at which we have won less in the last ten years than Easter Road? Only counting teams who we have played against regularly in the league over those 10 years?



    It’s always been a tough venue. In my youth I recall a few visits but little success. The drawn league Cup game that I think we lost on penalties was a standout. Mid 1980s. Great game. Great team thinking back. Stood in the enclosure not realising how luck I was to be up close and personal to the grearesr full back to ever pull on a celtic top. Rambo warming up in front of us. Just came to mind this morning.



    Was at a few goaless draws there too. Haven’t been in it since the early 90s



    Conversely, don’t recall ever seeing us lose at home to them and we have dished out some real doings too. Maybe not so much in recent years.



    In the ideal world the two embra teams would be regular top 4 finishers and European participants, scrapping with sevco for second! Honestly, our league would benefit from that.



    Lunchtime rambling over…….

  4. Paul being mindful and cautious….and with good reason.



    Last season at the end of the first round of league matches our record was this:



    P10 W8 D1 L1 Pts25 (one game in hand from the SNPcult Bolingoli two game ban).



    If we win tonight:


    P11 W7 D1 L3 Pts 22


    If we draw tonight:


    P11 W6 D2 L3 Pts 20


    If we lose tonight:


    P11 W6 D1 L4 Pts 19



    They say “the league table doesn’t lie”. So let’s be clear, after tonight we will be either 3, 5, or, 6 points worse off than last season with one more match played.



    Although we appear to be looking better and playing better, our league position is measurably worse than at the same time 20/21 season.



    A sobering thought when we think of the outcome last May. Yes keep believing, but with our feet firmly ‘on the ground’ and blinkers off

  5. Unbelievable that tonights game not on TV. When is the last time this fixture was NOT a TV game?


    What is HibsTV charging for stream?


    Does it work like ours – have to be a member etc?


    Any help appreciated

  6. The League table doesn’t lie, but, the way our team is playing is there for ALL to see, por cierto

  7. There is a budget on tv just now.



    Someone will be along in a moment, using a “Celtic minded post, to open the door to them launch into a rant about how better off scottish catholics are in the union ………….



    countdown commencing

  8. just found it – £15 – Hibs will get a few quid into the bank tonight…….and hopefully a few in their net too..

  9. ——————————-Hart——————————













    Should be good enough if we can cope with an attacking Hibs side. Abada has shaded and time


    to unleash Mikey Johnston IMO




  10. Will we see Juranovic at left back again in stead of Bolingoli.



    Ralston for me hasn’t done much wrong and has been instrumental in of some our best forward play….. He has the Jersey and I don’t think he has done anything wrong to let Juranovic into the right back slot.



    Also, Kyogo shoukd fare better tonight wide right as I don’t think Hibs will defend in the same manner as St J… 9 across the 18 yard line.



    Looking forward to our big CF doing the business again.



    Mon the hoops.

  11. Moisy17


    Just met a Bhoy in the shop for supplies for going to game tonight said his ticket was £33.HH

  12. Rogic and Starfelt……………


    two players to be improving through AP’s coaching.




  13. JHB



    So let’s be clear





    So you’re a school teacher then.



    Primary school or Play School?



    Gies a hint.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    On sky’s main channel is the Liverpool game, next channel sports roundup, next channel Liverpool game.



    Sky taking the piss out of the whole of Scottish football😈

  15. In other news.



    West Ham given planning consent to increase capacity to 62,500, with a second phase planned to go to 66,000.



    Remarkable increase of 20,000 average attendances from Old Bolyn ground.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    CELTIC40ME on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 12:43 PM


    I wouldn’t be unhappy with a draw tonight as long as the performance is decent.




    I concur , although if our performance is decent I think we will do better than a draw .

  17. JHB the league table may not tell lies. It can’t. It us a record of games played, won, drawn, lost, goals fir and against. Facts if you like.



    But league tables, while being factual, say zero about context. We could see this time last year a team disintegrating before our eyes, playing in empty stadia and a rival who went on a remarkable run of league form, breaking records for zero players sent off in matches while receiving retrospective bans on a regular basis.



    If you don’t look at the entire picture, while it may not be a lie, it is a deception of sorts.



    Big data needs small data to form fully truthful pictures.

  18. Although we appear to be looking better and playing better, our league position is measurably worse than at the same time 20/21 season.




    That is ignoring all context. Last season our trajectory was clearly downward after an ok start. This season we are recovering well from the shambles of last season and a very poor start, getting stronger as players come back from injury.

  19. There is a definite air of not taking anything for granted on here just now. Very grounded. Quite right too. Hibs deserve respect. Tough game ahead. If we play well collectively and the majority of individual players show up then we should win. Its no more or less complicated than that.



    Looking forward to it.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t see Hearts , Hibs or Aberdeen being realistic title winners over the course of a season , Sevco are the only serious challenge to us .


    They have the match officials to bail them out when required , so winning games like tonight is of added importance .

  21. Three Easter Road wins in a decade an objective fact.



    But, but…….Whit’s a subjective fact?



    Asking for a friend.

  22. Call out the differing treatment of Celtica in its many forms………


    while it might not be enough to derail the next hun bandwagon


    it might just slow thum doon or make them think twice…………



    While Scotland is happy enough with a hun hegemony built on sleekitry, bigotry and ….errr


    cheatery….. :) we’ll struggle to make headway.




  23. If the huns had been reffed fairly last time with Hibs, thiunk how good the League would have looked now.



    thems the margins.

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