Turning points matter more than form


No one can convince you or I Celtic played well, against The ‘Well, yesterday.  Throughout the first half, the players looked like strangers.  At times, Motherwell ripped us open.  This was not league winning form.  None of that matters, though.

When you are not playing well, all that matters is you pick up wins until you get your form back.  Another injury-time win at Fir Park this season kept us within touching distance of the top.  When Adam Idah scored his second, you and I knew, and you better believe Newco fans knew, Celtic are still in this title race.  The Pretenders have the most effective trophy winning operation in Europe breathing down their necks, be sure, they will feel it.

Alistair Johnston returned at right back but looked like he had hardly played with Nicolas Kuhn before – he has hardly played with him.  Greg Taylor was a welcome sight at left back, he too looked estranged from his left wing partner, Daizen Maeda, fewer excuses there.

Tomoki Iwata made a rare and accomplished appearance in the deep midfield role, allowing Callum McGregor to partner Matt O’Riley in the more advanced roles.  Neither Callum nor Matt performed to their normal levels.  Kyogo was a virtual spectator.

Goals change games and Adam Idah scored two stunners which not only changed the game but may change the season.  His first, from a Taylor cross, his second, from Johnston’s cross; both full backs back and doing what is required.  The third came from another cross, this time Yang’s, who found Luis Palma to settle the nerves.  Hopefully Brendan will soon learn who his best wingers are.

The second half was peppered with the influential return of Cameron Carter-Vickers, such a steadying figure for Celtic, he snuffed out the persistent threat from Motherwell’s Theo Bair.  It was good to see the players with genuine smiles on their faces at the end.  There remains a lot to do but let’s hope this was a turning point.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    🎶 Imagine there’s no Rainjurz



    it’s easy if you try



    no hell below us



    above us only SKY 🎶

  2. Excellent – “look a squirrel!!” – from Brendan – certainly got all their heads turned in a different direction.

  3. Bada


    Unless folk are looking to be offended, it has to be listened to and interpreted in the context of the repeated questioning on less than 50% of the game, slanted biased and looking to irk the boss she was, it will be someone else tomorrow at the presser for wednesday focusing on the same crap.

  4. Dessybhoy- even my wife asked why was this a story,Reporting Scotland covered it,absolute nonsense

  5. our board should be shouting about the inconsistency about how woke rules are applied



    They are up to their knees 3 or 4 times a game



    In a song that has been banned by uefa……



    Start shouting

  6. BURNLEY78 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:51 PM


    Re Woke madness.



    Not joking but did hear recently that our local council now has to provide not just speech training for transgenders but they have been approached to do work with a community recognised as ‘furries’. That is people who identify as Wolves or Cats or Dogs or basically anything with a furry coat on.



    It seems howling like a wolf (adult or infant wolf) is something the health dept speech therapy has to now teach.



    I thought it was a joke initially until I heard that a particular speech therapy team had been approached and had requested clarification if it was in scope !






    What is your local council area? Do you have a credible source for this or just peddling more right-wing nonsense?

  7. It’s a story because BBC sport Scotland hate anything to do with Celtic and will paint anyone associated with Celtic in as negative light as is possible, they will look for any excuse, see the broken seats story has disappeared already what was it guys standing on them celebrating , I saw Hearts supporters at Easter Road holding up their seat having smashed it at the end of their recent game, not a comment.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Reporting Scotland going all in on Brendan’s comment.



    If the Celtic board are after a quick win they have an opportunity here


    (FWIW – I don’t think they are)



    I fully accept this might not be the right battle to pick.



    That said, our manager (and his predecessors) have been harangued, insulted, bullied, disrespected and shamelessly targeted by that despicable organisation.



    Emotionally fuelled reaction admittedly … but I’d ban BBC Scotland tonight with a clarification that BBC Network (darn sarf) are welcome any time.

  9. Brendan, if he was a cute uppity Tim should just say..…



    “Ok…If I got it wrong then of course I apologise. I thought that Jane was a girl’s name just like lets say….em,…like Nicola….is a girl’s name….yeah?”



    Every dug on every Scoattish street knows wee Janey Victoria Krankies secret.



    But ask the average dim Tim….and they haven’t got a Scooby Doo!



    If only we had a club with folk who spoke in a straight line….straight to the point…get it right up ye if you don’t like oor “We don’t care what the animals say” narrative….instead of having a club and blogs fool of clumsy fearty riddlers.



    And we have “supporters” planted onto blogs who are true liberals free speech for everybody….but only if you agree with the plants…and thur narratives…or they’ll smear you as a right wing racist who objects to thousands of boats full of young fighting age men = invasion…refugees have women and children with them but the honest narrative controlled planted “Tims” on blogs always sleekitly leave the NO Women and NO Children details OOT of thur smear campaigns wonder why an how much these shills are being paid and paid by whom? 👀️



    Wee Janey Krakie are these new type of wummin that the the truly Magnificent “Mr E” portfolios lol







  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    If we win the league this season it will end them. They know we will never hobble ourselves like this again. Hopefully the Lawwells will be ancient history either way.

  11. When the pricks at bbc challenge anti-irish sentiment I might start listening and taking on their views, tbf they will need to stop singing tha famine song to hear my call. Second half preformance showed that passing quicker and getting the ball into the box regularly from wide areas causes more problems rather than the slow buildup play that is only really useful when playing stronger teams.

  12. I think it’s time the people of Scotland take a hard look at that gravy train BBC Scotland about the doubling of presenters and people should have the option of not paying a TV Licence ,and finally I have asked who is the Sport Editor at BBC Sports.

  13. 2 points here about the bbc



    googled ebt beneficiaries and got this link






    With the message



    “PLEASE NOTE: due to a change in the BBC’s website layout, the previous version of this page is unable to display. This page is a copy of the original page and contains the same information.”



    Minus the table



    Questions should be asked of BBC’s Steven Thomson and his £485,000 ebt and also Neil McCann’s £500,000 ebt



    Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-big-tax-case-who-6767682



    Thats almost a mullion pounds worth of ebt in most weeks of the flagship scoddish fitba highlights programme



    You bet your ass if it was ex Celtic players sitting on that couch with unpaid tax to a mullion quid



    There would be questions

  14. My friends in Celtic,



    A whole new language and level of offendedness has been allowed to develop.



    Woke political correctness, social justice warriors, being cancelled, systemic injustice., domestic Engineer, alternative facts, utility hole, forename, reality challenged, ethically disorientated, sanitation engineer, economically marginalised etc etc etc.



    Brendan said nothing wrong, but to the offended at everything gang it is a hanging offence.



    It is a non story, but collectively we are all a bit at fault. We have let stupidity replace the true meaning of equality and fairness. As a society we reap what we sew.



    I would wager there was a few on here that went tut tut Brendan.



    I’m actually offended at those who have take offence. Calling BR a dinosaur is an insult to poor extinct reptiles.



    Will i get cancelled for calling my adult female dog a good girl.?



    Will she be more offended if I call her an aging bitch which is terminologically correct.



    Such is the level of absolute nonsense we as a society have allowed to develop and gain creditability.



    I know big Jimmy disagrees, as he reckons its just another stick to beat us with.. I reckon there is an element of truth there, but to hit MSM headlines is an absolute joke ( Sorry wrong word, jokes have been cancelled in case someone is offended )



    Nobody was offended in the boozer yesterday. Males, Females, girls, Ghirls, women, adults, ( old and young ) boys, bhoys, men, jedi warriors green swivel eyed aliens inebriated extraterrestrials and possibly a lone swamp dwelling zombie.



    HH, keep it real, the journey continues.

  15. My above bbc link






    has the opening paragraph of



    “This table contains the names of Rangers players, coaches and staff who were beneficiaries of the Murray Group Remuneration Trust, and how much they received through that trust.”



    But it doesnt display a table of the Rangers players, coaches and staff who were beneficiaries etc etc



    But it does display a msg that



    “PLEASE NOTE: due to a change in the BBC’s website layout, the previous version of this page is unable to display. This page is a copy of the original page and contains the same information.”



    Minus the table of Rangers players, coaches and staff who were beneficiaries of the Murray Group Remuneration Trust



    How convenient for messrs, Thomson and McCann with nearly a MULLION QUID of EBT’s with associated tax unpaid

  16. These wee, middle-class Sheenas and Shonas are impregnated with impertinence and a lack of respect for the beautiful game. How can anybody take offence at “good girl” !!!!!!!!!

  17. Last time Celtic had a debt of a mullion quid am sure the daily rectum hired a hearse to take pics outside of CParkhead of a nearly deid Celtic

  18. They would not be on the couch, and the leader of the pack DM had over 6miliion pounds in an EBT and retained the best bits of his businesses , his reputation was never tarnished nor any interviews or questions were asked of him.That’s Journalism Justice and Policing Scottish style.

  19. Ludgetastic and all that



    1 million they tried to kill our club for???



    Do I remember that right?



    Did gavin masterton and murray conspire to kill our club for a 1 million overdraft?

  20. Called in the over draft which the owners couldn’t pay, the exact amount was relatively small, but they wanted to kill Celtic.

  21. It was a 5 million overdraft but they wanted “a guarantee for the sum of £1million is put in place to support the bank’s overdraft”



    Basically murray and masterton tried to kill our club before masterton doped up the huns…..

  22. CLUNKS on 26TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:10 PM





    Apologies for giving you a hard time



    The amount of work you do for the Celtic fans, without pay – for you then to have a scrotum like me dig you up for it



    Is reprehensible








    Why thank you Clumps.



    Everyone has their off days or moments and an apology is a good sign they are recognised.



    It is how we grow as human beings.



    Gerry Rafferty sang about it.




  23. glendalystonsils on

    Indignance ain’t got nuthin on hundignance . Hundignance is what you get when you see a 5 point gap shrinking before your very eyes .

  24. I’m not convinced we have “turned a corner” .


    All I’m conceding at this point is that Satnav has just said “prepare to turn right in 400 yards” . 🤪

  25. ●● From earlier ●● Celtic related quiz ●Ireland and Wales●


    1) Born 1964 Antrim.Last game Scottish cup final ?


    2)Made his champions league debut vs Man United,as a sub for Scott McDonald?


    3) In a Europa league fixture vs Rapid Vienna Niall McGinn was replaced by this 16 year old Dubliner?


    4) Celtic keeper an unused sub vs Barcelona at Nou Camp. Never made a first team start?




    1)14 caps for Wales. neil Lennon’s second signing?


    2)Bought from Coventry for £6million?


    3)77 caps for wales.Left Celtic for Crystal Palace?


    4) Celtic win 3-1 in this Welsh internationalist’s 1994 testimonial ?


    ●●Asked this afternoon…then new article posted●● Burnley 78 was doing OK….then I had to go on an errand.

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