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  1. Despite Thompson’s efforts Ferguson gets a straight red, two footed reckless endangerment of a fellow professional. Scumbag.

  2. Fergushun gave Thomshun no other option for hack on Rogic…Aberdung thugs down to 9…

  3. :))))))))))))))))))))




    Even before the wee schecht had got to the crapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lustig off wall…breaks to Rogic stroke it into bottom corner…..yassssss 3 ;-)))))))))) All those Dons fans leaving missed it lol

  5. Lewis blocks Hayes rasper…corner….CQN is incredibly slow today…give us 4 Celtic :-)))

  6. Greg Stewart just taken off


    He has his wedding on 25th May in Cyprus, with 250 Guests all booked


    His Fiancé family ( Cowie cream buns ) all supporting Celtic for first time Ever to day as well 😂😂😂

  7. Hayes going off after good display.


    James off for his effort to open scoring.


    SS and Timo on.

  8. Another shame game…McInnes joins his assistant in the stands ;-)))))) Hayes off, had a good game…Sinky on, Forrest off Timo on…