Turning points matter more than form


No one can convince you or I Celtic played well, against The ‘Well, yesterday.  Throughout the first half, the players looked like strangers.  At times, Motherwell ripped us open.  This was not league winning form.  None of that matters, though.

When you are not playing well, all that matters is you pick up wins until you get your form back.  Another injury-time win at Fir Park this season kept us within touching distance of the top.  When Adam Idah scored his second, you and I knew, and you better believe Newco fans knew, Celtic are still in this title race.  The Pretenders have the most effective trophy winning operation in Europe breathing down their necks, be sure, they will feel it.

Alistair Johnston returned at right back but looked like he had hardly played with Nicolas Kuhn before – he has hardly played with him.  Greg Taylor was a welcome sight at left back, he too looked estranged from his left wing partner, Daizen Maeda, fewer excuses there.

Tomoki Iwata made a rare and accomplished appearance in the deep midfield role, allowing Callum McGregor to partner Matt O’Riley in the more advanced roles.  Neither Callum nor Matt performed to their normal levels.  Kyogo was a virtual spectator.

Goals change games and Adam Idah scored two stunners which not only changed the game but may change the season.  His first, from a Taylor cross, his second, from Johnston’s cross; both full backs back and doing what is required.  The third came from another cross, this time Yang’s, who found Luis Palma to settle the nerves.  Hopefully Brendan will soon learn who his best wingers are.

The second half was peppered with the influential return of Cameron Carter-Vickers, such a steadying figure for Celtic, he snuffed out the persistent threat from Motherwell’s Theo Bair.  It was good to see the players with genuine smiles on their faces at the end.  There remains a lot to do but let’s hope this was a turning point.

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  1. Re Brendan and the crestfallen Shortie hack………………….



    If ever anyone lazily wanders into the idea that we could have better PR in scoddland, one only has to ponder how the boul’ Lewis an’ Rodgers bout came aboot.



    The STORY scoddland wants to tell is How The Glorious rainjurz urr back an’ The Bhoys are on the slide beset with internal problems etc etc etc………….




  2. I think in terms of building a siege mentality that the likes of Ferguson did for years at Old Trafford, the media going after BR is to our advantage. Let them howl.

  3. I’ve a slim hope that Kilmarnock might give the currants a scare, but that bhope is slimmer than the proverbial waaaafer thin meent.




  4. Mon the siege mentality!



    Better than tepid performances and commentary.



    Good bhoys, ya’ll

  5. If the Huns kapitulate now the Klan will, in short order, have Mr The- Hills-Have-Eyes remonstrating with thum from a shrubbery……………………..




  6. GEEBEE1978 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:20 PM


    BURNLEY78 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 3:55 PM







    I don’t think it was but I knew as soon as he said it what the reaction would be.







    I like our managers giving it to the media but for someone with so much experience, Rodgers might’ve wondered if he could’ve chosen those words more carefully.




    I do NOT AGREE.



    IF Brendan was treating her questions with CONTEMPT, thats because she DESERVED it.


    Why should ANY Celtic manager put up with Her line of questioning ?


    Brendan was CORRECT…….The Female in question KNEW EXACTLY what Brendan was ” Getting At”, with his comment that ” A Story has ALREADY been made up etc ”



    The HUN Bitch should be SACKED !




  7. I read somewhere this morning that Brendan already has ” PREVIOUS” with this BURD Interviewer ?


    I cant remember where I read that ?




  8. SFTB



    That was my point. As usual you put it much more eloquently and with humour.



    Big Jimmy



    She should be sacked for being a rubbish journo which I have thought for some time. Long before this current issue. Ange sussed her out for sure.

  9. Re Woke madness.



    Not joking but did hear recently that our local council now has to provide not just speech training for transgenders but they have been approached to do work with a community recognised as ‘furries’. That is people who identify as Wolves or Cats or Dogs or basically anything with a furry coat on.



    It seems howling like a wolf (adult or infant wolf) is something the health dept speech therapy has to now teach.



    I thought it was a joke initially until I heard that a particular speech therapy team had been approached and had requested clarification if it was in scope !

  10. Weebobbycollins on

    BBC Scotland have just announced they have sacked Jane Lewis for being a rubbish journo. They have replaced her with Burnley78. His first job will be to interview Philipp Clement and ask him why he looks like Nosferatu.


    (Clement that is not B78)

  11. I like our managers giving it to the media but for someone with so much experience, Rodgers might’ve wondered if he could’ve chosen those words more carefully.






    I think Brendan chose his words quite deliberately. This helps him circle the wagons.

  12. BURNLEY78 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 3:55 PM



    If Brendan was being sexist then surely that is also true of nearly EVERY female football player who refers to her teammates as `girls`”



    And are we being sexist when we refer to the Bhoys ? Come on you boys in Green ? Boys of the Old Brigade ?



    I am sure there will be many, many more examples . Unfortunately, highlighting that kind of comment allows for real sexism to be dismissed and doesn`t help women at all.

  13. Weebobbycollins on

    Hot Smoked…your point does come across. But I’ll wager a bet that it was a boy journo who went to a girls group and asked if they were offended by Brendan’s comment.

  14. Does BR not say,



    “Good man”



    after every male interview



    Sure he does



    Is that not just as sexist



    Woke madness



    Never mind up their knees 3 or 4 times a home game



    Be good to get some focus on that

  15. BIG JIMMY on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:37 PM



    I’m not disagreeing with any of that but the “good girl”comment at the end was always going to stoke unwanted attention. As I said before, I don’t think it was sexist but it doesn’t matter what you or I think. It’s about not giving ammunition.

  16. Seems the ‘Feminists’ are getting their XXXL girders in a twist . . . . . . .. . .. again.



    People getting irritated on behalf of someone else is what these clownshoes are good at.



    Well done the Hoops on Sunday. Cannot and will not beat a last minute winner. Although i’d much rather be coasting and up 4 goals. Better for the nails on my fingers.



    Onward and upward to Hundee. Killie will be no pushovers, my crystal ball sees a TavPen or two. . ..

  17. The 2nd half performance , the late goals and the wild celebrations of players & Supporters has given me renewed heart for the Title Race, but we need to kick on from here,


    CCV is a huge player for us, we should collectively pray that he stays fit till end of Season.



    Regarding Brendan making a sexist remark, I don’t think so.



    Certainly in Ireland and I imagine it’s similar in Scotland it’s absolutely normal to call a person Boy or Girl regardless of their age, certainly in Cork it is obligatory to do so,

  18. My wife used to call be “Big Boy”!



    Now she calls me “Hey you”!



    I know which one I prefer.

  19. Lewis the girl journalist was not threatened nor was coarse language directed her way.



  20. The media, world wide, are well versed in the art of providing the shadows on the wall in Plato’s Global Caves .



    The are delighted when some event occurs that they can ask readers/listeners/viewers to comment on. That is their core business.



    In Scotland they know the kind of shadows their audience like and must have been delighted hearing BR say ” good girl”.



    It is leapt on to make them money by asking for judgements as in “What did you make of what BR said to Jane Lewis” Pages and pages of judgement on BR and Jane Lewis based on not knowing.



    The trick is to make nothing of it, it is just a shadow on a wall, meanwhile real life carries on regardless.




  21. BURNLEY78 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 3:55 PM


    Not sure if this is a concern or not ?



    Daily Mail Poll running asking if Brendan’s reply to the really poor and self promoting (my opinion) lady journalist was sexist or not ?



    68% currently saying not. Over 7000 clicks.





    The mail is Britains fascist apology B78


    Hardly suprising from the paper that Had Moseleys blackshirts as decent and honourable chaps!!!



  22. Aulheid



    Apologies for giving you a hard time



    The amount of work you do for the Celtic fans, without pay – for you then to have a scrotum like me dig you up for it



    Is reprehensible




  23. Radio Scotland was almost gleeful in deriding our manager. Quite possibly he used poor language in describing the woman reporter; there is an agenda which the SMSM won’t allude to but are all out to promote. The time has come, imo, in fact it is well past it when Celtic should ban BBC Scotland from Celtic Park and tell BBC in London precisely why.

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