Wee Oscar


It’s two and a half years since Oscar’s dad, Stephen ‘Knoxy’ shared the news he’d just received that his three-year-old son had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an apparently rare form of childhood cancer.  All the pains and fears of that day, and the years since, came to the fore over the last eight weeks as the disease took hold.  Oscar’s battle ended yesterday.

On this day we should acknowledge the enormous work by so many people to get Oscar the treatment he needed, many of whom would never meet him.  The treatment cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, a daunting figure, but one which was soon met.  Without this fundraising, Oscar would have died in 2012.  Instead, he lived, played and inspired many with his enthusiasm until recent weeks.  His fantastic “Happy Birthday CQN” video message was recorded just two months ago; a gift to this community.

For now, there are no meaningful words for Stephen, Oscar’s mum Leona, sister Izzie and their family and friends, but we will be there for them in the months and years to come.

This disease, in all its forms, is a curse on humanity.  We need more fundraising, more research, more education on its dangers. 

Before Sunday’s game against Dundee United you will be able to buy a Celtic FC Foundation badge, to aid work with homelessness in the Glasgow area. Badges cost a minimum donation of £1, a price we can all afford to help our neighbours in most need.

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  1. Rest in peace Oscar.



    You had more strength and courage than I will ever have.

  2. Neustadt-Braw on

    no words…..a wee song ….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eSWUSylwTo



    Imagine a month of Sundays


    Each one a cloudy day


    Imagine the moment the sun came shining through


    Imagine that ray of sunshine as you



    Remember your darkest hour


    With dawn still far away


    Remember the way that you longed for mornings light


    And think of yourself as a candle in the night



    Make believe this is the first day


    Everything all brand new


    Make believe that the sun is your own lucky star


    And then understand the kind of gift you are



    The gift you are


    Like the very first breath of spring


    The gift you are


    All the joy that love can bring



    The gift you are


    All of our dreams come true


    The gift you are


    The gift of you



    You are the promise of all the ages


    You are the Prodigal Son


    You are the vision of prophets and sages


    You are the only one



    Dream of a bright tomorrow


    Know that your dream will come true


    Carry your dream in a sparkling crystal jar


    Then you will know the kind of gift you are



    The gift you are


    Like the very first breath of spring


    The gift you are


    All the joy that love can bring



    The gift you are


    All of our dreams come true


    The gift you are


    The gift of you



    The gift you are


    Like the very first breath of springtime


    The gift you are


    All the joy that love can bring



    The gift you are


    All of our dreams come true, yes, they do


    The gift you are


    The gift of you


    The gift you are


    The gift of you

  3. Thank you to everyone for leaving such respectful comments for Oscar and support to Stephen, Leona and Izzie. The comment due in a few moments from ‘Billy McNeill’ is from the man himself. This is not a day for questions to Billy, maybe another day.

  4. Dj67SupportsTheResignationOfReganDoncasterOgilvie&Co on

    RIP Wee Oscar Knox!



    Truly an inspiration to us all. God bless bhoyo.



    Condolences to the family of brave young boy & all those who were close to him.




  5. igc



    16:10 on 9 May, 2014I received various nuggets of advice when my own wee fella passed.One which was significant above all and truely sums up brave Oscar, “It is not the time he spent here on earth but the impact he has made”.God Bless you Lionheart, you are now an angel.


    We shall now pray TO you and not FOR you.




    Probably sums it up best, from a guy who knows what he’s talking about.



    Prayers and thoughts to the Knox family x



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  6. Billy McNeill on

    It is an absolute tragedy that the lad who became known as ‘Wee Oscar’ has been taken from us. He had a full life ahead of him, but, with all the sadness in the world, it is one in which he will not participate.



    At times like this, it’s is extremely difficult to comprehend why something so dreadful has been visited upon us all. Wee Oscar, sadly, wasn’t here too long, but what an overwhelming impact that little lad has had on the Celtic Family and beyond.



    My thoughts are with his family at this moment. Wee Oscar showed remarkable reserves of courage in his battle against illness.There is little doubt that those around him will somehow find those same reserves of fortitude at this sad time to pull through, too.



    God bless Wee Oscar

  7. MooooonTheHoops on

    God bless wee Oscar… too young…


    My heart felt condolences to the Knox Family.

  8. green badger on

    On Sunday we were all going to turn up to celebrate lifting the League title again. Celebrate the under 20’s victory too. But i think wee Oscar is going to steal the show now. God bles.

  9. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    Deepest condolences to the Knox family. My prayers and thoughts always.



    Oscar, you fly with the angels today. Your smile will always be remembered as a wise soul who embodied courage with an open loving heart.

  10. Billy McNeill




    As Davie Provan once referred to you as


    the most ‘decorated’ man in the history of


    the Scottish game – enough said. imho


    God Bless You.

  11. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Now I’m greetin and I was doing that well.



    Hail Hail ceaser


    fae a mossend Bhoy.


    Till tomorrow all

  12. The Token Tim on

    What can one say that has not been said before about Oscar. Such a tremendously inspirational wee guy. The image of him running towards Hoopy will stay long in the memory.


    My thoughts, prayers and sympathy go to Stephen, Leona, Izzie and all their family and friends. God Bless Oscar and you all. RIP wee man.






  13. angelgabriel on

    After receiving a text informing me of today’s tragic news I had to


    leave the customers house I was working in and sit for a while in


    my van.


    Home now hoping the Knox family can find some crumbs of comfort


    in the heartfelt messages of support on this blog and other sites.



    RIP Wee Oscar.

  14. R.I.P. Oscar – my sincerest condolences to his family and friends


    The little man touched many hearts and lives with his courage and smile


    God bless you and your family




  15. Paradiseghirl on

    Devastated to read this sad sad news, a wonderful, inspirational child gone far too soon. Words are so inadequate at times like this. God bless Stephen, Leona & Izzie and may you rest in peace Oscar, my wee superhero. Team Oscar Forever xx

  16. minx1888 praying for Wee Oscar on

    Rest in peace wee pal by God you’ve made an almighty impact on so many!


    Fly high with the Angels x

  17. HighlandBhoy on

    Terribly sad news about the wee man, he has been an inspiration to myself and I am sure to many others.Days like today put life in perspective and reset your moral compass.



    I post very seldom as I prefer to read and smile ,laugh and ponder the various subjects covers on this site.Sadly sometimes I can be moved to tears as I am today.



    I posted last year about the wee man and the difference he has made to me as a person,by that I mean his situation made me look at myself and realise how lucky I am.I have never suffered a serious illness in my life yet this wee mite suffered more pain in his short time on this earth than a lot of us will suffer in a lifetime.The remarkable thing about the wee man is how he always managed to rally and seeing the pictures of him on this site battling on with a smile on his wee face has been truly uplifting.



    Nothing anyone can say will be able to take away the pain that the wee mans family are suffering all that we can do is keep them in our thoughts and prayers.I hope in the fulness of time that they can take some comfort from knowing that the wee man has touched and inspired so many people, no mean feat for one so young.



    I can honestly say that this wee man has changed my life and made me a better person, sadly it is all about tears at present but I know in the future I will scroll back and look at the pictures on here of the wee man with that big smile on his face and that will make me smile.



    My thoughts and prayers are with Stephen, Leona and Lizzie who are very special people and I thank them for the privelige of sharing the wee mans life with us.



    The wee man was a shining light in this world and he is shining even brighter where he is now.



    Thank you Oscar.





    I posted last year about the wee man and his family

  18. I’m reminded today of when Pope John Paul II was in Edinburgh addressing all the school kids there was a moment when the cheering was such that he just stopped speaking and waited patiently. When the cheering eventually subsided he said something like “for a moment there the Pope became silent and you became the preachers!”



    That’s the effect wee Oscar has had on all of us. Just like the kids who overwhelmed the Pope that day with their passion, wee Oscar has overwhelmed us with his personality and spirit. Every single one of us!



    What a remarkable wee man!



    I pray that JPII is now welcoming wee Oscar into Paradise.



    God Bless Oscar and his family




  19. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on




    On a day of wonderful tributes to the wee man, that was one of the best.




  20. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Knox family at this sad time. God bless wee Oscar.

  21. Paddy Gallagher on

    Such respect for a little lad who has touched so many far and wide.


    Liberation day (public holiday) here in Jersey, seems appropriate now.


    My condolences to all – along with my lifetime respect to this little chap and his inspirational parents. A massive loss to our Celtic family.

  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. Very sad about WEE Oscar sorry i never got to be your pal wee man. :’-(

  23. west of ireland csc on

    oscar rip


    the fundraising was a credit to all the people involved


    truly cancer is the scourge of our times

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