Two wind assisted teams leave happy


From the studio after the game, Neil Lennon correctly noted that Daizen Maeda occupies a vault inside James Tavernier’s head.  The Newco captain seldom gets to play on the front foot when up against Daizen.

Despite this, Tavernier didn’t react to a clearance over the top from Joe Hart until he sensed a wind even stronger than normal on a blustery day.  That micro-climate was a surging Maeda, closing the ball down, as he always does.  If only one of Tavernier’s tattoos read, “Don’t let Maeda run past you” the outcome of the game may have been different.

Tavernier’s clearance struck Maeda’s shin and gave Buckland no chance; it was the seventh touch of the ball from a Celtic player.  Tavernier’s penalty early in the second half ensured his reputation continues to vacillate between being a liability and Newco’s most productive player.  He is neither a good player, nor a bad one, nor an average one; what a curse.

Celtic extended their lead through the most bizarre penalty kick I have seen.  The ball struck Connor Goldson’s extended elbow!  I have watched a lot of football in recent seasons, and I have no idea how that’s a penalty.  It hit Goldson’s arm, good grief!  How many times have we seen this defender get two hands on the ball without conceding a penalty?  The Rules of the Game clearly state, Goldson cannot concede a penalty kick, Newco have grounds for a grievance.

Matt O’Riley’s Panenka should have seen Celtic take control of the afternoon but the game changed early in the second half.  Alistair Johnston got the ball before his extended leg was jumped on by Fabio Silva.  John Beaton initially booked the on-loan Wolves player before VAR asked him to look at the incident.  For my money, if Celtic had not earlier received a penalty kick for Goldson’s handball, this one would not have been awarded.

Goals change games and Newco’s first saw Celtic shrink in confidence.  Beaton watched as Tomoki Iwata was tripped but let the foul go.  Setting aside the big incidents for a moment, I was not happy with the distribution of fouls called by the referee in the middle of the field.  ‘A homer’, as we used to say, influenced by only one set of fans shouting for an infringement.

With Iwata out of position, Newco broke forward and Cyril Dessers scored with his second attempt.  At this moment, our season hung in the balance, but VAR called Beaton to the monitor for the foul on Iwata and Celtic held their lead for a while longer.  Had the game gone level at that stage, I would not have fancied our chances of leaving with anything.

I wanted Callum McGregor on from the start but it was the captain who made the mistake that brought Newco level for the first time, with only four minutes of the 90 remaining.  A careless square ball was intercepted and seconds later a shot from Sima spun off McGregor into the net.

At this stage Celtic were struggling to gain possession in the final third but Paulo Bernardo changed that with a diagonal run and pass to the feet of Adam Idah.  Adam knocked the ball onto his right and shot below two flailing defenders, catching Buckland at his near post.  It was a cracking goal from the Irishman.

That Celtic didn’t see the game out shows we still have some way to go.  With Newco on the attack, Yang left Matondo, and was then sold down the line as the winger cut inside to send an unstoppable shot inside the far corner of the net.

A definitive game of two halves was heavily influenced by the wind.  Joe Hart’s ball for Celtic’s opener was win assisted.  In the first half, when Newco struggled to penetrate Celtic, they were unable to play their normal long balls down the line, an option made impossible by the wind.  After the game, Cameron Carter-Vickers explained that it was difficult for Celtic to withstand an outslaught from a side with a full stadium behind them.  This might be true, but we were also denied easy options to get upfield due to the conditions.

This was a rare game when both sets of supporters could feel happy at the end.  Philippe Clement talked later about the character his side have to come from two goals down at the break.  Brendan Rodgers has the end of the season he would have dreamed of six weeks ago.  We’ll talk tomorrow about what it all means.

Alex McKillop’s family have sent their thanks for the many kind messages left about Alex, especially those who attended this funeral last week.  Take care, all.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It all means it’s in our own hands.



    Kilmarnock away and the huns at home are the banana skins.



    Win those games and we win the league.

  2. We’ve scored 13 in our last 4 games. Have a full squad and 4 from 6 remaining games at home.



    We’re in a strong position.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Wind or no wind they were going nowhere until. WALSH their youth academy trainer intervened!



    Good day with Tom McLaughlin et al in Kitty O’Shea’s yesterday 👍

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67


    John Beaton is seriously miffed at the suggestion the wind influenced the second half more than he did .



    The wind is merely a force of nature , whereas he is a staunch Lanarkshire referee .

  5. My only criticism of BR is that he brought on Yang and not James Forrest. Surely you must go for experience in this kind of game. James also knows how to defend. You wonder why he was given a new contract.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’ll win the league now.



    The huns can only get results with referee and VAR assistance.



    P67 remember when you told us we were being too harsh in our judgement of Yang?

  7. I think Yang has done ok but like almost every player we signed last summer, we can’t rely on him to do anything in this title run in.



    We win the league with Hart, AJ, CCV, Taylor, CalMac, MoR, Hatate, Kyogo and Maeda.



    Outside of that Kuhn, Forrest, Idah, Bernardo may play a part but we need the core of last year’s team to stay fit.

  8. mixed feelings the day after the game before, annoyed that we couldn’t see the game out after we go 2-3 in the 87 minute , BR and his coaching staff imo should have made better use of the subs when we went ahead putting on another central defender or AR and taking off a winger and winning by any means ,take the pace out of the game, slowing the play down at every opportunity , long balls going out of play into thems half putting thems on the back foot , we are not streetwise when it comes to seeing out a game in a winning position.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on

    With regards to Da Silva & his many wasp attacks, I believe it was tactical. There is no other explanation as to why he remained on the pitch after half-time. He was rubbish. everyone in the sports sound studio were stunned to see him return to the field for the second half. That says a lot from that lot. Clemente is one of the worst of them. BTW, he comes across as a psychopath, if you pay attention to his pressers, you will notice that psychotic wide eyed stare. I predict we will witness a live meltdown from this man like never that leave Neil lennon feeling like a shrinking violet

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Maeda apart,our wide players disappointed, it’s a better draw for us than it is for thems

  11. Majestic Hartson on




    I was saying yesterday that Clement is fast becoming my least favourite Hun manager.



    BTW – BR seemed to have more than just the usual handshake with him at the end of the game. Were they at the same team together?

  12. High winds favoring more industrial teams.


    No fans


    15 vs 11


    Better fixture list ahead, including a opportunity for revenge at home



    Many of us would have taken a score draw before a ball was kicked.



    The hard part is the helping hand, the score and performance at HT that was relinquished and an 86th minute ‘winner’ that we I don’t see out.



    However, onwards….

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    This is from Souness:



    “And I’m wondering, do VAR listen to the commentary during a game? Because I’m thinking Chris is going that strong here, he’s trying to influence whoever could be listening in the VAR studio.”



    Does he seriously think the VAR team will be tuned into Sky’s commentary 🤔

  14. Guys young Yang will come good. Ffs that’s a mouthful.



    It wasn’t the time or place IMO to bring him on, we were saying Forrest and Ralston but hey ho it’s in our hands.



    Let’s get behind the team for the most important game of the season on Saturday.



    Heads up Bhoys.



    Out of the 2 teams a draw suits us, yes we wanted to win but alas VAR done for us yet again.



    Do not listen to any Smsm as they are hun infested.



    We are on the march now.



    Ps I though MO was great but can be better, Reo was quieter than I would have liked.



    Onto Saturday



    D. :)

  15. kevinlasvegas on

    Clement and Brendan were arguing on the side lines, I think Brendan has zero time for him. True professional though.



    Fan with a whistle assisted by another fan who works with an affiliate association. What could possibly go wrong?



    Win the 6.




  16. Prestonpans bhoys on




    If that is true then the board needs to ask for a explanation, they have to cut out this silence nonsense. CEO on £2k per day, he can open his mouth!

  17. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    BRRB 1:01


    Guinness in short supply..,locals divided..,..should he stay ( Publicans) or should he go ( Guinness aficionados.

  18. i fancied the Hoops to get a result yesterday and our attack had our opponents on the rack for the entirety of that first half despite the sevco revival in that second period playing into the same goalmouth in the windy conditions. It was hard to fathom the inordiinate amount of free kicks being awarded to Rangers, it was a case of don’t even attempt to put in a bodily contact challenge of any description.



    The race for the title is really wide open now and defeat would have been a disaster. Adam Idah’s brilliant strike may be vital in nudging the Championship our way next May. He did well in his first derby match to score and caused their defence some problems when sprung into the action from the bench.



    Goldson definitely made a subtle movement with his elbow to ball and AJ definitely lived dangerously by leaving a dangling leg in the path of a guy who spent most of his time rolling on the grass with the sliightest challenge.



    An exciting match particularly for the neutral football fan.

  19. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Cheating had a perfectly good view of the incident that resulted in a yellow for saliva,oops silva.

  20. Early on in the game (twice) a Rangers player being pressed and maybe getting robbed of the ball dived and grabbed onto the ball , foul to Rangers .



    Was there a replay of these incidents , did VAR have a look and confirm they were indeed fouls.🤔



    Regarding the poor officiating, they were always going to ramp up their “Honest Mistakes” as we Pesky Tim’s have had it to easy (cups n medals) for too long now.



    Hopefully we can put a run of competent , confident 90 min plus games to see us to another title .



    Still disappointed we didn’t burry the flute playing , flag waving , orange masonic bastards …….

  21. Funny how fans view the game differently.Until the pace of the game caught up with him,I thought Hatate was brilliant.Maeda,mixed bag,scared Tav to death in first minute,scored,did his now customary blooter out the park from great position,missed a sitter,great run to set uo MOR header,saved.Worked hard.Second half,hard to judge,like the rest.Scales,defended well,far too slow playing out.


    Not many have mentioned Bernardos run an beautiful pinpoint pass to Idah for the goal.


    On to Saturday.

  22. 79caps on 8th April 2024 12:24 pm



    My only criticism of BR is that he brought on Yang and not James Forrest. Surely you must go for experience in this kind of game. James also knows how to defend. You wonder why he was given a new contract.



    Good point, James has the skill and experience to trouble a tiring defence and good ball retention to help see out a game .






    If that is true then the board needs to ask for a explanation, they have to cut out this silence nonsense. CEO on £2k per day, he can open his mouth!




    Do you mean Michael, the Fun boy three/Go-Go’s aficionado? Our lips are sealed 😉.



    I think we’ll win it now. Really need to improve defensively (better players) for next season and learn how to keep the ball when we get a throw-in🤔

  24. quadrophenian on

    I re-watched the game again today and it was way too early for Reo and Callum both.



    More worryingly, I don’t get the Hatate love-in -esp in ‘bigger games’ he can’t tackle, doesn’t like rough-house and around 60% of his first half passes and attempted intercepts yesterday went awry.



    Add the timidity of our right wingers and I have to be pretty happy we shared the spoils even with a few empty shirts.



    We can do them at home. That will count for zero if we draw or slip up anywhere else. Sure hope so.



    BTW; Tom Lawrence was allowed to foul with persistent regularity by Sleekit John B.

  25. Not getting too caught up in VAR,we got 2 out of 3,different verdicts on their penalty from different Refs.Now Beaton has had his go,It should be Walsh for the next one.I kind of think he is the best we have.FF say he is a Tim.You know they investigate these things.We will find out how fair he is on the day.


    Don’t let any of the false bravado fool you.They knew they had to win yesterday.God willing,we have a fully fit team on the day.They could not live with us first half,no Calmac.

  26. leftclicktic on



    But but but it was an honest mistake.



    Get it right round him.

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Seems polis been informed next Derby game is 1st game after the split,just a rumour, don’t go booking flights etc

  28. Bada,



    It’s a fairly safe bet they will schedule the last derby game early to avoid the league winner conclusion.



    In the event we lose it, it will be, I think but we won’t lose it.

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