Three Easter Road wins in a decade an objective fact


The corresponding visit to Easter Road last year, in November, was when the stark reality hit in our house.  Celtic were not going to win the league, with all the consequences that brought.  Hibs led 2-0 that day before ‘Hibs-ing’ it, but a Diego Laxalt equaliser in stoppage time did not move the dial for Celtic.  There were many worse results that season, but for me, this was the punch in the stomach.

Celtic won all three visits to Easter Road in 2011, two in the league and one in a League Cup tie 10 years ago yesterday.  The decade since that win has saw us record three wins there, two in the league and a significant Scottish Cup win when Neil Lennon stepped into heat left by Brendan Rodgers.  It is by any measure a difficult venue.

Hibs had a great start to the season, unbeaten in nine domestic games before the wheels came off, bringing defeats in their last three games against Newco, Dundee United and Aberdeen.  There is a story with each defeat: a red card, chances taken and not taken, even during this period their form has been better than results indicate.  You get the feeling they have ability but lack resilience.

Ange Postecoglou will not know or care of our historical results at Easter Road.  He has a better squad than Jack Ross, with players who can carve open opponents at will and a defence that has not conceded in three weeks.  A win tonight will close off the first round of Premiership fixtures with Celtic on the front foot.

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  1. No excuses tonight.His have 6 players out,and have hit a shocking slump.


    Talk of accepting a draw,dear me.We cannot afford any draws.A shit performance and 1-0 will do.Win this and we have hurdled the games we were biting our nails about.

  2. Would Big Tony get anywhere near the Croatia team?.There’s a reason for that.


    This dewy eyed nonsense about him,is ridiculous.Play your best player in his best position.


    We are playing 2 right footers on the left of our defence.How many times did we come a cropper with playing Ajer there they get caught out.

  3. Our performances since the 15th May 21 have been encouraging.


    The change in playing staff phenomenal. Indeed only Turnbull and McGregor should be reappearing.



    The fact that I fully expect a win is testimony to AP’s journey.



    HH .

  4. I expect the mibbery to be bad at the hate factory tonight ,hope I’m wrong.till later all

  5. Would or should we expect any Croatian player to perform as effectively as Anthony Ralston on a cold, windy, muddy, midweek , untelivised fixture.



    We must have an incentive for a home grown player who has improved dramatically. Or else just scrap the Academy.



    Genuine question: Is there any Celtic player this season with higher match stats.? ( Whwre is Jobo’s contest when we need it )




  6. TURKEYBHOY on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 2:34 PM



    If that’s aimed at me, nothing dewy eyed from me…. I just don’t think he should be dropped as his performances doesn’t deserve that…..

  7. JHB



    “Yes keep believing, but with our feet firmly ‘on the ground’ and blinkers off”





    What have we to keep believing?



    That we might just scrape 2nd place as per your revised optimistic forecast?



    Or are you finally believing the title can be won by Celtic , after predicting we would be lucky to finish 4th at the start of the season?




    Were still playing a right footer on the left of defense “Starfelt”, is there a case for Scales in place of Starfelt because he is left-footed?

  9. MOISEY17 on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 1:05 PM


    Unbelievable that tonights game not on TV. When is the last time this fixture was NOT a TV game?



    What is HibsTV charging for stream?



    Does it work like ours – have to be a member etc?



    Any help appreciated





    Hibs charging £15 for Hibs ppl. Just ordered it from them. Works just like our Pass to Paradise.

  10. This game has stood out for several weeks now. A win and we’ve every reason to be confident of a good winning run in the league given the kinder run of fixtures coming our way.



    Three points tonight will go along way to winning this league title. It’ll also show this Celtic side have what it takes to get a statement result at a difficult away ground.

  11. I wouldnt play that guy Larsson tonight, he was rubbish on his debut at easter road.



    what a blunder that was, and it costs us the game, and probably the league title already.

  12. In first round of fixtures, away To Hearts, Huns, Sheep, Motherwell, Hibs and to Livingston, with their damn awful pitch.


    This for a totally rejigged team with a new Manager,


    Computer draw my arse, it couldn’t be any harder, designed to destroy us before we could build momentum.


    I don’t give a toss about where we were this time last year.


    We trail the Huns by 4 right now.


    It’s not ideal but given the fixture schedule & the fact we were bedding down a new team plus Kyogo & CalMac getting injured, it is not disastrous.


    Today is game day, we cannot influence what happens at Bigot Dome, our sole concern both the Team & Supporters should be to win our game tonight.


    Nothing else matters.

  13. ROBERTTRESSELL on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 12:44 PM


    Is there a ground at which we have won less in the last ten years than Easter Road? Only counting teams who we have played against regularly in the league over those 10 years?



    It’s always been a tough venue. In my youth I recall a few visits but little success. The drawn league Cup game that I think we lost on penalties was a standout. Mid 1980s. Great game. Great team thinking back. Stood in the enclosure not realising how luck I was to be up close and personal to the grearest full back to ever pull on a celtic top. Rambo warming up in front of us. Just came to mind this morning.





    Great game and I was there as well. Unfortunately Pierce O’Leary blootered his penalty Dixie-like over the bar.



    We played them back at Easter Road on the Saturday in the league and hammered them 5-0.

  14. Scullybhoy,



    A looted cockeral returned is described as ” a monumental occasion”


    It makes the BBC and CQN pages.



    I refer to to my post on the last article about modern slavery, torture and murder of a 5 year old girl slave.



    Not a mention. No outrage.


    This is the present and future which we can change.




  15. squire danaher on

    Absolutely hosing it down for the last 90m in PA1.



    Much more of this and game at G51 could possibly be in danger of postponement.



    Chance to close the gap…..

  16. Just called my doctor for an appointment.



    No face to face I will get a callback next Friday this is after spending 5 hours last night in the Royal Infirmary.



    A feckin joke.



    Complaint into GP surgery.



    Anyway Come on the Hoops cheer me up ffs tonight.



    D :)

  17. There were undoubtedly hiccupps at the start of the season understandable with a manager and a host of players just in the door at Celtic Park. Despite the panic of some the team unexpectedly qualified for Europe beating a good Dutch outfit on the way.



    The evidence is plain to see the team is making steady progress and there is a bond now developing among the new players as confidence and results continue to improve. The graph is in an upward curve and injured players are either back or others on the verge of returning. There is always room for improvement but we are getting there.



    If Ange and the team continue to play smart football and our new Greek goalador is in form the hoops can get the win.

  18. glendalystonsils on




    Much more likely the game will start and , if the huns are clearly ahead , will be played to a finish no matter how bad the conditions .


    On the other hand , if the huns look like losing , the ref will abandon the match to be replayed .

  19. Corkcelt,



    Tend to agree with all of that.



    What’s does it matter Ronny Deila’s, Brendan Rodger’s, or Neil Lennon’s Celtic results at Easter Rd in the years gone by, taken further how take Jock Stein get on? New Celtic side, new manager the same for Hibs, history doesn’t win football matches.



    AP has to start making his own history tonight following away defeats you mention.

  20. An T : he knows exactly what he was doing.Trying to be the smart ,snidey tosser he usually is on here.He definitely comes up trumps to be fair.


    We’re having a great time buddy


    Easy win tonight 👍🍀

  21. Fairhill bhoy.


    Thanks for the reply.i didn’t see any noise up in that post to be fair,in fact considering other sites this one was quite respectful to WS.Not to worry fb,we all have diff views on all things Celtic.long may that continue.


    Drookit here in Glasgow so hope yir enjoying the hols.





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