Wee Oscar


It’s two and a half years since Oscar’s dad, Stephen ‘Knoxy’ shared the news he’d just received that his three-year-old son had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an apparently rare form of childhood cancer.  All the pains and fears of that day, and the years since, came to the fore over the last eight weeks as the disease took hold.  Oscar’s battle ended yesterday.

On this day we should acknowledge the enormous work by so many people to get Oscar the treatment he needed, many of whom would never meet him.  The treatment cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, a daunting figure, but one which was soon met.  Without this fundraising, Oscar would have died in 2012.  Instead, he lived, played and inspired many with his enthusiasm until recent weeks.  His fantastic “Happy Birthday CQN” video message was recorded just two months ago; a gift to this community.

For now, there are no meaningful words for Stephen, Oscar’s mum Leona, sister Izzie and their family and friends, but we will be there for them in the months and years to come.

This disease, in all its forms, is a curse on humanity.  We need more fundraising, more research, more education on its dangers. 

Before Sunday’s game against Dundee United you will be able to buy a Celtic FC Foundation badge, to aid work with homelessness in the Glasgow area. Badges cost a minimum donation of £1, a price we can all afford to help our neighbours in most need.

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  1. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on




    it’s been there for about a year now, think I will leave it if it offends no-one.

  2. Masty



    If anyone has a problem with it then they need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  3. Mike Bhoyle on

    I agree as well Masty….


    and so does Albie Greenforever…


    Hail hail.

  4. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    Dreadful news today about the wee man, dreadful. My heart goes out to him, and to the members of this Family who got to know him in the past couple years. What you’re all going through right now is unimaginable, but amidst the heartache will be glorious memories of a wonderful wee lad who was taken from us all way too soon.



    This one’s for you guys, and for him, and the family. I’ll see some of you tomorrow in Glasgow, hopefully, and raise a glass to wee Oscar and the family.




  5. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on

    Mike Bhoyle



    ya auld codger ye, how are ye? does yer nurse know yer oot?

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Some good ideas earlier for a permanent reminder for Oscar ,a brick on the New Celtic Way being one of them

  7. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on




    not a brick, one of them bigger slabs they are doing,jezz we will be able to pathe halfway down the gallowgate..

  8. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on

    bada bing



    didnay mean any offence mate, just suggesting something a wee bit bigger than the bricks,,,,took me 2 years to find mine…

  9. I received various nuggets of advice when my own wee fella passed.



    One which was significant above all and truely sums up brave Oscar, “It is not the time he spent here on earth but the impact he has made”.



    God Bless you Lionheart, you are now an angel.



    We shall now pray TO you and not FOR you.

  10. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on



    We shall now pray TO you and not FOR you.





    lovely sentiment mo chara..

  11. masty it is entirely appropriate to keep the dedication as long as you wish.



    Wee Oscar GBNF

  12. theglasgowcelticway on

    Very sad news indeed.I’ll be give my youngest a bigger hug when I put him to bed tonight.

  13. cant stay on anY


    more cant type without looking at keys and cant see the keys for tears




    Wee Oscar



  14. glendalystonsils on

    God bless Oscar. God bless Oscars family. No more fighting for the wee warrior.

  15. god Bless WEE OSCAR…….never knew him but he certainly touched my heart.R.I.P. wee MHAN.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Masty-none taken mate,we could pave London Rd,Kerrydale St and The Celtic Way with the love on here.HH

  17. Masty



    Keep it as long as you want pal. Seeing his name will always prompt his picture in our heads. As it should



    HH my friends in Celtic



  18. Celticrollercoaster luvs his luminious lime boots on

    Bada Bing- now that’s an idea!!







  19. Masty/Bada Bing – I’m sure that if we spoke to Celtic we could commission a one off star shaped paving stone with the Wee Mhan’s name on it. I know the MD of the contractors who did the Celtic Way and I’m sure that they’d be delighted to help out (big Celtic man).



    The Knox Family will never walk alone




  20. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on






  21. RIP wee Oscar – respect and condolences to his family and friends – hope they can take solace in the knowledge that every Tim who has made the journey before the wee man will be there to welcome him with open arms

  22. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on

    So so sad, God bless wee man, God bless family.



    IGC 16.10



    Absolute class, God bless



    Lilys Grampa, And Lily

  23. channelislandcelt on

    At Peace now Wee Man.



    Sleep Well.



    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  24. eddiegreenhillsbhoy on

    Very very sad news.


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.May perpetual light shine upon him.YNWA.

  25. gearoid1998 on

    May Oscars family gain some solace from knowing that his pain is over.


    RIP brave Oscar Knox.

  26. To Oscar’s family my heartfelt sorrow at this time. To all on here who tried to make something magical happen in away you did. God bless you for trying.

  27. Sad, sad news.



    Prayers and thoughts for a brave, loving family and his many, many friends.



    You’ve all, like many on CQN and other Celtic supporters, had the privilege and honour of being part of his tragically, short life.



    Rest In Peace, Oscar

  28. Richie #TeamOscar on

    It’s so true that Oscar’s 5 years on this planet have had more impact than most of us who have been here 5 decades.



    Rest in Peace wee man

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